Real Mushrooms Review: Is It Really Effective?

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In a hurry to find 100% organic mushroom supplements for wellness and health benefits? Real Mushrooms offers numerous supplements mixed with mycelium grain snacks. Please, keep reading for more.

Finding the right mushroom supplements is sometimes complicated, especially with this internet market full of scammers. Even if you find it, most brands claim to offer high-quality adaptogenic, but they do not contain antioxidants to help balance the immune system and many other functions. With all said, there are other tricks you also have to know in your section.

First, not all these mushroom supplements contain the same ingredients; hence, many fail to deliver results. In our research, we went through the famous names and upcoming brands and tested numerous mushroom supplements to arrive at the correct conclusion. While most stood out from the rest, we will cover the Real Mushrooms in this review.

By the end of the article, you must be able to locate the best-selling Real Mushrooms products, understand where to purchase, know about the promotions and go through the customer rating to gauge if these supplements are worth it.

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Real Mushrooms Review

Real Mushrooms was founded by Skyle Chilton in 2015. The company specializes in offering 100% organic mushroom supplements to customers around the world. Going back, the founder established this brand after getting interested in studying fungi. He got inspiration from his Father, Jeff Chilton, an American mushroom grower with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Jeff was the first to find mushroom extract in the whole north American continent.

To date, the company offers a huge collection of capsules, powders, and numerous snacks without added grains as addictive. The founder knew mushrooms were the best source of protein and micronutrients because most people used them as the traditional medication to treat many diseases.

Since mushrooms have sparked the world as the best source of medicinal ingredients, Chilton also took a chance to capitalize on this opportunity after realizing that most medicines do not contain enough real mushroom contents that are vital for healing. After that, Chilton made up his mind to come up with his brand that targeted to restore the health of individuals around the world by giving them honest info concerning the importance of mushrooms in medication.

But remember, the real mushrooms are grown in China, where the founder also makes it clear that it is feasible to grow mushrooms in North America. However, Real Mushrooms has its headquarters in Roberts Creek in, Canada. The brand started as an inspiration but has grown to become a business firm to help people. Therefore, the company has established a considerable customer base and followers on Facebook pages. Lastly, these guys have been featured in famous magazines like The Chicago Tribune.

In this review, we will now make a more profound step to consider the best-selling Real Mushrooms products based on the customer purchasing rate and feedback. Before that, here we have the pros and cons to compare and contrast before deciding which side you are.

Real Mushrooms Pros:

Real Mushrooms Cons:

Why We Like Real Mushrooms

Real mushrooms offer effective and reliable Mushroom supplements worldwide, with numerous benefits. The guaranteed results of these supplements are balanced blood pressure, increased energy, and improved customer cognitive function. Most customers have rated the products as safe, but we recommend researching and seeking professional help before getting started.

Rest assured that with Real Mushrooms, you are accessible to organic mushroom extracts with high volume but in a tiny powder or pills ready for consumption. However, in the section, try to avoid the Chinese artificial-grown mushroom extracts as they contain harmful elements. Otherwise, these Mushroom supplements effectively ward off all bacteria and predators or pathogens, hence increasing stamina.

To get a seeable result, consistently take the supplements daily based on the prescription to enjoy the benefits. This far, you deeply understand what the company offers and how it works with guaranteed results. Let us now move ahead to the best-selling supplements.

The Bestselling Real Mushrooms Supplements

First of all, let me remind you that this brand relies on the use of hot water so that you can achieve the benefits from the supplements. This way, it concentrates the healing power of the ingredients before it is dried. These supplements do not have any mycelium. Instead, it is made with organic and pure mushrooms.

Some of the best-selling and featured supplements here are Organic Lion's Mane Extract Capsules that are funny looking but contain antioxidants and have neuroprotective capability. In the bottle, the capsules come in 300 or 120 servings. The second most popular is Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder, and this is a perfect alternative to the capsules since it has a subtle earthy taste, and you can mix it with any strong flavor on the market. This also guarantees you similar brand advantages.

