Package Departed An Amazon Facility: Everything You Need To Know!

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Have you ever wondered what happens after your package departs an Amazon Facility?  How does the package get to your doorstep? We had the same questions; the following is what we uncovered.

As of 2022, Amazon does most of its package deliveries in-house. As a result, it has drastically reduced its dependency on third-party couriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Amazon also uses large warehouse facilities, which it refers to as fulfillment centers, to keep most of its Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) inventory. While tracking your package, you may see the “Package has departed an Amazon facility” status.

Essentially, it just means that the package is on its way from a fulfillment center to your doorstep. But as you shall see, there is more to the process than meets the eye. Curious to learn more about Amazon’s delivery process? This post is for you.

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What Does It Mean When A Package Leaves An Amazon Facility

Amazon has adopted large warehouses to store inventory to make shipments cheaper and quicker. Once you make an order on Amazon, you will receive a notification containing details on your package's approximate delivery date. You will also get a link allowing you to track the package through Amazon’s warehouses.

When your tracking status says “Package has left Amazon facility,” it just means that Amazon has released the package and is now on its way to you. An important thing to note is that Amazon only charges your card after the package ships.

It is, therefore, important to check and confirm you have entered the correct payment info to avoid shipping delays. On different occasions, the status may say, “Package has left courier facility.” It means your package is being delivered via another courier such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

If your package is being delivered via a third-party courier, you may have the option to track the progress of your order. Courier services such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS all offer online tools allowing customers to track their orders. If you ordered an FBA package, you could easily track it under “Your Orders” on Amazon. Let’s find out how to do so.

How Can I Track My Order Once It Has Left An Amazon Facility?

As aforementioned, tracking your Amazon order is easy. To track your Amazon order, follow the guide below:

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Your orders” section.

Step 3: Navigate to the order you want to track.

Step 4: Select the “Track Package” option next to the order.

Step 5: Select “See all updates” to view the delivery updates.

That’s it. You’ll now be able to track the progress of your package delivery through your Amazon account.

Can I Change The Delivery Time For An Amazon Package?

What should you do if the anticipated delivery time doesn't suit your schedule? Is it possible to reschedule? Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow you to change the delivery date for an item that has already shipped. As a result, you will have to be at home or leave someone else to receive the package on your behalf.

This will give you some reassurance if you are afraid that your package may get misplaced or stolen. But what about packages that require an adult signature at delivery? If you know that you will not be available to receive the package, you can:

But if your order has not yet entered the shipping process, it is possible to change the scheduled delivery time. You just need to open your order and click Change 'Shipping Speed'>'Select Another Date and Time', then select a date and time when you can sign for it.

Can I Change The Delivery Address For An Amazon Package?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow you to change the delivery address after the shipment has been made. You have to make changes before the shipment. However, some third-party carriers may provide ways to change the delivery address.

For instance, if your package is being delivered via UPS and you happen to be a UPS-MyChoice member, you may be able to change the delivery location. If you are not sure, contact UPS Customer Support.

Other carrier services, such as USPS, may or may not be able to offer ways to change the delivery address depending on your region. All in all, you can always add a delivery message in your order to allow the delivery driver to leave the package at a particular location. For instance, you could leave a “Next Door” message telling the driver to leave the package on the next doorstep.

Can I Cancel An Amazon Order Once It Has Shipped?

Normally, you can’t cancel an Amazon order once it has shipped. But fret not! There is a workaround. If the item has already shipped, there will be no “Cancel Items” option besides the order you want to cancel. You must navigate to the “Your orders” page and choose the “Track Page” option. Once there, click on “Cancel this delivery.” This will cancel the order.

However, if it happens that you do not have the “Cancel this delivery” option, you can just refuse the package on delivery. Alternatively, you can return the package to Amazon and get a refund.

What Does Package In Delivery Mean?

The “Package In Delivery” message indicates that the delivery is scheduled for today. The package is on its way to your house, and stopping or altering the delivery process is impossible. You should also note that in some rare cases, the delivery driver may encounter problems with the car and fail to deliver on the mentioned day.

Bottom Line

A package leaving an Amazon facility is the first step in the delivery process. After ordering an item, the item is shipped from a fulfillment center close to you and sent on its way to your doorstep. Immediately after this, Amazon notifies you of the event. If Amazon uses another courier, you will be notified that the package has the courier facility. You can always track your order via Amazon or a curious site to get live updates on the state of your package delivery.

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