15 of The World’s Best Fishing Spots

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As a dedicated angler, it can often be difficult to decide on just one place from all best fishing spots. To help ease the choice for our readers, we have put together this awesome list of 15 of the world’s best fishing spots.

​Dear angler, get ready, pick up some bait, load your tackle box and start your journey towards these destinations. 15 beautiful fishing spots you will ever experience!

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A best fishing spot to hit between November and May, the calm seas and moderate temperatures of Iztapa will provide an amazing fishing experience you will not soon forget.

Using traditional tackle techniques or fly-fishing, the preferred method at the location is trolling with rigged ballyhoo. If you’ve been craving the experience of fighting the line with a beautiful Pacific Sailfish at the other end, this is the location to do it.

With plenty of awesome contacts in the area to tour with, such as Captain Rom Hamlin, it is easy to setup a trip free of confusion. Simply schedule a journey, bring your A-game, and get ready for an awesome time fishing.


One of the best locations to fish for Black Marlin, Lizard Island has made a name for itself as a premiere fall season (September and October) fishing location.

If you want a chance at a grander Black Marlin, or even the famously elusive two-grander, you will be hard pressed to find a better spot. Flats fishing, trolling, or jigging are the preferred methods of local anglers and guides, so be ready to adjust your style if necessary.

In addition to the fishing, the beautiful Australian landscape, and the abundant wildlife, should keep you plenty entertained in your down time with your fishing kayak!


Want to fish a location focused on the joys of reeling in medium sized game fish, instead of worrying about fighting the sea to gain a massive Marlin that will cost you additional thousands to mount?

If so, Martha’s Vineyard, and the plentiful amount of fully-grown Striped Bass to be caught there, should be right up your alley.

The vineyard is smack dab in the middle of the striper’s migratory route, and the location is stock full of the natural bait the fish loves, allowing you to easily catch a plethora of this delicious fish during your stay with your lovely fishing spinning reel . Locals prefer to use casting poppers and trolling parachute jigs to reel in these fantastic game fish.


A perfect location for a winter angler’s vacation, the November and December season in Hatteras provides a fishing trip any self-respected angler will love.

Considered one of the best fish aggregating areas on the Atlantic Coast, the shores of this North Carolina town is fantastic for catching primetime Yellowfin Tuna.

Additionally, the area has the perfect types of currents, bottom structure, and weather conditions to make for the perfect atmosphere for a satisfying and successful fishing trip.

Making for incredible action for vacationers and locals alike, the Yellowfin Tuna are typically caught via lures or chunks using fly-fishing or light-tackle action methods.


With many seasons available to fish successfully, Ocracoke Island provides a great choice for any angler fanatic’s vacation.

Additionally, the area has plentiful amounts of Red Drum, a fish that can be hard to find in other areas of the country.

Averaging between 40 and 50 inches, these awesome fish put up a fight you will not soon forget. Locals, also known as “Drumheads,” use heavy action, 12-foot surf rods to reel in the fish.


Do you want the chance to reel in a Blue or Striped Marlin? If so, the East Cape of Baja is the place to do it. Although the spot remains popular all year round, the prime times for fishing the location are May through November.

Go to the southern peninsula, and you will find Marlins in absurdly high pound ranges, going up to more than 1,000 pounds in some cases! The fishing is so great in Baja, which many vacationers and locals end up reeling in multiple big game fish in a single day. Bring your stand up fishing rods, best baits, and your strength, and get ready for the fight of your life.


If you have vacation time saved up for the beginning of the year, Ascension Bay is the spot for you. Best fished between February and June, the beautiful location provides a spot to fish for Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit.

The amount of waters available to fish are vast, with lakes, hidden lagoons, and varied flats. If you enjoy flat angling styles, this is the location to show off your skills.

When fishing in the area, you will primarily be using fly-fishing techniques with small bonefish patterns, tarpon streamers, or crab patterns. Be sure to bring some fast-drying pants, however, as you are likely to get plenty wet at this beautiful location.


