Is Amazon Evil? (Exploring the Good and the Bad)

Thomas Joseph
What is immoral about conducting business? Amazon's ranking at the top of Slate's list as the "most evil" technology corporation caused considerable consternation.

The question “Is Amazon evil?” has been around for quite a while now. In this post, we will shed more light. By the end of this quick read, you will be better placed to decide for yourself whether or not Amazon, the American retail giant is evil or not. Read on for the details.....

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Is Amazon Deviating From The Standard Procedure?

The term "evil" usually refers to something that is not typical. Slate published a list, and Amazon topped it as the "most evil" technology corporation in the world. The scale ranks the 30 most advanced technology businesses, as proved by journalists, academics, and other influential people.

People were worried about how much power digital companies have in the modern world, and the ranking took advantage of that. There are worries about data collection and monitoring, digital election manipulation, social media, and liberal democracy might not work well together, rumors of fraud, and propaganda. Digital giants like Amazon have a lot to deal with regarding bad information. Here are some facts that can help you decide if Amazon is good or bad.

Amazon’s Job Creation

Amazon tops the list in creating employment in the last decade. Its investments created approximately 2.7 million U.S. jobs and more than 780,000 indirect jobs that help communities prosper. Small businesses selling on Amazon have created over 1.1 million jobs.

However, from the leaked negative data about Amazon, people no longer value technological advancements and the benefits that come with them. Anger, anxiety, and even hatred have taken the place of the once-popular valued life-improving items. On this basis, it is hard to say with certainty that Amazon is evil. They make quite a lot of money but at the same time also create jobs for others to earn a living.

Why Amazon Is Considered Evil?

Amazon has grown from a simple online bookstore to a place where you can buy almost anything. They are a major player in shopping, video streaming, smart home technology, and many more.

According to Slate’s list, Amazon is responsible for a whole lot of evil things. For instance:

Now all these allegations may seem legitimate and sufficient to dab Amazon's “Evil”. In truth though, they are just isolated instances that do not occur routinely at Amazon. Moreover, others are simply not true.

Does Amazon's Employee Working Conditions Make It Evil?

There have been rumors that Amazon treats their employees unfairly. In the past few weeks, more of Amazon's dirty linen has come from the fight between the company and its workers in Alabama, who want to form a union to fight for their rights.

Employees at Amazon have been threatened with firing for fighting for their rights. For instance, taking too long on lunch breaks or asking for breaks to go to the washroom.

Stories have emerged of Amazon delivery drivers having to pee bottles and bags so that management won't punish them for taking breaks. This comes after workers were pushed to the point where they were dangerously exhausted, and information about COVID-19 outbreaks in warehouses was hidden.

It's not new for business owners like Bezos to treat their employees badly to make more money. According to some employees, work conditions at Amazon have been worsening.

However, much of this info is exaggerated to capture the attentions of the media and general public.

Are Amazons Ring Products Used For Evil Purposes?

The Ring, which the same company makes, has a camera that lets homeowners see who is knocking on their door in real-time. But it has been found that some people in Ring's office were able to access the recordings. Furthermore, a skillful hacker could get into the Ring's camera and access private information. There have been many reports of people talking through these Rings.

One of its worst things is that “Amazon is not responsible."

Amazon is said to have bought off every elected official and controlled every source of money. This is a good way to do bad things and be corrupt. As Steve Sybesma put it on Quora, "total power corrupts absolutely," and leftists "are in their perfect perch at the top of the Amazon slave operation."

There have been many lawsuits against the Ring, but the company hasn't had to pay any fines yet. In Amazon's terms of service, it says, " does not take any responsibility or liability for the acts, products, and content of these and any other third parties." That's right; if something goes wrong with one of their products, Amazon won't be taking up the blame. And rightly so, they shouldn’t have to carry the blame for how someone else chose to use one of their products.


Is Amazon evil or just concerned about business and customer welfare? Amazon has been steadily growing for over a decade. Apart from Amazon creating millions of jobs, it has been accused of exploiting its employees, surveilling citizens, and not paying taxes accordingly.

Business growth means all stakeholders must act accordingly and focus solely on the business's objective. After considering all the allegations leveled against Amazon, it is clear to me that Amazon is in fact not evil. The company is just playing by the laid-out rules of doing a clean and honest business. Nothing fishy.

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