Regarding the features of 5 Defenders Chocolate, this also contains the organic mushroom blends responsible for increasing vitality. It uses 75% dark chocolate made with 6 ingredients to fight fungi. Organic Reishi Mushroom Capsules are well-known supplements that fight off pathogens and improve your body's immunity as they regulate white blood cells. They are made using the organic Reishi mushroom extract mixed with alcohol and hot water but contain beta-glucan of 15% concentration.

Turkey Tail Extract Capsules are packed with heart-healthy fiber because of the 30$% concentration of beta-glucans with full polysaccharopeptide and antioxidants to boost immunity. But Organic Siberian Chaga Extract Powder contains minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, and the Chaga mushroom extract is a veritable excellent food. However, this supplement comes with a slight bitterness, just like vanilla, but you can mix it with eta or any recipe.

If you are deeply into this, we recommend checking out Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Extract Powder. Perfect during a workout, it boosts immunity and body activities while making everything simple while you breathe. Get to know more about Turkey Tail Extract, which can fight infections, improve cardiovascular health and manage inflammation.

The last option among the best-selling supplement is Organic Cordyceps Extract Capsules which has earthy, nutty, and umami flavors perfect for savory dishes and anyone looking for convenience.

Customer Review

We have to supplement our above statements with actual facts. This is where we settle for nothing less than facts from customers worldwide. The company offers a collection of extensive products to the market. Still, we had to search online and see what customers had to say about their experience using these Real Mushrooms supplements.

Before going into many other external websites, we will start with the official website at The company at large gets recognition from customers for offering organic and 100% pure supplements made using organic mushroom extracts but verified with scientific technology. Most of the reviews on the website are sourced from Amazon, but one of the practitioners complements the brand by saying:

"My successful team of ingredient professionals and I conduct research on food and supplements based on ingredients, sourcing, honesty, and integrity. We investigated nearly every mushroom brand on the market and found Real Mushrooms to be THE LEADER. In a sector riddled with fillers and deception, it's critical that we feel confident in recommending products that actually work. You know exactly what you're getting with Real Mushrooms. MUSHROOMS ONLY! NO GRAINS!"

But generally, on Amazon, Real Mushrooms Cordyceps Peak Performance supplements score 4.6 stars after a global rating of 1012 reviews; from that, 77 gave the supplement 5 stars. This indicates customers are happy with the products. Heading to the iHrb website, after 39 reviews, this brand scores 4.5 stars. And lately, most reviews are excellent, with most people indicating their happiness. The first happy customers had to say this:

"Real mushroom is a brand offering high-quality products, with the element being pure organic mushroom extract that has been tested for active compounds. Many mushroom probiotics are dried mushroom powder that has not been extracted and is, therefore, not bio-available. Many mushroom supplements are also grown on myceliated grain or rice, which is not the organic substance for mushrooms..."

On, the author gives the brand a rating of 4.48 stars after going through the selected products and highly recommend the company to new customers. The same is seen on the Consumer Lab website. Here, you will find many questions related to the brand with relevant answers.

However, on the Trip Advisor website, the reviews we came across highlight the drawbacks and other compliments but generally, the company gets a 3-star rating after 62 reviews for the Mushroom Bar.

The other popular external sites to look for reviews are Dr Neal Smoller, Holistic Pharmacist, and the website, where you can purchase the products and have numerous reviews for each product.

From the look of things, many people are happy online and praise the benefits of these Real Mushrooms supplements. It is a no-brainer.

Where to Buy Real Mushrooms?

The first place we recommend getting the Real Mushrooms supplements from their official website at We also noted that these products are available from various online retailers. some of these retailers are not limited to the following:-

Is Real Mushrooms Worth It?

Mushrooms have become popular; previously, many used them as a traditional medicine to heal numerous diseases. The western world has gone deep into the products, and sure, Real Mushrooms has become a famous brand that manufactures and sells supplements with the capability to transform the health of many customers worldwide.

The brand has received many compliments online as they claim to make the supplements using 100%  organic and pure ingredients. The company has been in the business for over 40 years and has gained real experience in the field. They are the leading experts in the industry since they have numerous health experts and specialists. If you have been looking for organic mushroom extract, capsules, and powder, then the Real Mushrooms brand is here.

