How to Get Free Stuff from Walmart (13 Tips!)

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Is Walmart one of your favorite shopping destinations? It comes as no surprise that it is one of the major retailers. It is a major retailer due not just to the wide range of products available but also to the low pricing. If you want to discover how to receive free things at Walmart and free samples from its shops or website, continue reading this post.

Walmart isn't known for its sales. Like any other renowned retailer, Walmart wants to keep its consumers pleased and coming back for more. Walmart's consistently cheap prices on vital commodities are one feature that pulls millions of shoppers each year. But, if you're wondering how you can save even more money at Walmart, you might be asking if there are any ways to obtain free items at the retailer.

Walmart has some of the most competitive pricing on groceries, apparel, electronics, and other things. So, is it still possible to acquire freebies from a store with such low prices? So, is it still possible to receive freebies from a store with such low prices? Absolutely! Here are some easy methods to save money and acquire free things from your local Walmart or the Walmart website:

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1. Samples Are Available On The Walmart website.

Other shops that sell at Walmart may occasionally provide gifts with purchases or free samples of their products to their customers. Placing an order on Walmart makes you viable for free products or samples in the mail. It's not a guarantee that you'll get a free product or sample, but if Walmart has a sample corresponding to the items you purchased currently there's a high possibility.

2. You Can Find Walmart On Internet Applications.

Like other stores, Walmart also applies with this idea. When you follow your favorite brands on social media, you will have easy access to their latest discounts, promotions, coupons, and freebies.

3. Samples Are Available In-store.

Walmart locations with a grocery area normally have free samples available. However, they may only be available at some times. Visit the store at random times to see whether samples are available.

4. Participate In Store Events

Many Walmart shops conduct in-store activities throughout the year, particularly around the holiday season. Customers can taste products at these events and may even give away free items to attendees.

5. Register For Walmart Sample Boxes

Many people need to be aware that Walmart has sample boxes stocked with products manufacturers would like you to try! The Baby Box is one of them. This sample box is applicable for parents with a young child. Samples of baby products such as diapers, pacifiers, toys, blankets, and anything else you need for your kid are included.

6. Register For Walmart Emails

If you still need to sign up for Walmart's email newsletter, you should do so immediately. Go to the Walmart website and scroll down to the section that says "Enter email for weekly newsletter." You'll receive the most recent Walmart news in your email and unique discounts and coupons to use on the internet or in-store.

7. Enter Contests

Look for online giveaways that give away Walmart gift cards! Trust me, one of these things is always going on someplace on a blog. There aren't many individuals who wouldn't appreciate a free Walmart gift card to use in-store or online, which is why these gift cards are such a popular blog giveaway prize.

8. Apply For A Walmart Credit Card

If you are financially savvy and know how to make responsible use of a credit card, the Walmart credit card might be able to help you save money. A high interest rate is typically associated with store credit cards.

This is especially true if your credit is considered to be fair to good. If, on the other hand, you buy something and then pay it off before the next billing period, you can steer clear of paying exorbitant interest rates.

9. Shop for Expired Items At Walmart

Walmart has a 'fresh or free' policy regarding food products. As a result, if you begin shopping as soon as the store opens, you may be able to find some expired products from the previous night. When you bring an expired product to the customer service desk, they will offer you a similar item for free.

10. Visit Blogs To Find Walmart Coupons

If you do not want to spend time scouring the web for coupons at Walmart, some bloggers do so for you! For example, blogs like Free Stuff Finder dedicate a whole area of their website to Walmart discounts, and the bargains are updated each week.

11. Enter Giveaways

Look for giveaways online that are giving out Walmart gift cards! Trust me; one of these is typically happening on a blog. There aren’t many individuals who wouldn’t appreciate a free Walmart gift card they can use in-store or online, which is why these gift cards are a popular blog giveaway prize.

12. Follow Freebie Sites

Sites like Crazy Coupon Lady and can help you locate freebies anywhere, including Walmart! They update multiple times a day to assist you in combining coupons with other discounts that can get you things for free or guide you in locating 100% already-free products.

13. Download Walmart’s Savings Catcher App

Walmart provides an app that works as a price match tool, making all the price comparisons for you to save time searching for different prices from other retail locations.

The Walmart Savings Catcher App is compatible with Apple and Android devices and compares prices from stores like Target. Additionally, Walmart will pay you back for the price difference between items.


There are a number of different ways to get free products from the retail giant Walmart, which is perfect if your goal is to cut costs on items that you already purchase from the store. For instance, you can get free things from Walmart by enrolling in the Walmart+ program, signing up for free sample boxes, and signing up for Walmart's MasterCard, to name just a few of the available options

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