How to Get Free Stuff On Amazon (13 Tips!)

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Shopping on Amazon offers convenience and an opportunity to where to look, free stuff on Amazon can take time to come by. Fortunately, getting free swag on Amazon is easy, and the best thing about it is you can be a non-Prime member. This post will teach you how to save money and get free items from Amazon.

If you like Amazon's money-saving tricks, you'll want to know how to get free stuff. There are numerous ways to obtain freebies, and anyone can get free stuff, members or not. Some of the best Amazon products are about to be yours for free. Business is always a two-way street, with both parties (sellers and buyers) expecting to profit.

As a result, there are several ways for sellers to profit from giving things away for free. Some companies give away their products to gain attention and make them viral. Customers who receive free items from Amazon stores are more likely to share their positive experiences. Giving free items could result in positive marketing for you. Here are some examples of free Amazon products:

The following are some examples of how to get free stuff on Amazon:

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1. Amazon Freebies

The simplest way to get free stuff from Amazon is to search for it. Enter "freebies" in the search bar, and you'll get listings for everything on Amazon currently offered for free. You won't get a brand-new smart TV, but you might get free Kindle e-books and Audible audiobooks.

2. Look For Freebies On Reputable Facebook/Meta groups.

If you're a Metaverse member, look through the various Facebook groups dedicated to Amazon freebies for interesting offers. There are also a lot of groups where Amazon sellers trade free products for reviews.

3. Get 5GB of cloud storage for free.

If this isn't common knowledge already, it should be. Amazon provides 5GB of free Cloud Storage, which isn't just a Prime benefit. You can store your ever-expanding library of music, videos, photos, and files for free. Regardless of Prime membership, anyone with an Amazon account is eligible for this free storage. However, Prime members benefit from unlimited photo storage, so it is worthwhile to subscribe.

4. Earn Points With The Amazon Shopper Panel.

Although this is an invitation-only program, participants can earn rewards simply by sharing receipts from non-Amazon purchases and completing surveys. Uploading ten monthly receipts will earn you $10 in your Amazon balance or a charitable donation. The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you can earn.

5. Write Amazon Vine reviews.

Amazon Vine is a program that provides new and pre-release items to carefully selected, trusted reviewers in exchange for an honest product review. This program is by invitation only, and invites are only sent to the most trusted reviewers. Amazon selects these Vine Voices reviewers based on their track record of writing helpful reviews.

To improve your chances of being chosen as a Vine Voice, you must have a consistent track record of writing reviews that the Amazon community finds useful. The more helpful reviews you write, the more likely they will choose you.

6. Slickdeals Allows You To Earn Money Back.

When you make purchases at participating retailers, Slickdeals will give you cashback. Some retailers provide cashback ranging from 1% to 40% for select retailers. Once you've accumulated enough points to cash out, you can exchange them for a retailer or a Visa gift card. Gather your free money and begin shopping on Amazon.

7. Directly Offer To Write Product Reviews For Smaller Sellers.

Another option is to contact sellers directly and give reviews in exchange for free products. While this is time-consuming and does not guarantee success, it is worth a shot if you have the time.

8. With Amazon Shopping Panel, You Can Earn Rewards.

Although this is an invitation-only program, participants can earn rewards by sharing receipts from non-Amazon purchases and completing surveys. Uploading ten monthly receipts will earn you $10 in Amazon credit or a charitable donation. The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you will receive.

9. After Signing Up For A Free Audible Trial, You Will Receive Free Audiobooks.

The mega-site genuinely wants you to know how to get free stuff, and they do an excellent job. After signing up for a free trial of Audible Premium Plus, you'll receive a free audiobook just for trying out the service.

10. Trade In Your Old Technology For Gift Cards.

Amazon pays you to trade in old tech. The exchange money is delivered as a gift card, which you can use to earn freebies across the platform. You can trade in popular items such as old Kindles, Alexa devices, and more.

11. Create An Amazon Registry To Receive A Free Box Of Baby Samples.

Knowing where to get free stuff on Amazon is one of the simplest ways for new parents to keep baby costs down. When you create your Amazon Baby Registry, you can expect to receive coupons.

12. When You Use Amazon Reload, You Will Receive a $10 Credit.

If you're a frequent Amazon user, consider looking into Amazon Reload. Amazon Reload is an Amazon feature that gets you an extra $10 when you put $100 in your Amazon card.

13. Students Receive A Free Six-Month Trial On Amazon.

It's impressive that students can get half a year for free by visiting the Amazon Students page and entering a small amount of information.


If saving money while getting things appeals to you, you should use the above tricks. The best way to find this opportunity is to keep an eye on the websites that list AMZ deals online. These websites share the deals that are available with customers as they have a direct connection with them. Amazon offers free products to its customers, making them get the value of your store. With these hacks, you can obtain products without paying for them.

Get free stuff. However, if you need help finding.

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