The company is worth trying, especially for its huge selection of products, easy accessibility, numerous positive reviews, and many more. All these guarantee your life-changing and instant results as long as you pick the right supplement. Generally, the products remain vegan and do not use harmful ingredients hence non-GMO.

Also, Real Mushrooms offers customers free shipping and lucrative deals like discounts and promotions to help you save some bucks. However, the pricing is expensive as raised online, but sure enough, the products work for all customers around the world. Therefore, based on our experience, Real Mushrooms supplements are worth your money; give it a try.

Real Mushrooms Discounts

After everything, we also had to do something about Real Mushrooms discounts. in the research; we had numerous lucrative deals that this brand guaranteed customers. First, the company gives new customers 25% off on the first order when they create an account.

The company also offers free shipping to US-based customers if they place an order starting from $50 and above. The same applies to Canada-based customers. For more information and lucrative deals as they drop, consider subscribing to the newsletter and staying updated.

Real Mushrooms Contact

Sometimes, the online information is not sufficient to address all your concerns. The good thing is that Real Mushrooms have numerous means to contact them. For this case, you can use the phone option at 1-800-263-4387 or email them through Equally, the team is also available online. You can engage with them through their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook social media pages. Their live chat is not the best move based on your needs.


Q. What are Real Mushrooms effective for treating?

In our research, we learn that almost all medicines use mushroom ingredients, and they are all catching up with these supplements. From the above reviews, mushrooms have the superpower to help treat and prevent cancer.

Still, Real Mushrooms supplements are also used to provide daily benefits like improving the brand functioning, boosting immune systems, and improving your energy, and also work well on helping customers sleep peacefully. Therefore, you can enjoy different benefits from different types of Real Mushrooms supplements hence conquering great options.

Q. Does the Real Mushrooms brand have a shipping policy?

While Real Mushrooms is a Canadian-based brand, they ship orders from Noveda, their fulfillment center. When writing this review, the company does not only ship across Canada but is expanding to deliver products through the US and a few international locations. Visit their website for exact locations supported around the world. For Canada and US-based customers, the company has two shipping options.

The USA shipment is through the USPS first class, takes between 3 to 7 business days to deliver, and costs you a flat rate of $3; when your order is above $50, you can enjoy free shipping. For Canada orders, the DHL Global mail shipping service costs you $5 but is free when your order exceeds $50. This order to Canada takes 10 to 17 business days to deliver customer packages.

However, for urgent shipping or if you want faster delivery, the company is open to receiving your call and scheduling where necessary, as other countries have different shipping options. And immediately, they process and dispatch your order; the company sends you a confirmation alongside a tracking link for verification through the email address you provided.

Q. Do Real Mushrooms offer a return policy?

In case the Real Mushrooms supplements or any products are not ideal based on your expectations, then once you receive them, you have 30 days to return them. Though, the products must remain in their original condition and not be used in any way. This is because Real Mushrooms does not tolerate an opened package. Initiating the return process is very simple, but you must have the original proof of purchase.

You also have to pay for the return charges. Then you also must have the original packaging slip and send it back to their address as Rakuten Super Logistics; Att: Returns ( Real Mushrooms), 974 United Circle Address, Sparks; NV, 89431 United states.

Immediately after you send back the item, you must notify the support team through the email address for the next step. Increase the company accepts the return, you will get the notification alongside the full refund, which takes about 2 to 3 business days to process.


Real Mushrooms is a famous brand based in Canada but ships products to the US and other listed countries around the world. It offers mushroom-based supplements with high-quality medicinal mushroom extracts perfect for healing numerous diseases and conditions.

Real Mushrooms has established a strong reputation and received positive feedback for having huge selections of supplements, a favorable shipping and return policy, and lucrative deals to help save bucks. If you have an existing health condition and need to start taking vegan-based supplements, then Real Mushrooms is a perfect choice based on our experience and customer feedback online.

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