Rhone Apparel Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth the Investment?

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Is Rhone Apparel worth the investment for workout enthusiasts? If you are still a newbie in the fashion industry, read our Rhone apparel reviews and find out what they have for you. We will cover from the company overview to their best sellers.

If you are a regular workout enthusiast, you are here because you need to purchase impressive gear with exceptional feel, performance, and look. You might not be a stranger to most of the apparel we shared in the previous roundup.

However, this article will present you with an in-depth Rhone Apparel review. We will cover everything from the company overview to the guides on the bestsellers, discounts, and contacts, and we will give you an honest verdict from the testimonies. If you are searching for an athleisure brand, keep reading and determine if the Rhone Appeal is worth the investment.

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Rhone Apparel Review

Rhone is a famous brand that offers athletic apparel targeting men and women with unique styles from the office to the gym collection. The company was established in 2014, and to this day, they have managed to build a robust social media presence. They have also been featured on famous media outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider etc.

Therefore, Rhone apparel is made with the customer's progress in consideration. The progress ranges from the educational to the physical, mental, and occupational. From the website, the company claims to offer clothing that aims at binding the seamless integration of fitting, firmness, and function. Through The collection, athletics contain high-quality fabrics coupled with the unique new textile technology.

In the long run, they feature a sleek finish that facilitates healthy lifestyle freedom for customers and encourages success. Also, based on the information, Rhone Apparel designs its clothing in Connecticut and has warehouses in Utah. This is a true fashion made locally in the USA. The brand is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. However, keep in mind that the river inspired this company in Europe.

Hence, the Rhone River is so well known because of its aesthetic beauty as well as its long history because of the trading route. The company utilizes the same approach of blending the delicate fabric with the style to highlight this popular performance-driven fashion design. The logo of the brand also features an interesting background. The story is traced from Aesop's fable, meaning the interlock stitch indicates a call for unity.

Every piece of Rhone apparel comes with a logo that reminds customers that they are united; they are much more substantial. It is a very inspiring background story indeed. We now need to move to the next section. But for the sake of summarizing the overview, we also want to compare the company's pros and cons.

Rhone Apparel Pros:

Rhone Apparel Cons:

Why We Like Rhone Apparels

As a fashion brand, Rhone features an extensive collection of workout apparel for activities like commuting, yoga, running, and training. Though focused on men's activewear, they have expanded to feature the women's collection that can bring a fresh perspective into the studio, lifestyle, and court. These pieces are more versatile; hence, they match any fashion quality on the market.

In the women's collection, you will get not just fitting but also flattering, as well as an innovative collection with inviting shades, neutrality, and approachable prints.

Besides the clothing, they also have accessories, such as socks, hats, and masks, ideal for complimenting the outfit for any occasion. This is where the blend of flexibility and modernity takes on the classic. Grab the itchy-free and impossibly soft design that is able to withstand sweater weather. In the next section, we will go through some of the best sellers in each category, from the tops to the shorts and pants.

The Best-Selling Rhone Tops

Rhone apparel is available in business and everyday casual options in the top collection. From the short sleeves to the long sleeves, bottom down, hoodies, and tanks. Under this option, you will also come across jackets, pullovers, vests, as well as any outerwear matching the tops.

The first best-selling Top on the Rhone apparel is a commuter shirt-slim fit. This is a lightweight dress shirt with a stretching feature. The shirt fits true to size, and customers can select from over 16 shades of business color and limited options. It is made to help[customers ditch the dry cleaner for good and allows you to maintain comfort and style. It only costs you $138, but they offer the Klarn and Afterpay payment options.

The second best seller is the Commuter 1/4 zip. This is another bestseller, a unique top whose size ranges from small to XXL, and the available colors are 4, from navy to stone. It is ideal for the perfect mid-layer in the office or on a night out on a date. Most customers have complimented the comfortable sweater knit materials, which are highly tailored to fit true to size. You can grab one for only $128 or use the interest-free installment payment option.

The other best phone Tops to check out are the Gramercy Pullover and Alpine Insulated Active Vest. They are all perfect, comfortable, high quality, and last long.

The Best-Selling Rhone Shorts

When it comes to the Rhone shorts, you can access the athletic as well as casual shorts that are surprising but give you multiple options. Because of the extensive collection, we will help you save time by highlighting a few of the best-selling on the platform.

The first one on the list is 7" Mako Short-Lined. This is a simple and moisture wicking trainer shorts. Although they have black, asphalt, navy, and quicksilver gray shades, there is also a limited shade quantity of bright white. Ideally, the size ranges from the XS to XXL. Hence, the shorts are versatile to wear not only as casula but it is also tough when it comes to the toughest workout.

