Leesa Vs Helix 2023: An Honest Comparison

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Which makes the cut? Leesa or Helix? They are both well know and regarded as excellent products, however, which should be the first choice in your preferences? Read on to find out.

With more and more online mattress companies delivering great mattresses, it is no wonder we tend to narrow down our search to products from reputable online brands. Since at times you cannot try a mattress bought online as they sell directly via their sites, it is important to check the different reviews which help decide which product is best for you.

In this comparison review, we bring to the forefront the pros and cons of Leesa and Helix, two great mattresses, to see which has the best features for you.

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Leesa Mattress Models

Leesa has three all-foam mattress models - the Original, Hybrid, and Studio. Their mattresses have a medium-firm feel and provide good pressure relief. Leesa also sells bases, pillows, sheets and other bedding accessories.

308,243 Reviews Analyzed
170,522 Reviews Analyzed
172,992 Reviews Analyzed
144,679 Reviews Analyzed
162,124 Reviews Analyzed
141,960 Reviews Analyzed

Helix Mattress Models

Helix offers a range of hybrid and all-foam mattresses that are customizable with different comfort layers to match the sleeper's preferences. They have soft, medium and firm options. Helix also sells bases, pillows, sheets and other accessories.

Quick Score Overview of Leesa and Helix

  • This product is great value for your money
  •  Great for any type of sleeping position
  • Provides ample of support and comfort
  • Medium firmness is just right
  • Beautiful elegant design and cover
  • Perfect if you tend to sleep hot
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Can handle sleepers with a few extra pounds
  • Manufactured with resilient and high-quality materials which are CertiPUR-US approve
  • Plenty of comfort and support
  • Great value for a customizable mattress
  • Sleeps quite cool
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Premium build
  • Good pressure relief
  • Excellent customer service
  • Blended or dual comfort option for enhanced sleep for couples
  •  Great bounce, good for sex
  • A single firmness and model to choose
  • Perhaps it feels a bit too firm for side sleeper
  • Not suited for really overweight people
  • Slight off-gassing
  • Cover is perhaps a bit too thin and cannot be removed
  • Consumers complaint the product feels too firm or too soft
Ideal for…
  • You enjoy a comfortable feel
  • You appreciate stylish design in your mattress
  • You don’t have a fixed position
  • You tend to sleep hot
  • You intend to sustain great value from your purchase
  • You sleep on your stomach
  • Are a couple and want the luxury of personalizing your mattress to meet each sleeping partner’s needs
  • You believe it is important to fully customize your mattress
  • People who enjoy good bounce
  • You want a good temperature balance
  • You need a mattress that will offer substantial comfort and support
  • You are uncertain about what you want
  • You like the latex foam feel
  • You are looking for great value for your money
Not great if you…
  • Prefer innerspring mattresses
  • Have more than a few extra pounds
  • Enjoy a plush feel
  • Seek for extreme luxury
  • Prefer thick memory foam layers
  •  Don’t like a foam feel in your mattress
  • Want to make sure you know what you are getting before buying
  • Want to spend more money on a luxury note
  • Are looking for plenty of reviews to back up your purchase, as there is limited feedback on Helix so far since it is a rather new product.
Full review Leesa Mattress Review Helix Mattress Review

Leesa Original vs Helix Midnight (Detail comparison)


Top cover
  • Leesa is made with an elegant beautiful cover which is a blend of polyester and lycra. It is a stylish 4 bar design and is quite durable and resilient
  • Helix features a 100% polyester cover which is elegantly designed all white on top and comes with sides that have a checkered quilted pattern. It makes for a breathable and thin surface, whereas the bottom is a durable fabric which leaves no room for tears
  • It is soft to touch and provides for improved airflow
Foam layers
  • Leesa is a 10 inches thick mattress made of 3 layers:
  • First layer: 2 inches proprietary Avena foam which is similar to latex foam.
  • Second layer: 2 inches memory foam that offers substantial body contour.
  • Third layer: 6 inches support foam which intends to offer a cool sleep. contouring.
  • Helix is a fully customizable product, so it is hard to provide a precise account of the construction of this mattress as this will vary for every individual. Still, this is a 10 inches thick mattress, similar to Leesa and will feature at least 4 layers of foam.
  • Top layer: 2 inches Dunlop latex.
  • Second layer: 1.5 inches micro coils.
  • Third layer: 2 inches polyfoam.
  • Fourth layer: 4.5 inches high density support foam.


  • Leesa comes with a single firmness which is medium firm. It is probably the safest choice which adheres to everybody’s preferences. It is neither too soft nor too firm.
  • Helix allows deciding which kind of firmness is best for you. You can choose whichever suits your best, soft, medium, firm, and they will make it for you. There is even the option to customize each side of the bed based on your answers with different firmness, namely couples split customization.


