Mott & Bow Clothing Review: Why Are They the Perfect Jeans?

Elanor E. Gary

Still trying to figure out if Mott & Bow clothing is legit and worth the money? Learn from experienced experts without wasting time trying the sizing and Mott & Bow fittings. We have you covered in the below honest Mott & Bow review.

While finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard, it is one of the essentials to have on your wardrobe staple. Regardless of the intentions, it would help if you had a pair in your closet for guaranteed comfort, style, and trendy design. Jeans are not all denim; all of them have been designed equally. Therefore, before deciding, you must have prior knowledge about the brand.

For this case, we will take you through the Mott & Bow clothing and teach you everything about the brand with what they offer. This is essential before jumping for any jeans from the vast collection. It is also essential to get started with the company's history and know the people behind it before going into their best-seller in the next section.

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Mott & Bow Clothing Review

Mott & Bow is a fashion brand founded by its current CEO, Alehandro Chahin, who deeply has an intriguing history. The company crafts and sells premium and high-quality jeans for men as well as women at an affordable price. It never sacrifices quality over its friendly price. It designs the clothing and jeans on the principle of its intricate passion alongside the simplicity to obtain the high-end high-crafted jeans at the end. Mott & Bow considers jeans design serious and prioritizes it over other clothing products.

The company terms the jeans design as the honed art combined with precise science and technology. Historically, the root of the Mott & Bow founder is traced to Honduras, where he was raised working with fabrics, denim, and production. He got inspiration from his family, who owned a Honduras-owned denim firm. The engagement gave the founder the insight to specialize in perfectionistic denim design.

It sparked the passion and establishment of the current brand. From his home country, Alejandro joined the University of Michigan for further study, earning an MBA in the New York University Stern in the school of business. After that, Alejandro combined his childhood knowledge of styles with academic skills to develop the famous Mott & Bow clothing brand online.

The founder also believes in the quality of the material from which he reaps everything from them; hence its clothing products are based on durability. He also combines it with the perfect fitting size as well as the authentic appearance. He established the brand due to a passion for premium goods at affordable prices. To date, Alejandro still holds his promise through using the Resin application for each product, scraping jeans to imitate distress, and reducing natural wear.

Also, each pair of jeans and dress is pinned and tied before washing to create a visual contrast, then after washing, the clothes are dried before going for the final touches. The company processes jeans and other accessories for its well-established mills worldwide. And we are here to clarify that the brand has over 32 years of experience in the jeans and fashion denim industry.

They have an extensive collection of products, incredible vintage, skinny to the slim weekend. It is no more wasting or spending money on expensive jeans anymore. The company has the old jeans secret, which guarantees high quality over less price. That should not sound confusing, but before heading to others' actions, let us summarize the pros and cons of the Mott & Bow clothing brand.

Mott & Bow Clothing Pros:

Mott & Bow Clothing Cons:

Why We Like Mott & Bow Clothing

Well, Mott and Bow is a fashion brand that offers clothes and accessories that fit both men and women. This has impressed us a lot, especially for the value of your money. The company guarantees you high-quality clothes at an affordable price. They have a massive collection of dresses to select from, varying in size, styles, and designs. In this case, we will split the products as we list the best-sellers regarding gender. Here we go.

The Best-Selling Mott And Bow Men's Clothing

The first thing we spotted was the men's jeans. The denim jeans are perfect and designed with craftsmanship, quality, convenience, and comfort in mind. Customers can select between the skinny, slim, and straight styles and other options they can choose from. The popular jeans Mott and Bow offer customers are Slim-Jay and have no distress as you can only soak and dry them. It is made with unique fabric from Italy and woven; hence beautifully soft, easy to move, and breathable.

The second is Straight-Crosby, individualized as they have been sprayed on the resin, light hand sanding, rinsed, dry, and curation. As the name suggests, it is straight from your legs to the knee. The last option is Twill Chino-Charles, perfect for mixing up the fashion.

