NuFACE Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Really Work?

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Get your skincare at home by using micro-current devices and effective formulas. Read more about NuFACE and know if it's really right for you.

Are you looking at improving your looks and appearance? If yes it is the best decision to make. Women are very much concerned about their beauty, skin, and their overall health. This is because having great health will make it easier to maintain your skin. There are a lot of reasons why most women do not have great skin, some are due to aging, and some have used the wrong skincare product in the past.

It is a known fact that there are a lot of companies that offer different kinds of skincare products, which might not meet the requirements of your body. When buying a skincare product, you should be concerned and aware of the kind of skin you have, not all skincare products are good for your body. The brand might be the best but your skin does not go in line with the formulas used in producing them.

This single act can lead to negative effects of the skincare products on your skin. NuFACE is a brand that offers micro-current skincare at home, this helps you improve your skin, and makes you look great and beautiful. They offer firm, tone, contour, and smoothness to your face. If you are confused about how to go about with this brand, then you need to read this review to get full knowledge about this brand and how it works. The review will also help you know if the brand is worth it.

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NuFACE Review

NuFACE is a brand that offers micro-current skin care at home, this helps you improve your skin, and makes you look great and beautiful. Their products make sure you look smooth, and firm, with contour, and tone. The brand offers skin care products for men and women such as serums and primers. This brand is best for you if you want to reverse the aging effect and boost your skin.

NuFACE has gained a lot of popularity by featuring in international publications such as glamour, allure, ell, vogue, and so on. The brand was founded by Carol Cole with her two daughters Kim Morales and Tera Peterson. This brand is based in California. She was a certified aesthetician who developed this formula for her clients at home.

Their main goal is to uplift people and help those in need to have glowing skin to maintain their beauty. Want to know more about this brand? This review will look at the reason why I like using it.NuFACE, the advantages, and disadvantages of this brand, the different customer reviews, and ratings, the promos, discounts, where to buy their product, and much more essential information you need to know.



Why We Like NuFACE

The brand offers devices and formulas to boost the positive effects on your skin. This item helps to improve your facial tone and contour and reduce wrinkles and fine lines within a short time. Some of the items are the NuFACE Trinity Device, the facial trainer attachment, primer, serum, user manuals, and some guides.

Customer Review

I have researched NuFACE, it covers the things customers are saying about this brand. It talks about the honest reviews that different customers of this brand went on to give out on the internet. There has been a little setback in locating feedback on their products collectively. However, I was able to gather honest reviews about this brand from a reliable website. I made use of a reliable website. On other websites, the brand enjoyed more positive reviews. I wanted to know exactly the good side of the brand as well as its downside. So I made use of a website where there was a mix of feelings about the brand, products, and services.

Trust pilot was my main website to know the customer's ratings for NuFACE, there is an equal rating of 2.5 stars. This means the positive reactions and negative reactions were the same. The customer's rating was based on the brand, the products, the services, how effective the formulas are, and many more. Some customers complained about their device having a faulty button in a short time, especially the power button. They also complained about the inability to fix it. Some customers gave their positive feedback on how effective the formulas are, some say you can get instant results and also long-term results, and they are all good.

When I bought my NuFACE device and some formulas. I had started seeing positive results on my face and skin. It was glowing and I was happy about it. However, before 3 months, some buttons became faulty. It took some months before it was returned.

Where to Buy NuFACE

You can enjoy a great deal when you buy from the brand’s website. You can still get a good deal with other online retailers

Is NuFACE Worth It?

You might have asked yourself if the brand is worth it at all after seeing the divided customer review on the brand. If you should judge by the equal customer rating, then you might still manage to get a pass for this brand from the end. This is as a result of the kind of positive remarks gotten and the negative remarks have gotten. Some customers are happy because the formulas are effective which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, too many complaints about the devices but this issue is covered by their one-year warranty. So you still have the advantage of getting back your money or a new device once it gets damaged when it is not your fault. The brand offers some services such as buy now and pay later and free domestic shipping. Good returns and a one-year warranty. I will recommend this brand for a trial.

NuFACE Discounts

When you shop with this brand, you can enjoy some discounts

NuFACE Contact

For more information or inquiry, you can reach out to this brand through the following


Q. How do I make a return on NuFACE?

When you buy NuFACE attachments and their devices, you can enjoy a return policy up to 60 days after it has been shipped to your location. However, skincare and primers can be returned within 30 days. You should note that it is only the item you bought from the website that can be returned. If you have bought from online retailers, then you need to know their return policy.

If you want to start the process, you can contact the customer care unit to commence. You will need to submit your information before you can get a number for return authorization. You will need to provide your name, billing information, shipping information, phone number, why you are returning, the product description, serial number of your device, etc. This return authorization is only valid for 10 working days. You will have to email all this information to their customer care.

Q. What is the delivery policy of NuFACE?

This brand does not offer international shipping. They only ship within the United States as domestic delivery. You can enjoy free shipping for standard ground delivery, you can also enjoy next-day shipping or two days shipping. You can find each shipping rate displayed when you want to checkout. Because of covid-19 protocols, their delivery dates are not 100% guaranteed. However, all orders are delivered within 1 to 3 working days. You can also track your shipment because tracking information will be sent to you on your email confirmation.

Q. What is the warranty for NuFACE?

The brand offers one year warranty for their devices. If your device is damaged and is eligible for a warranty, then it will be replaced immediately after confirmation. You can only enjoy this when you buy directly from the company.


Over the years, skincare companies have taken another dimension to ensure that their users not only see the positive effect but mostly instantly too. NuFACE tries to offer skincare devices as well as skincare products to make sure their customers derive maximum satisfaction from their brand. This review will help you make the right decision.

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