8 Strongest Amazon Competitors in 2023 (Why Them?)

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Amazon may have monopolized the e-commerce and retail market, but there are still other stores you can get similar products. Here, we have discussed more of Amazon's rivals.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and a major driving force in the e-commerce sector. Amazon's online services and the Amazon e-commerce industry are only two examples of the company's successful expansion in new fields. Given the widespread use of these options, it's realistic to admit that Amazon does have competition. Several businesses compete with Amazon in every industry. Keep reading to know who Amazon’s competitors are.

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Who Are the Strongest Amazon Competitors in 2023?

Amazon has long been the leader in online sales, but as the pandemic rages, many companies have to look to online sales as well, but it's hard for anyone to compete with the leader.

However, Amazon should not underestimate Walmart, Target, eBay, The Facebook Stores And Marketplace, Paid Memberships, Ali Baba, Newegg,  and even Otto. These companies are already strong competitors to Amazon in 2023 because they have a huge online presence around the world.


Walmart is unquestionably one of Amazon's leading rivals, and it is expanding rapidly. Regarding e-commerce sales volume in the United States, Walmart is second only to Amazon. Established in 1962, it has over 11,000 shops in 27 countries, serving over 200 million people weekly.

The low pricing and wide variety of sales that Walmart offers are a big part of the company's success. You can confidently say that this firm has perfected the science of selling; moreover, as part of its efforts to attract customers, Walmart has just begun providing free delivery on all online purchases over $35.


Target was founded in 1962 with more than 1800 locations and almost 350,000 workers, making it the second largest retailer in the United States after Walmart. Although Target's strength is its devoted client base, the company faces an uphill battle trying to compete with Amazon. Besides having built a reputation as a desirable retail destination, the target has been working on expanding upon features like same-day delivery and curbside pickup.


You probably have heard of eBay; this site is unrivaled in internet shopping. eBay has become a go-to destination, whether you are looking to acquire brand-new items or want to sell your gently used goods. On eBay today, you may buy from both other consumers and businesses online. The number of visitors to the site is second only to Amazon's.

Competition between eBay and Amazon has been ongoing for quite some time. Unlike Amazon, which exclusively sells its items via its online storefronts, eBay is a global marketplace where anyone can buy and sell goods from anywhere.

The Facebook Stores and Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows you to find local buyers and sellers for your goods. You can easily advertise goods for sale, negotiate prices with purchasers, or accept fixed-price offers. For example, if you want to eliminate clutter or upgrade your wardrobe, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to shop. Since its release in 2020, it has steadily increased in popularity, and by the start of 2021, it has more than 1 billion users worldwide.

Netflix is a popular streaming service that offers intense competition to Amazon Prime. According to a statistic, as of March last year, Netflix had 207.6 million paying subscribers. Averaging 129.4 searches per month in 2021, Netflix was the most popular streaming service globally, while Amazon Prime Video ranked second, with an average of 50.5 million monthly searches.


Alibaba is a web store that originates in China, and unlike Amazon, it puts its focus on online wholesale sales. Alibaba is distinct from Amazon in that, although it operates under a single brand name for its offerings, it comprises many different companies. Alibaba handles the business-to-business stuff, while Amazon focuses on the consumer side and sells products from major international brands.


Newegg is an online retailer that offers you goods such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is an industry leader because of the range of its online-only selection of consumer electronics. Newegg's performance might threaten Amazon's dominance in the electronic retail market, the company's best-selling category, by a wide margin. Amazon.com dominates the American market for consumer electronics sold online, and in 2021, it made $2.38 billion in net sales through electronic commerce.


It’s a European online retailer well-known for integrating advanced technologies throughout the years to keep up with the trends. Popular product types sold by Otto include apparel, consumer electronics (including the iPhone and Windows PCs), household items, and sporting goods. The platform's widespread acceptance is mainly attributable to its user-friendly controls, making it super easy for you to purchase. The online sales made by Otto in 2019 reached as high as $3.8 billion.

Is There a Guaranteed Strategy for Competing with Amazon?


There aren't many ways to compete with Amazon, but as a marketplace vendor, you can use innovative approaches like Amazon's drop shipping to produce and sell your products. However, although new e-commerce businesses may feel intimidated by the company, there are several effective ways you use to grow your brand.

You can start by determining what your market values most and design a unique item that you can sell for a high price. Lastly, always strive to provide excellent services to your clients. After implementing these three strategies, you will no longer be disadvantaged due to Amazon's market domination.

How Did Amazon Succeed While Others Failed?

Amazon has been successful due to its adaptable technological development, which enables the company to offer its customers a wider variety of products at lower prices and more ease of use than its rivals. If you shop on the local Amazon website, you know that independent vendors supply most of their products. While its rivals spend more on manufacturing and storage, Amazon spends far less because of its unique business strategy.

When Compared to Its Rivals, And How Does Amazon Stand Out?

The price, delivery speed, and service quality, also known as "buying criteria, "are all elements consumers consider when purchasing. Amazon stands out from the competition since it has substantially higher click-through and conversion rates.

Amazon's competitive advantages stem from the company's three-pronged strategic drive: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. These factors have allowed the company to increase its profit margins and provide greater returns to its shareholders.


You can attribute Amazon's success to its fast forward-thinking approach toward technology and the extensive selection of products it provides. While there is no reliable method to compete with Amazon, you may try to offer a unique product at a premium price and still be successful.

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