Leesa Vs Purple 2023: Which One Is For You?

Nicole J. Holstein

Leesa and Purple are two reputable mattresses that enjoy great feedback from consumers. However, which is best? Let’s review the best and worst features of each to decide.

If you want to save time and effort looking for the best mattress if you have narrowed down your research to Leesa and Purple, trust our unbiased review of the different features they have to offer so that you make an informed decision on which is better. There is no single right answer, it all comes down to what really appeals to your needs more.

Leesa Mattresses:

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Purple Mattresses:

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both Leesa and Purple offer their classic models along with upgraded hybrid options. Leesa focuses on adding more foam while Purple emphasizes the unique feel of their grid layer. This provides a range of feels and price points for shoppers to choose from.

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Leesa Original vs Purple Original (Overall comparison)

Leesa Mattress - The Leesa is an all-foam mattress made up of 3 layers - a 2" cooling foam top layer, a 2" pressure-relieving memory foam layer, and a 6" dense core support layer. It provides a balanced feel that combines contouring from the memory foam with some bounce from the top layer. Leesa is competitively priced as a bed-in-a-box.

Purple Mattress - The Purple mattress contains a 2" hyper-elastic polymer grid top layer that provides cushioning and responsiveness. Underneath is a 3.5" layer of polyurethane foam for support. The grid design promotes airflow and helps keep the surface cool. Purple provides both contouring and bounce.

Feature Leesa Purple
Type All-foam Polymer grid + foam
Firmness Medium firm Medium
Height 10" 9.5"
Layers 3 foam layers Polymer grid + foam
Responsiveness Moderate Very responsive
Cooling Good Excellent
Motion Isolation Good Moderate
Support Good Very good
Warranty 10 years 10 years

  • Can accommodate any type of sleeper
  • Sleeps really cool
  • Provides substantial comfort and support
  • It features premium and safe certified materials
  • Comes with a great design and breathable cover
  • Good bounce
  • Great value for what you get
  • Comes with a universal medium firm feel which is pleasing
  • Does a good job dealing with motion transfer
  • Bouncy and quite responsive
  • Resilient and breathable cover
  • The coolest sleeping surface
  • Can cater for any type of sleeper
  • Manufactured with CertiPUR-US certified foams
  • Excellent pressure relief
  •  You don’t have an option in terms of the model and firmness
  • Cannot handle really overweight people adequately
  • This could be a bit too firm for side sleepers
  • Perhaps a bit too pricey
  • Lack of substantial edge support
  •  A bit expensive although great value product
Ideal for…
  • People who value comfort and support
  • Anyone looking for a mattress which can cater for any type of sleeper
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • People who look for a cool mattress
  • Stomach sleepers
  • People who like a medium firm feel
  • People who tend to sleep hot or simply want to sleep cool
  • Anyone who desires a quick response time in their mattress
  • People who are open to trying out a different feel in their mattress
Not great if you…
  • Have a particular type of mattress feel in mind.
  • Like a really firm mattress better.
  • Don’t enjoy a bouncy and responsive mattress.
Full review Leesa review Purple mattress review

The Leesa offers a classic memory foam feel while the Purple has a unique feel from its hyper-elastic polymer grid layer. Purple excels in responsiveness, cooling and support while Leesa is better at minimizing motion transfer.

Leesa vs Purple (Detailed comparison)


Top cover This mattress is beautiful, elegant and comes with a great cover made of stretchy polyester and lycra blend. It is quite durable and soft to touch, whereas it handles extensive use. Purple features a cover made of a mixture of viscose, polyester, and polyester-lycra. It is a thin yet breathable cover which is elegant, with its white and diamond pattern.
Foam layers Leesa features a 10 inches thickness and consists of 3 layers:The first layer is 2 inch of their special Avena foam, which acts like latex foam.

The second layer is 2 inches of memory foam for great body contour and pressure relief. Finally, the bottom layer is made of 6 inches thick support foam. This deals with heat retention and keeps the mattress cool.