Ever since 1966, when Capt. George Bransford landed a then record-breaking 1,000 pound Black Marlin, Cairns has been sought out by dedicated and knowledgeable fisherman looking for the catch of a lifetime.

A perfect location to fish between the cold months of the would-be-cold months of September and December, Cairns is full of a wonderful fishing tourism industry that will help ensure your trip is well worth the time, money and effort.

Known for breeding amazing and breathtaking Black Marlins year round, those who want to catch a game fish that they will remember for the rest of their life simple must book a trip to this quaint and beautiful Australian town.


Ready for a late fall fishing trip to remember? Montauk provides a beautiful location to fish for a variety of awesome game fish, including Bluefish, False Albacore, and Striped Bass.

During this late fall season, these awesome species begin migrating south, and their fins begin rubbing fins with the sandy shores of Montauk, providing a great opportunity for angler’s with a passion for smaller, challenging game fish.

Additionally, even the smaller species tend to be massive in the area, and even 40-pound Striped Bass aren’t necessarily that brag-worthy; that’s just how big the fish are in this area.


A fantastic place for fishermen looking for a great winter fishing getaway, Pi-as Bay provides the perfect place to catch both big and small game fish. Stay inshore for some wonderfully relaxing small game fish, or head out to sea for some Blue Marlin and Sailfish.

In addition to the fishing, there is a massive amount of beautiful hotels and restaurants in the areas to keep you busy between casts. Nestled at the foot of the Darien Jungle, there is plenty to see during your stay in Panama.


One of the best locations in the world to fish for Trout, Jerome Lake provides a scenic location to catch the Trout of your dreams.

Simply bring your long rod, hire a knowledgeable local fishing tourist, and get ready to catch a plethora of awesome trout everyday.

To guarantee you catch the most Trout possible, book a trip for the late fall season, as the fish are in the height of their migration season.


For the premiere international fly-fishing location, Chalk Streams, England has you covered. To catch huge trout in the most exhilarating way possible, we cannot recommend this location and fishing style enough.

Be sure to catch a flight in the spring season to ensure the maximum crop of quality trout fishing, however. With fishing tours starting out as low as 199 pounds, you can take yourself or your loved ones on this amazing journey without busting your budget.

Those looking for an affordable, beautiful, and challenging fishing experience will have a hard time finding a better fit then Chalk Streams, England.


Located in the gorgeous landscape of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, Betty Lake, Colorado offers lake fishing unlike any other in the United States.

If you have wanted to try fly-fishing, there is no better place to test the waters then Betty Lake. At roughly 11,500 ft. above ground, the areas awesome mountain top lakes will provide you the ability to catch game fish like you never have before.

To ensure your trip is easy and snow-free, try booking sometime between late June and mid-July if possible. With the stunning scenery you will be exposed to in the Betty Lake area, you won’t soon forget this fishing experience.


Those looking to land one of the most popular large game fish in South America, the Tarpon, should go no further than the beautiful rivers of Rio Colorado, Costa Rica.

If you love a good fight, worthy of a story that will last a lifetime, you simply must pack your bags, and head to this awesome fishing area in the heat of the summer.

Once you’ve experienced the ground-shaking tug of a fully-grown Tarpon on the other end of your line, you won’t regret a single cent you’ve spent on your road getting to that moment.


For big-game fishing in the summer months, Kona is a premiere destination for serious fishermen around the world.

Grab your rod, appropriate baits, and your determination, and head out to Kona to catch a wide variety of awesome game fish, including Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, and much more. One of the most popular fish to catch in the area, however, is the amazing Pacific Blue fish, which frequently range between 300 and 500 pounds off the coast of Kona.

One of the most popular fish to catch in the area, however, is the amazing Pacific Blue fish, which frequently range between 300 and 500 pounds off the coast of Kona. Fishermen who love to go out on the deep sea to experience their sport will feel right at home on the beautiful Hawaiian waves.

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