How to Change Phone Number on Paypal?

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Learn how to update your phone number on PayPal, a leading global online payment service offering both Personal and Business account options. Ensure secure and efficient transactions by keeping your contact details up-to-date.

Paypal is a very popular site for good reason. For ecommerce and online payments, Paypal is a top site for online payments. Why? PayPal lets you safely send and receive payments with speed and precision around the world.

PayPal is massive. Why? Because simply Paypal is one of the biggest online payment services in the globe.  In essence, Paypal offers two kinds of accounts for a variety of uses. PayPal has what is called Personal and Business accounts.

In general, how would you simply change your phone number?  Paypal has different types of accounts. There are officially two types of accounts for Paypal, which are for Personal and Business purposes.

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Changing Information and Contact Information

When you are dealing with Paypal there are a variety of ways to deal with changing your information. To view or update your personal information on Paypal requires certain steps depending on what type of account you have overall.

In general, changing information such as phone number, email address, street address, or language setting would require the same process. Within the Paypal site and platform, please go to “settings” and edit and change your information on Paypal.

How Do I Add and Confirm, Change Or Remove A Phone Number On My Paypal Account?

When you add your mobile number, we'll be able to get in touch with you or reach you via text message to help service your account. It is recommended you review and further update the mobile number registered on your PayPal account regularly to make sure it is current.

Any removal or change of a phone number requires certain steps. So, then go ahead to remove any phone number. Then proceed to tap the number and from there scrolling down. Finally, what you do is to tap and  Remove the number. Please be warned with Paypal that you are only able to  take out a phone number if you have a minimum of two added to a PayPal account.

Changing Paypal Phone Number with a Shortcut

To change numbers quickly on Paypal is a benefit. You need to be ready to add the information as requested in a time efficient manner. So, go ahead to add, change, or remove any said phone number on the app or the website as follow:

Step 1: First, tap the “Profile Icon” on the app or site.

Step 2: Go ahead to tap Account Information to access and change.

Step 3: Then, finally go ahead to tap phone numbers.

Step 4: To add a new phone number, tap and then input a phone number. Lastly, then enter the number, and tap finally “Add.”

Step 5: From there, to change a phone number, tap the number, and then go ahead to make your edits. Finally, then tap Update.

Step 6: Lastly, for any contact number, to remove a phone number then tap the number. From there then go ahead to then go down on the site to scroll down, and tap “Remove.”

Lastly, in review, When you are inputting  a mobile number to your PayPal account. Follow the procedure to get a text message with a confirmation code. From there, then enter the sent code to your PayPal account to confirm your phone or mobile number. Please be forewarned, for security reasons, the code expires in 15 minutes.

Adding and Changing Phone Numbers on Paypal

First, when you add or amend your mobile number, you will need to contact using text message to help service your account. This is needed to initiate the process with your phone number change.

In general, from there, you are able to review and update the phone number registered on the PayPal account. You are able to process changes regularly to make sure it's up to date on Paypal. Look to follow the step by step process below. Now, how do you exactly change the phone number? Let’s look further to see how to make this easy below:

Step by Step Process to Change Phone Number

Here’s how to add, change or remove a phone number on the PayPal website:

Step 1: Go to your “Settings” in your Paypal account.

Step 2: Go into the Phone Numbers section of Paypal.

A- Proceed to add a new phone number or update your phone number. From there go on to enter the details needed. From there,  then click “Add phone number.” Always in the last section before changing the number to remember to confirm your phone number.

B- Then go ahead to edit and change your phone number. From there you can go ahead and click “change” next to the number to alter it. Be sure to make your edits and from there confirm and click “Update Number.”

Removing and Changing Phone Numbers

An important step for changing numbers. Why? You need to remove a phone number. Then from there click “Remove” button that is next to the number. Please be aware that you are only able to remove a phone number if possessing at least two numbers that may be added with any PayPal account.

Here is the best way to change the phone number. Proceed to add, change, or remove a phone number on the Paypal website or app.

Step 1: First, tap the Profile Icon on the app or site.

Step 2: Proceed to tap and click Account Info.

Step 3: Thirdly, go ahead and tap Phone Numbers as needed.

A- Go ahead, add and input a new phone number.  Tap the number again and go enter the number, and tap finally to end and “Add.”

B- This is all relevant to edit any phone number. It is all by tapping the number, then making your edits. And finally in the end, tapping Update.

Finalizing a Paypal Change Number

When you put a new phone or mobile number to your PayPal account there are certain things to expect. For one, Paypal  will send a text message with a confirmation code. From there, you need to enter the send code to your PayPal account to confirm. This will be done to confirm your mobile number. Lastly, moreover for security reasons, the code will expire in 15 minutes so use it quickly and with precision to change your number as requested.

For any reason, if you need to resend the confirmation code from the PayPal website then do the following below:

  1. First, go to your Settings page on Paypal.
  2. Then in the phone or mobile  section, next to the number you are changing then proceed to click Confirm.
  3. Finally, go ahead to resend the confirmation code. Therefore, When getting the code, enter it and then click Validate.

Changing Your Information on Paypal

Whenever you change your information with Paypa you need to be ready to access all of your information. First, you need to sign up for a PayPal account and then login to your account on Paypal. Once you have a fully registered and confirmed account then you can move forward with any and all of your information online including your phone number.

Comparing Types of Paypal Accounts and what to expect below:

  PayPal Personal PayPal Business  
Domestic online payments fee No fee 2.99% of transaction amount in total
International online payment fee with international card/account 4% currency conversion fee and 1.5 % international transaction fee (Fixed Fee Assessed) 4% currency conversion fee and 1.5 % international transaction fee. (In addition any fixed fees)
Domestic payment fee Not Available 2.7%
International payment fee Not Available 4.4%

Business vs Personal Paypal Accounts

A business account is marked and managed by or for a company or group name. This  type of account has a particular purpose. The specific reasons for business Paypal accounts are as follows:

In summary, a business account is perfect for business owners or businesses because it offers additional features for businesses.

When you sign up and use Paypal and opt to use a Personal account then you have the following benefits below:

We also recommend a Personal account for casual sellers who want to get paid online but also make online purchases. Personal PayPal accounts are ideal and suitable for anyone looking to shop or get paid online. Also, a personal account is for anyone willing to divide bills between more people.

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