Purple is 9.5 inches thick and is made of 3 layers: The first layer is 2” thick hyper-elastic polymer, the second is 3.5” thick and made of polyurethane, while the bottom layer is made of another 4” of polyurethane.


  Leesa doesn’t offer plenty of options in terms of its firmness level. You can only get the medium firmness, adaptive to a universal feel. Similar to the Leesa mattress, the Purple offers a medium-firm feel, which is what most people seem to prefer. 


Construction Leesa offers the type of buoyant feeling and feels softer than Purple. It contours to the body’s natural curves although it is still firm enough to support you. Purple is great at adjusting to your body curves, providing plenty of support and comfort. It offers sufficient hugging contour and is great at delivering substantial pressure relief.
Edge support Leesa offers substantial edge support, better than average in fact. Unlike Leesa, the Purple mattress lacks in terms of edge support and is not the best choice if you tend to use your bed for sitting or eating.

Motion transfer

  Leesa performs really well in terms of motion isolation, better than Purple, even slightly. The structure of this mattress is such that leaves little room for motion transfer. Purple is a very responsive and bouncy mattress, which obviously can lead to certain motion transfer issues, yet it is generally an excellent option.

Cooling effect

  Leesa does a better than average job in dealing with heat retention. You will not sense any heat during your sleep. Purple is, without doubt, a cooler mattress, definitely cooler than Leesa. It excels in this area and makes a perfect choice if you tend to sleep warm.

Value for money

  Prices in Leesa mattress range depending on the size and cover you choose, yet they are relatively affordable.
  • Twin mattress $525
  • Twin XL $625
  • Full/Double $790
  • Queen $890
  • King $990
  • California King $990
The Purple mattress is a bit more expensive compared to Leesa, and this is probably a thing to consider if you are on a tight budget. Still, the value of the product is such that we would recommend it if you can afford it.
  • Twin XL size $699
  • Queen size $999
  • King/Cal sizes $1,299

Please Note: The prices you see have been recently updated, but are subject to change due to promotions and other factors. Consequently, we can't guarantee real-time accuracy of the prices. Be aware that costs and product availability may vary over time. Please refer to our Price Disclaimer for more information.

Smell – eco-friendly standards

  Leesa has a somewhat obvious smell and off-gassing when unpacked. However, there is no risk for your health as the mattress is CertiPUR-US approved and the smell dissipates within a day or two upon unpacking. Purple has no traces of smell upon unpacking and it is also CertiPUR-US approved foams. This makes it better in this area compared to Leesa.


  Leesa ships at no cost via UPS in approximately 3-5 business days following your order. The mattress will be shipped free of charge to your location if you are anywhere in the United States, usually within two days from the time of purchase.

Trial and warranty/ return policy

Trial period Leesa provides 100-day, 100% 100% risk-free, the trial period within which you can return your mattress and claim a full refund if not satisfied with your new mattress. Purple, like Leesa, offers a similar risk-free trial of 100 nights for their product.
Warranty The Leesa mattress is backed by a 10-year nonpro-rated warranty, which customers claim is really good. Purple has the exact same 10-year warranty for manufacturer defects.

Final Verdict

All things considered, it is not the easiest task to compare Leesa and Purple, as especially the second one is a unique mattress with special structure and feel. That said, it appears that Leesa is such a strong competitor that it is rather difficult to win over.

Both mattresses make for a great choice for your bedroom, with Leesa being cheaper at a cost well under $1000. Purple is rather expensive and despite its premium build, perhaps doesn’t beat Leesa, especially if you prefer the traditional memory foam feel which is what Leesa can really successfully offer.

Leesa is comparatively more supportive whereas Purple sleeps cooler, which is probably an area where it emphatically excels.

Both mattresses offer comfort and are soft to touch while offering the same trial period and warranty.

Overall, you can choose whichever mattress suits you best and is closer to your particular taste.

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