The clothes are simple to put on and maintain with the option to machine wash. Other than jeans, Mott and Bow also offer men's t-shirts, and among the best sellers include Men's classic crew-Driggs, Fitted V-neck-Marcy, and many more.

The Best-Selling Mott And Bow Women's Clothing

Denim is the name, and as customers, the brand offers something for women. They also have women's jeans that are highlighted in different styles and are all comfortable. You might have issues selecting from the high-rise skinny to slim boyfriend or mom jeans. The jeans for women are designed to fit any mood or occasion to guarantee you attractive outfits.

The favorite and best-seller women's jeans are High Rise Skinny-Bond, which features fade-resistant technology and keeps it black all along. The jeans also have a compression and stretching ratio to help you maintain their shape. The next is a slim boyfriend that gives you pure indigo comfort denim at an affordable price. Lastly, the mid-rise skinny Ann comes in dark blue, medium blue, and uneven hem.

Although they are seriously flattering, the jeans are also comfortable due to the presence of the supple cotton blend and its 53% elasticity. The other accessories from this brand for women include dresses, tops, sweats, jackets, sweaters, etc., which complement your outfits.

Customer Review

This review also had to take a different way by looking at the online customer feedback. Despite the company claiming to offer premium denim clothing at an affordable price point, we had to go online and confirm if customers were satisfied with this mission.

While there are multiple sites with Mott and Bow reviews, we will start with their official website at Here, the brand scores excellently on almost all the feedback.

Generally, this brand has a rating of 4.4 stars after a whooping 1043 review. Most people compliment the company for its vast collections, high-quality denim, and unique designs. Among the happy clients on the site says:-

"These jeans are fantastic. The fabric is soft and comfortable, and the fit is perfect! I was addicted to AYR jeans for a long time but decided to give these an attempt, and I'm so happy I did. That's how good Mott & Bow jeans are; I'm already searching for more colors! Mott and Bow"

Moving ahead, we head to Trustpilot, an external site, and let us find out if it is true. Here. Mott and Bow have 2.7 stars rating after 186 reviews, which signifies a poor rating. Though many complained, the company still has something that other customers find relevant to ordering from them. 22% of customers recommend the brand, and the first review clearly says all the points behind it:

"Excellent customer service, excellent jeans, and excellent service support. My mercer slim jeans are fantastic."

On The Modest Man site, authors of the block recommend shoes and other clothing products, and the same applies to The Adult Man website. The author here analyzes the design, quality, value, customer service, and craftsmanship of the clothing to come up with a 4.5 stars rating.

Below is the author's bottom line on this site:

"Notwithstanding some minor fit discrepancies, which are thankfully acknowledged by the brand's innovative Home Try-on program, Mott & Bow offers exceptional value for money with its expanding range of high-quality jeans and basics that easily compete with the big denim brands."

The other sites worth looking at are Insider, Highya, which has 3-star ratings after 64 customer ratings, and The Daily Beast. You can also spare time going through the Youtube video reviews of the brand for more details. Otherwise, we recommend the brand products, especially denim jeans and other accessories. Most customers have praised its affordable pricing and timeless pieces on the market.

Where to Buy Mott & Bow Clothing?

If you are looking for the perfect place to order your Mott & Bow clothing and accessories, we encourage you to visit their official website at mott The locations, as indicated on their website, are virtual. But in research also, we spotted a few online retailers where you can purchase these clothing products at an affordable price. you can head to retailers like:-

Is Mott & Bow Clothing Worth It?

Affordable pricing, a vast collection of denim clothes, positive customer feedback, and a home try-on option under one fashion is worth checking out or spending your money on. If you want high-quality denim cloth and a brand that offers international shipping, then Mott & Bow is all you need. There are many things we like about this brand, and to start with, the quality of this denim all have an identical feeling to the traditional brands on the market.

It is even hard to differentiate. Looking at their jeans, the company has excellent stitching density, which makes them solid and durable to counter-attack consistent wear. The clothes and including their jeans, are designed to last longer. The pricing is pretty, and no one can complain, especially when you match it with the quality.