This is a go-to short if you are a workout enthusiast. Currently, they are available in-store for %78, but still you can pay through Klarna and Afterpay. They also have the popular 7" Mako Short-Unlined, which is the same as the above, though there are more shade options to select from, and it is much cheaper at $74.

The second best-selling short on the Rhone store is the Heritage Midweight Short. The size is S to XXL, with two shades available alone. However,  this short is an instant classic and blends the style with the softness. The numerous styles make it versatile for multiple outfits. Though sharp sweatpants, they are comfortable.

Typically, they run large. Interestingly, if you are not paying $78 for a piece, you can opt for the 4 interest-free installment payments through afterpay as well as Klarna.

There are many more best-selling shorts in this category. Among the styles you can check out are the 9" Mako short lined, 7" commuter short, 7" 000 shorts, etc.

The Best-Selling Rhone Pants

If you want to try the Rhone Pants, the company gives you an extensive selection—these range from lounge pants to work pants, training pants, and sweatpants. Through the collection, the company features all the options for every setting. In this case, we are diving into the bestsellers and popular pants.

First, there is a famous Commuter pant Slim. The available sizes are 28 to 40, while inseams are 26 to 36. These slim, straight pants are made to replace stiff dress pants and stretch the limit of a night out to the office or traveling occasions. This commuter pant is designed using the Flex-Knit fabric, hence comfortable in appearance and feel. Buy these pants in this size for only $138.

The second on the list is the Everyday Five Pocket Pant. In short, this is a casual and comfortable pair of pants with five pockets, and the shade is Griffin Gray to the Khaki. Like other pants, this is made with stretch-cotton fabric. Hence, it dials the denim nature of flexibility and comfort and is more durable. It fits true to size, and these pants will cost you $108.

The next popular Rhone Pant is Gotham Pant Slim. These pants get you dressed up and are ideal for everyday routine. The size ranges from 28 to 40, though currently, they are limited, with few options available. The inseam ranges from 26 to 33. If you are searching for structured pants with more features, take on these commuter pants for only $158.

The other available pieces to check are the Commuter Pant Classic, Everyday Off Hours Pant, Commuter Pant Skinny, and Commuter Jogger. Explore the website for more information and pricing. Ideally, there are accessories like boxers, socks, shoes and belts, hats and bags, golf gloves, and gift cards.

Customer Review

Rhone Apparel review would not be complete without looking at what customers have to say on the internet. A lot of online feedback, especially from external websites, highlights numerous satisfaction aspects. Thus, in this section, we will explore some popular testimonial sites and what the customer had to state after using these apparels.

Business Insider explores the men's Rhone apparel, and they consistently check out the styles. From the comparison with the alternative brand, the author presents the favorite picks. And here is what the author has to say about the Commuter Dress Shirt:

"Aside from its appearance, technological advancement woven into the garment truly distinguishes it. It's light and stretchable while also being moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant. It's also machine washable, making it an easy blouse to wear again and again."

However, on Trustpilot, the brand scores poorly from 12 reviews; it gets 2.6 stars. Only 34% of the customers were delighted with the purchase. The Adult Man also reviews this brand, and the editor gives the experience based on the popular styles he tried. Though the overall company gets 4 stars, these are obtained considering material quality, design, craftsmanship, customer service, and value for money.

Reddit still features a detailed thread on the brand, and it also compares the collection with the Lulu as their competitors. Moving ahead, we have That Fit Friend that focuses on men's apparel from Rhone. The same also applies to the Active Gear Review from the site; the author focuses on the two apparels, Santry Short Sleeve Shirt as well as Mako Short and goes into details.

The above testimonies and ratings clearly indicate that most of the ratings are positive despite a few mixed-up feedbacks. This means many customers have complimented the brand for offering versatile, comfortable, durable, straightforward activewear or casual clothes for any setting.

Where to Buy Rhone Apparel

Rhone offers an extensive collection of activewear apparel and accessories for men and women. Therefore, anytime you think of ordering Rhone Apparel, their official store, rhone.com, gives you access to everything, as well as lucrative deals and discounted pricing.

The research also indicates that some of the Rhone Apparel is available in online retail stores, so you can get more of the local stores that supply these items using the store locator feature on the Rhone website. Rhone has multiple vendors if you are based in the USA, including designer outlets and athletic retailers. Some of the online retailers based on the research are listed below:-

Is Rhone Apparel Worth It?

