Does Walmart Own Wayfair?

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Do you want to know if Walmart owns Wayfair or if they don’t? we have highlighted interesting information about the two brands. Keep reading to learn more if they have any connection.

When you shop with the right brand like Walmart or Wayfair, you might start to wonder if the brand has a relationship or if one is owned by the other. Unlike shopping for regular items where you get them at an affordable price, Wayfair also offers affordable prices for the kind of thing you see on their website, it is no longer a new thing for people to say Wayfair and Walmart stand out as one the best stores you can get specific items you are looking for.

Wayfair is one of the biggest American-owned e-commerce brands where you can buy home goods and furniture at good prices. They offer quality offers to their customers with fast shipping time, and a great return policy favorable to customers. They offer many services that customers love. You cannot buy other items apart from home goods, home furniture, office furniture, etc.

This is why there has been a lot of connection between this brand to Walmart. There are different reasons why Wayfair has been connected to Walmart. They all have affordable prices, and quality items and Wayfair does not sell all items except home goods, furniture, or items meant for furniture.

You might be wondering about the connection between Wayfair and Walmart and you might not be able to wrap your head around it or you have been thinking if Walmart owns Wayfair and you need answers, then you need to keep reading because we have made a lot of interesting discoveries concerning these two brands. To get all questions answered, you need to read what we have.

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Does Walmart Own Wayfair In 2022?

To be very direct, Walmart does not own Wayfair. There has been a lot of speculation going around that Walmart owns and controls the affairs of this brand. It is fair to say that the two brands are different entities. They don’t function as one company. You need to know that Walmart has never made any statement saying they own Wayfair. However, you cannot say about the future since there has been a rumor about these two brands.

Our research found out that the rumor of Walmart buying off this brand came as a result of the speculation that Walmart may have proposed buying this company in 2010. However, they are all claims and there is no truth in them. There are also claims that you can find Wayfair furniture listed on Walmart. It is normal for companies to sell the products of other companies since there will be a mutual benefit for both brands. Wayfair is known for selling furniture, so it is okay if you can find their items list when you shop with Walmart.

There are a lot of things you need to learn about the connection between Wayfair and Walmart, you can keep reading to learn everything because we have highlighted some key factors that might have sparked their connections. When you read on you learn about the prices of Wayfair and Walmart and if they have a matching policy on returns, shipping, etc.

Who Owns Wayfair In 2022?

Wayfair was founded in 2002 by two people who acted as Wayfair's CEO duo. They are Niraj Shah and Steven Conine. The idea of founding this company as a result of Steven's situation with the furniture in his very tiny room apartment. They needed a great company that would meet the needs of their customers domestically and on an international level. The brand has its head office located in Boston, Massachusetts, US.

The brand has different owners from the famous Walmart. There is no way you can link their ownership to Walmart. However, some connections have linked this brand to be together. Keep reading to find out our interesting discoveries.

What is the Connection Between Walmart and Wayfair?

It is a known fact that Amazon has been in the business of being a giant online retailer even before Walmart emerged. As a result of this, when Walmart wanted to start selling online, it needed to come out stronger because it wanted to become a strong competitor of Amazon.

For them to be able to do that, they needed to list items on their website so that it can attract more customers and become a substitute for Amazon. When Wayfair learned about this development, they had to seize the opportunity. They offered to sell their furniture items on Walmart’s new website, this is one of the connections that is being shared by the two brands which has led to this speculation of ownership.

Selling their furniture and home goods on Walmart’s website was a huge stepping stone for Wayfair because they got access to the huge customer base of Walmart. Any other company would have jumped on this opportunity if given the chance. It happened around 2015. However, there is no strong evidence rating up to 100 percent for these claims.

On another occasion, sources have claimed that an employee of Wayfair once commented on Quora that there is a connection between Wayfair and Walmart. They had a partnership for a while for an e-commerce deal. He believes Wayfair at some point handled some issues for Walmart on their website.

However, based on our research now, you cannot see Wayfair items listed on Walmart. We could not get evidence or reports that they once sold on Walmart’s website. The story might be true or false but our research could not link them together. So what we understand from all this, the connection going on between the two brands might be just some online rumor and nothing else.

Nevertheless, in 2017, there was a publication made by Forbes suggested that there was a buyout possible between the two brands. The post had the title “why Wayfair should not sell out to Walmart.” The post was about why Walmart should buy the home goods retailers and why Wayfair should not let them have their way.

We did research and concluded that it may be an analysis post. This means the post might be on just suggestions based on marketing strategies favorable to both companies. It is more of a fiction than fact. So you should mainly disregard such information except if there is any public that there was supposed to be a transaction by either of the companies.

In recent times, you must have seen that the two brands have developed compared to before. So they might not need each other to survive anymore, this is why we will likely rule out any possibility of future connection of ownership.

Do the Prices of the Items at Walmart Match With the Prices of Items at Wayfair?

When you look at the two brands, they don’t offer the same items at the price. Wayfair is specialized in offering furniture and home goods while Walmart is a giant in general items, you will find nearly all kinds of items you want. If you have seen any price that aligns with that of Wayfair, then it may be because that is the general price range for such an item. The only brand you might be able to match prices with is Amazon because they are the top competitor when it comes to online retailing or e-commerce business.

Can I Return Items From Wayfair to Walmart In 2022?

The first thing is for you to know that they are different companies. However, there are links that the two companies are only in retail partnership. This means they might have some deals on selling items on each other's platforms. This does not mean you can buy an item on the latter and return to the former. It does not make sense at all.

Nevertheless, the brand shares almost the same return policy when it comes to returning damaged items. Wayfair has a return window of 14 days which is very similar to Walmart. You have to bring your receipt if you are returning via the in-store location. They also have some other requirements that will qualify you to be eligible for a return such as sending the item back in its original packaging and condition. These conditions are very identical to that of the return policy of Walmart.

What are the Steps for Returning to Wayfair?

Just like Walmart, the steps or procedures for returning to Wayfair are very simple. Since most of their sales are done online, it even makes it easier because you will not have the fear that you have misplaced your receipt. You just need to go to the official website of Wayfair and locate the “return item” select and proceed to the next stage.

After selecting return, then you can go ahead to choose the method in which you want to make a return. You will get an email notification to confirm your return. Make sure you read all the requirements and follow the instructions to enable your returns to be successful. You will be given the shipping details of where you need to return too. Make sure you follow the right instructions.

Once your return has been shipped and received by the brand, you will get notified about it and you will expect your refunds to take place. They also have the same policy of refunding the original payment method you use in making those purchases as Walmart. For instance, if you have used your credit card to make purchases, then you should expect refunds through that same channel.


It might be true that Wayfair and Walmart may have a partnership on retailing ongoing in 2022. However, we will rule out the possibility of Walmart owning Wayfair even in the nearest future. This is because the two brands are already big in the retailing business. There might be a rumor in the past that Walmart may have proposed to own Wayfair when it was still coming up.

However, Walmart has not come out publicly to clear the air on such rumors. Our research has shown us that despite them sharing some identical policies such as the return policies and shipping policies, they are not connected. Their story of possible connection is still fiction and not a fact.

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