Modibodi Review: Take a Comfortable Period with Their Underwear!

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Are you a woman or a lady looking for period underwear with a leak-proof feature? Let us help you get high-quality natural underwear through Modibodi. Read on to learn about this brand.

If you have been looking for a superior quality underwear brand to buy from, then you have made the right decision. Most times, people are carried away by only the designs and colors of the underwear they want to buy. They forget that underwear is more than just the color. You have to consider a lot of features of the underwear before buying such as the fabrics, how fitting it is, the comfort you will have when you wear it, and the price as it relates to quality.

You need to be concerned with your comfort because you might become restless when you wear uncomfortable underwear. This review will help you know more about one of the leading producers of underwear for women and young people. Modibodi is a brand that produces women's and teen's underwear. They offer underwear that is meant for a monthly period and it is leakproof.

This underwear is only for women and young teens who have started observing their monthly menstruation. If you don’t know where to buy these brands’ products or you don’t know how to go about it, then you can read this review to know everything about this brand and the services they offer. The review also aims to help you know if Modibodi is legit or not.

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Modibodi Review

Modibodi is a brand that offers underwear that is leakproof and monthly period underwear for only women and younger teens. The brand is a unique company because it does not offer regular underwear. This company has been featured in so many international publications such as Yahoo Finance, Wired, Forbes, and many more. Their products are designed to be with disposable hygiene, and sustainable. They are with premium quality natural fabrics that include merino wool, bamboo, and microfibre.

You can also get a category with vegan products, they are suitable for all women ages, including teens, very comfortable, and affordable. The brand was founded by Kristy Chong in 2013. The brand has its head office located in Balmain, Australia. The company aims to find solutions to monthly period issues for women, weak pelvic floors, light bladder leakage, discharge, breast milk leaks, and perspiration.

They also try to make women know how their body is by expressing them freely. The review will take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of Modibodi, the thoughts and feelings of customers on this brand including the customer rating, how to contact Modibodi for more information, and the reason why I like using Modibodi, promos, discounts if available, and others.

Modibodi Pros

Modibodi Cons

Why We Like Modibodi

The brand is known for having numerous products that concern underwear. They have the full brief, they have the semi brief, the boy short, different kinds of pants, classic bikinis, active brief, they also have detachable bikinis, they have bikinis that are vegan, they have the high-waist bikini, and a whole lot more. Most of their underwear are all bestsellers. They have a good sizing chart that can be easily understood. Their prices range from one another but they are all affordable. You can get the price and size chart on their website.

Customer Review

I search almost everywhere for reliable review websites on the internet to get a perfect knowledge of what customers are saying about this brand. The brand has a lot of positive customer reviews and ratings all over the internet. Most customers describe these underwear products as very essential and life-changing. The research we took was based on the customer rating, their experience, the products, the features of their underwear, functions, and many more.

Most customers are thrilled about the leak-proof features of these items. Some customers spoke about how soft the items are too. When it comes to comfort and convenience, the brand is ranked high by a lot of buyers. The brand has also recorded a high amount of traffic on its website, where a lot of ladies are making purchases nearly every minute.

I used the brand website as my main source. Nevertheless, when you check another review website on Modibodi, you will still see high positive customer feedback. On Modibodi, there is a 4.6-star rating for this brand. Most of the remarks are satisfactory. Customers are pleased with these products.

I got my underwear, I was happy when it was shipped to me very quickly. They are leak proof. I have been using mine for about 9 months now, I am sure my underwear is durable. The fabric is comfortable and convenient for me.

Where to Buy Modibodi?

If you want to buy from Modibodi, you have to visit their website to do so.

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Is Modibodi Worth It?

After carrying out intentional research on this brand, I can confidently say that this brand is legit and worth your investment. The brand is known for using high modernized technology to produce these items. The brand also enjoys a high rate of customer rating. Based on this review, I found out that all review websites gave a mostly positive review. The brand is worth it because the items are affordable.

When you buy from Modibodi, you are sure to enjoy comfort, convenience, and quality items. It is rare to find leak-proof underwear. You rest assured because they are made to be very sustainable and they have disposable hygiene. They also offer international shipping to the US. The brand also tries to give information about its brand. This section encourages you to go ahead and give them a trial.

Modibodi Discounts

You can enjoy some discounts when you buy from this brand

Modibodi Contact

If you want to get in touch with the brand for more information that you cannot find in this review, then you can get to them through the following ways


Q. How can I make a return to Modibodi?

The brand is always friendly with its first-time customers. This is why they offer a 30 days trial. You can use them for 30 days and when you are not happy with the products, you can make a return. You will be given back your money. However, the shipping cost cannot be refunded. This offer is limited to only one pair, so if you purchased more than one, you can only enjoy the policy for one item.

Some selected items are excluded from this offer such as menstrual cups and maternity singlets. If you are an old customer, there is a 30-day return policy where you can make returns when the items are untouched and unopened with their original package. You can contact the brand-customer services to start a return.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Modibodi?

The brand offers international shipping, they are based in Australia. They offer free shipping to the US for items above $75. when shipping to other countries, some customs charges might apply. They have stopped shipping to Canada. You can enjoy free domestic shipping when you order an item above $100. you can get your shipment within 3 to 7 days. You will get tracking information once your shipment has been confirmed.

Q. How long can my Modibodi last?

Their products such as the garments are made to last 8 months to 2 years. This also depends on how you care for your product. If you handle the product with care, then you can enjoy your product for a longer period.


Underwear is very essential to women, this is why Modibodi took underwear to the next level by providing underwear that will tackle some specific issues such as monthly period issues for women, weak pelvic floors, light bladder leakage, discharge, breast milk leaks, and perspiration. They also provide vegan, sustainable, and natural fabrics for their items. This review will help you make your decision.

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