Top 11 PetSmart Competitors (Which Is the Biggest One?)

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PetSmart is a national pet retailer that offers pet supplies, services, and adoptions. They have over 1,500 stores across the United States and are the largest specialty pet retailer. However, they do have some notable competitors. Let’s explore some of PetSmart’s main competitors.

PetSmart is one of the largest pet suppliers in the world. However, it has fierce competition from other companies that provide a wide selection of equipment and products you can use with all types of pets, including many birds and dogs. Who is the biggest PetSmart competitor? Read on to find out. PetSmart is the largest specialty pet retailer in the United States.

It is a competitor of Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, and other stores that supply pets. The biggest PetSmart competitor is Petco. However, with other smaller competitors like pet Supermarket, you cannot equate the competitors to PetSmart. PetSmart also has indirect competitors such as Amazon and Target.

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In the pet industry, Petco is one of PetSmart's main competitors. Founded in 1965, Petco is the second largest pet retailer in the United States, with over 1,500 stores. They offer a wide variety of pet products and services, including food, toys, apparel, grooming, training, and more. They also have a line of private-label products. What sets Petco apart from other pet retailers is its commitment to animal welfare.

They have strict standards for the care and treatment of animals in their stores and work with animal welfare organizations to promote responsible pet ownership. They also partner with shelters and rescue groups to help find homes for adoptable pets. All these allow Petco to generate billions in revenue each year.

Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Plus is one of the leading pet stores in the United States. The company offers a wide range of pet products, including food, toys, and accessories. Pet Supplies Plus also has a wide variety of services, such as grooming, boarding, and training. Pet Supplies Plus was getting popular, with a revenue of $1.2 billion in 2020.


Chewy is one of the popular online pet stores in the United States. They offer a wide variety of products for dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, birds, and small animals. Chewy also offers pet food, pet supplies, and pet services. Some of the brands that Chewy carries are: Blue Buffalo, Science Diet, Eukanuba, Iams, Nutro, Royal Canin, Wellness, Fromm, Taste of the Wild, and NUTRO ULTRA™ Premium Dog Food.

Chewy has recorded significant revenues in the past years showing that pet stores are becoming more popular. In the year 2020, it had an income of over 7 billion. Chewy has built a strong reputation with pet parents by offering quality products at competitive prices with exceptional customer service. They offer to ship on orders and have a 24/7 customer service line to help with any questions or concerns.


As one of the largest pet retailers in the US, PetSmart faces stiff competition from several other large retailers, including Petco and Amazon. But, one company is giving PetSmart a run for its money - PetFlow. PetFlow is an online pet retailer that offers a wide variety of pet food, toys, and supplies. PetFlow makes around $25 million in revenue, which makes it a competitor to PetSmart even though they’re not on the same level.

In addition to its low prices and great selection, PetFlow has also gained popularity due to its philanthropic efforts. They have donated over $1 million to animal shelters and rescue groups across the country.

Pet Valu

Another competitor to PetSmart is Pet Valu, a Canadian chain of pet stores that offers a wide variety of pet products and services. Pet Valu has over 350 stores across Canada and the United States, making it a significant competitor for PetSmart. The company offers a wide range of pet products, including food, toys, accessories, and more. Pet Valu also provides services such as grooming and dog walking.

What sets Pet Valu apart from other pet retailers is its focus on providing customers with value. The company offers competitive pricing on all its products and services, making it a popular choice for budget-minded pet owners. Despite the announcement that pet Valu will be closing some of its stores, it generated a revenue of $648 million in 2020 compared to other previous years.


1-800-Pet-Meds is one of the most popular online pet pharmacies and has been in business for over 10 years. They offer a wide range of health and wellness products for dogs and cats at competitive prices. They also provide convenient deliveries and have an excellent customer service team. By March 2020, 1-800-Pet-Meds had a revenue of $248.6, an increase from the previous year.


As the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the United States, Walmart is a significant indirect competitor of PetSmart. In addition to having a significant physical presence, Walmart has an extensive online store offering pet supplies. Walmart's prices are typically lower than those of PetSmart, making it a popular destination for budget-conscious pet owners.

Walmart offers a wide variety of pet supplies, including food, toys, and accessories. They also have many pet care products, such as shampoo, dental care items, and flea and tick treatments. In 2020, Walmart reported revenue of $559 billion which is unbeatable by other stores.


Amazon is an indirect competitor to PetSmart. Amazon offers a wide variety of pet supplies and products, including food, toys, barking collars, and more. They also offer shipping on orders, an excellent perk for pet owners.

Amazon has a large selection of pet supplies at competitive prices, making it an ideal option for pet owners looking for the best deals. With a revenue of $386 billion in 2020, PetSmart cannot match the competition.


Target is also an indirect competitor to PetSmart. Target is a good target because they have an extensive range of dog products, including dog food, toys, and accessories. They also have an attractive website with lots of information on their products. With over 1500 stores in the US that generated a revenue of $100 billion in 2021, PetSmart has a long way to reach such payments.


Petland is a national pet store chain that offers a wide variety of pet products and services. They have a large selection of dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, birds, and small mammals. They also offer grooming, boarding, and training services. The revenue reported for Petland in 2020 was 2 billion. Also, Petland is an excellent option for those looking for a one-stop shop for all their pet needs. They have various animals to choose from and offer many different services to make life easier for pet owners.

Who Is PetSmart’s Biggest Competitor?

PetSmart's biggest competitor is Petco. Both companies offer a wide variety of pet products and services, but there are some critical differences between them. PetSmart has more locations than Petco, which gives them a larger market share.

They also tend to be located in more rural areas, while Petco has a more significant presence in urban areas. PetSmart has a broader selection of products, including premium and specialty items.

They also offer grooming and training services at most locations, while Petco does not. In terms of pricing, both companies are similar, although PetSmart typically has slightly higher prices. It is likely due to their more extensive selection of products and services. Both companies are great options for pet parents, but PetSmart may be the better choice if you're looking for a one-stop shop with a wide selection of products and services.


Other pet retailers must focus on offering a differentiated and unique customer experience to compete with PetSmart. Retailers can achieve it through various means, such as providing more personalized customer service, offering a wider variety of products, or having a more substantial online presence. Other pet retailers should also focus on marketing themselves as more convenient or affordable than PetSmart.

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