  • Leesa offers plenty of comfort with its all foam structure. It comes whit a balanced feel and great body support. The feel when you lay down on it is more like a buoyant feel rather than an envelope feeling.
  • The contouring and cooling effect are really great and you will love them.
  • Helix is completely customizable and offers plenty of support for you. You can customize it entirely to suit your needs and there is the option of choosing between dual and blended comfort options.
  • This means you can decide and state if you want the mattress to combine the answers of both sleeping partners and create a single product (blended comfort option), or if you prefer to create two halves in the same mattress with separate settings for each part (blended comfort option)
Edge Support
  • Edge support is an important factor in a mattress. Leesa beats Helix in this area as it seems, although Helix is customizable so you can’t tell for sure. However, generally speaking, consumers report that Leesa has plenty of edge support to use the mattress for tying your shoes or sitting on the edge.
  • Edge support is probably the main downside of this Helix mattress. Trying it out in different positions across the edges and sides shows that Helix is weak in the corners, so Leesa is better in this area.

Motion transfer

  • No need to worry about any disturbance coming from motion transfer when you sleep on Leesa. The experience you get is similar to Helix and it is overall a great one.
  • Helix is a great mattress in terms of enhanced motion isolation. You hardly sense a thing when you sleep if your partner tosses and turns.
  • It is impressive how there is plenty of bounce and still the individually wrapped micro coils with thinner structure, leave no room for motion.

Cooling effect

  • Leesa will succeed to keep you cool all night long. Its foam layers act as a temperature regulator and offer enough airflow so that you get a good night’s rest. Of course, there are mattresses who sleep cooler, yet Leesa does a better than average job.
  • While there are no chemicals or cooling gels used in Helix, this mattress can be made to cater especially for your needs if you tend to sleep hot or cold. Just note your preference when filling in their Sleep Quiz online, and the company will manufacture a mattress that will help you sleep as cool as you like.

Value for money

  • Leesa does seem a bit expensive compared to Helix, although they don’t differ much. The prices vary based on the size and cover chosen
  • Twin mattress $525
  •  Twin XL $625
  • Full/Double $790
  • Queen $890
  • King $990
  • California King $990
  • Helix offers a comparatively cheaper product than Leesa, yet what is most important is how you can actually customize the mattress completely to meet your preferences. In this sense, it is a great value product for what you get.
  • Twin size $600
  • Full size $850
  • Queen size $1099
  • King/Cal $1119

Please Note: The prices you see have been recently updated, but are subject to change due to promotions and other factors. Consequently, we can't guarantee real-time accuracy of the prices. Be aware that costs and product availability may vary over time. Please refer to our Price Disclaimer for more information.

Smell – eco-friendly standards

  • Leesa does share a particular smell and shows slight off-gassing when unboxed. This is safe for your health as it is not toxic, given that the mattress is CertiPUR-US approved. Still, it might be somewhat unpleasant to smell and so it’s advised to air the mattress for a day or two before sleeping on it.
  • It appears that Helix shows a somewhat slight smell, similar to Leesa. This is not excessive, however, you might want to place the mattress outside to air it for about 24 hours before using it.


  • It appears that Helix shows a somewhat slight smell, similar to Leesa. This is not excessive, however, you might want to place the mattress outside to air it for about 24 hours before using it.
  • Helix offers free shipping to customers living in the USA. The mattress will arrive at your doorstep within 7-10 from the time of purchase, as it has to be manufactured based on your order.

Trial and warranty/ return policy

Trial period
  • Leesa backs up their product with 100-day, 100% money back guarantee. This risk-free option will enable plenty of time to test if this is the right mattress for you, otherwise, you can claim a full refund when you return the mattress.
  • Exactly the same as Leesa, Helix grants a 100-day trial period which is free of any risk, as you can use this timeframe to decide whether this mattress is right for you are you can return it and claim your money back.
  • This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty for your purchase.
  • Helix, similar to Leesa and other mattresses, offers a 10-year warranty for your new mattress.

Final Verdict


Feature Leesa Original Helix Midnight
Construction 3 foam layers - Avena foam, memory foam, HD polyfoam Hybrid - latex-alternative foam, microcoils, transition polyfoam, HD polyfoam
Firmness Medium firm - 6/10 Medium to medium-firm - 6-7/10
Motion Isolation Excellent Good
Temperature Regulation Excellent Very good
Edge Support Fair Excellent
Pressure Relief Excellent Very good
Bounce Fair Excellent
Trial Period 100 nights 100 nights
Warranty 10 years 10 years

Surely enough, comparing Leesa and Helix is not the easiest task as it involves a mattress which is fully customizable and so you cannot really compare the two. Still, there are a few things to note: If you are looking for a mattress you can personalize to your needs, then Helix is, without doubt, the best option. It makes the ideal choice if you are a couple since each sleeping partner can fill in their preferences and the company arranges to manufacture the mattress accordingly. And all this at an exceptionally good price for its features.

On the other hand, Leesa remains a great mattress which will last and provide a cool, undisturbed sleep, offers plenty of comfort and support, while offering the kind of firmness most sleepers would appreciate. Both mattresses come with the same great trial period and warranty policy, so no difference there.

Overall, it is clear that these two are quite close, while different. Your decision should be based mostly on whether you want a mattress that can be personalized to meet your taste and sleeping habits, in which case you can buy Helix, or if this is not your concern, you can choose Leesa.

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