The company also ensures its clothing has a classic and sharp appearance with multiple colors to select from. Many customers have complimented the brand for this, especially with the option to cut off the jeans to make them dressy for casual use. Other clothes like a shirt are designed with high-quality fabrics, hence flexible stitches for any occasion. Still, the brand offers numerous discounts and promotional services to save money. Get in touch and enjoy this company's products; they are worth giving a shot at.

Mott & Bow Clothing Discounts

Many online retailers are marketing online, which means they have offered to the customers. Then Mott & Bow clothing is not excluded from this. Therefore, we went to research, and here represent the data. This brand also offers promotions and discounts, which are profitable and lucrative deals. To start with, the company guarantees you free international shipping when you place an order totaling $50 and above.

Then, on the final sales, the company also promises to give you 30% off when you use their final sale promo code. The company also offers gift cards that you can purchase for your friends and loved ones at an affordable price. Therefore, to remain updated, subscribe to their Mott & Bow newsletter and keep updated with these deals to save cash on your budget.

Mott & Bow Clothing Contact

Is your Mott & Bow Clothing issue not addressed in the above reviews? Then that should not worry you. This is because you can contact the brand directly for help when you get stranded or need clarification about their products. From the platform, the company has availed different means to contact them.

The first is the telephone number +1-855-798-9009, which is only in operation from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm EST. Still, you can reach out to them through the email address but for media-related issues, send them mail through

However, we also went ahead to locate alternative means to connect them. Among them are social media accounts. These guys are active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. reach out to them, and they will help you anytime.


Q. Are Mott & Bow products and specifically jeans, good?

From the online information, the brand jeans tend to punch above the weight per your expectations, offering excellent value for your money. The products are unique, high quality, and fit well. In jeans, we prefer slim ones.

Q. Does Mott & Bow clothing shrink?

Just like other denim brands, Mott & Bow clothing also tends to shrink, though not as huge as it might sound. In most cases, the jeans and other apparel are sanforized or instead washed, which means most of the shrinking is achieved while still in the company before reaching out to you as the final consumer.

Q. Where does Mott & Bow manufacture their jeans from?

From the above-reviewed article, the brand manufactures jeans from Turkey and Italy to some extent. This is where the jeans are made in a family-owned workshop in Honduras and distributed to the stores for sale.

Q.  What is Mott & Bow's shipping policy?

The good thing about this brand is that Mott & Bow offers international shipping. There are different delivery options. Standard shipping takes 3 to 7 business days to deliver the product to your doorstep. Immediately after the company ships your order, they confirm and email you the tracking link.

They have also stated that in case f issues with the order, reach out to them through eh USP at 1-800-742-5877, while in the US postal service, the contact address is 1-800-222-1811. Additionally, customers can cancel the order, but it must be within 30 minutes after purchase. You can also email them for changes where needed. They also encourage you to hold back and wait for confirmation before placing another order, just in case.

Q. What is the return policy of Mott & Bow?

Sometimes, you might realize that Mott & Bow clothing doesn't fit true to size. In this case, you return for a refund or request an exchange. The refund takes 15 days to process the order, and immediately they are done, they send you the exchanged item or refund to your bank account.

The exchange order takes 3 days to process after that shipment takes 3 to 7 business days to deliver. If you request the refund, start the process on the return page, and you must remember that the company deducts $5 for restocking and does not refund the shipping cost. Also, you must print the Mott & Bow address on the prepaid label, which is Mott & Bow, 785 County Road, CB Neenan, WI 54956, United States.


Mott and Bow is a famous brand that designs and manufactures high-quality handcrafted denim and sells it at an affordable price. The company has a vast collection of jeans, unique styles, and sizes that make you feel great. From the above reviews, Mott and Bow do not only sell clothes but also offer shoes and other related accessories. From the customer feedback, the brand is worth your money with its timeless fashion products better than other alternatives on the market.

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