Whether Rhone Apparel is worth the investment is apparent, and the answer is well known. There are multiple reasons to consider this brand a beast regarding the activewear collection and accessories. The company has an extensive collection of workout clothing for men and women. Although these apparels are expensive, they offer Afterpay and Klarna as alternative payment methods.

The company also gets positive reviews on its website and external sites. This clearly indicates that customers are impressed and happy with the purchase. Through the collection, this activewear is not just comfortable and versatile; it is also durable and comes with many other ideal features.

Rhone Clothing guarantees customers high-performance technology, and the company utilizes fine fabric to make them more comfortable and durable. Anything you need, from lounging to casual, athletic, and business clothing, Rhone Apparel has your back. Their collection gives you endless options. Hence, we highly recommend the brand as worth your penny.

Rhone Apparel Discounts

From the research on the Rhone Apparel review, we also wanted to determine if the brand offers customers alternative methods to help them save on the budget. Well, we went hunting online, and the results are excellent. Indeed, just like other clothing companies, Rhone Apparel comes with many promotions. First of all, while writing these reviews, the company offered a limited-time promotion of 20% off take-on, exclusive access to giveaways, and many more offers when you sign up for the mail listing or newspaper.

The company guarantees you free essential mid-calf socks if you place an order totaling $250 and above. Otherwise, from their website, they offer services like carriers to dedicated customers,  corporate and wholesale order options, and free standard shipping when you place an order that surpasses the threshold of $100. You can also enjoy dedicated discounts on the items in the frequent sales section. Please find out more about their reward programs as well.

Rhone Apparel Contact

So far, when you still have a pending question beyond what we have covered in the above Rhone Apparel reviews, you must be looking for the solution. You can skip to the FAQ section; if it doesn't give you the answer, you have one move left. You can refer to the Rhone customer support team. Rhone Apparel's customer support team can help you with any issue regarding this brand and its products.

There are many approaches to contact the team. First, you can fill out the online request form and submit it to the team for feedback as soon as they get it. The website also features a live chat button, which you can capitalize on for more urgent assistance. This live chat is an efficient and ideal option.

Still, you can go beyond and engage with the team on social media accounts. These guys are active on Facebook page, Instagram, X(Formerly Twitter), etc., and they engage with them and get updates. However, the Rhone Customer support team is available from 9 am to 6 pm MST Monday through Friday. Thus, account for this time difference if you are not in the MST zone.


Q. What apparel sizes does the Rhone brand offer on the market?

From their website, every product page features the sizing chart and fitting aspect. However, when you order an item and find it doesn't fit you, you can also return it to the store. Most Rhone apparel fit true to size, while few run large to size.

Q. What is Rhone company's shipping policy?

The company at the moment has a worldwide shipping service. And an order placed before 3 pm EST gets processed the same day./ however, when you place an order after the mentioned time, the company processes it the next working day. Also, note that some international orders take two working days to process. The shipping charges and other rates vary from one country to the other.

Typically, the chargers depend on the location and delivery time. The company usually delivers international orders within 1 to 3 weeks. The costs of shipping also depend on the shipping service you choose. For instance, the standard shipping is exclusively free, and the order delivery takes 5 to 7 working days. While expedited shipping costs about $25, you are expected to receive the package within 2 to 3 working days.

The last option to give a try is Overnight and the shipping service will cost you $65, but you will receive the order within one working day. Immediately after the company processes the order, they send customer confirmation as well as tracking information before putting them in transit. Hence, customers can check their order status through the Rhone website for shipment information.

Q. What is Rhone's brand return policy?

Rhone brand has a simple return policy. Although they accept the return, the item must meet a few conditions. These must be in their original condition, not worn, noir washed, and still feature the tags attached. The customer has a 45-day return window to initiate the process, either seeking a refund or exchange. As a promotion, their return process is exclusively free.

The return, as well as the exchange warranty, doesn't cover the damages, wear, or tears on the apparel. Initiating the return process is also simple. There are only five simple steps to follow. The last one is printing the free return shipping label from the portal. The return page on the portal will give you everything you need to follow as long as you have the shipping zip code as well as the order number.


Rhone is a famous brand well known for their impressive collection of men's and women's workout activewear. The company features simple, high-quality, affordable, and versatile apparel. We have also seen that these versatile apparel contain business, casual, office, and training clothing ready to take you to the next level.

We have covered everything you need to know about Rhone Apparel from the brand's inception through some of the best sellers in each category. From the customer feedback, the brand is worth investing in for the user looking for versatile activewear for workouts or daily routines.

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