Does Amazon Accept Paypal?

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If you have some money left in your PayPal account, you may be wondering if you can use it to purchase something on Amazon. In this article, you will get the answer to that and other related questions.

Using PayPal for checkout has many advantages. For starters, it is straightforward to use. PayPal also offers more security and protects the user from fraud. Additionally, PayPal will help you get your money back if your purchase is fraudulent. Therefore, it is easy to see why more online retailers accept PayPal.

As of 2022, Amazon is the largest online retailer. Every month, 197 million people from all over the world visit the e-commerce platform. Since the customer base is diverse, over the years, Amazon has had to come up with different payment methods that will meet the needs of the different customers.

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Does Amazon Accept Paypal?

Unfortunately, PayPal has never been a direct method of payment on Amazon. However, there are various workarounds that PayPal users can use to purchase something on Amazon. A standard solution is to buy Amazon gift cards at online vendors that accept PayPal. You can then use the gift card to buy anything you want on

Other solutions include using a PayPal Cash card, which essentially works just like any other credit card you can use on Amazon. Users can also use a PayPal Mastercard. Another solution that some users might deem rather strenuous is to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account and instead use your bank's debit card to make the purchase.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Accept Direct PayPal Payments?

The main reason why Amazon does not accept PayPal is due to the connection PayPal has with eBay. eBay is a large e-commerce platform and thus a  direct competitor of Amazon.  From 2002 to 2015, PayPal was a part of eBay, and therefore Amazon preferred not to incorporate PayPal since it would be supporting one of its main competitors. Even though PayPal and eBay have long parted ways, Amazon is yet to integrate PayPal into its platform. A possible reason is the introduction of Amazon’s payment method, Amazon Pay, which launched in 2007. Amazon Pay is quite similar to PayPal and can even be used outside of Amazon by other retailers. Therefore, Amazon Pay is a direct competitor to PayPal, and Amazon would therefore prefer to use their service than depend on a solution made by a competitor.

How To Use Paypal Funds On Amazon

As mentioned earlier, there are some workarounds that PayPal users can use to make purchases on Amazon. The following are ways to use the funds on your PayPal account to buy something on Amazon.

A PayPal Cash card will give you the same experience you would have if you were to use a credit or debit card for checkout. The card works just like any Mastercard card that a bank might issue. Therefore, to Amazon, it appears like the funds are coming from a regular bank account, while in fact, the funds are coming from your PayPal account.

A PayPal Mastercard is an actual credit card issued to you by Synchrony bank. Since it is a credit card, you have to undergo a credit check to qualify for one. The card is accepted by retailers that accept PayPal and MasterCard. The PayPal Mastercard comes in two varieties: a CashBack Mastercard and an Extras Mastercard. Even though you require a credit check, the process is often quick if you have a good credit score.

 A PayPal Key acts as a virtual card linked to your PayPal account. Therefore, unlike the PayPal Cash card or Mastercard, you do not get a physical card. What you get instead is a 16-digit code. You can use the key with any online merchants that accept Mastercard. You have to link your credit or debit card to use this method. You can then use the 16-digit code on Amazon by going under the “new payment method” section and entering the code.

Using Gift cards is the easiest way to buy an inexpensive product on Amazon using PayPal. All you have to do is buy a gift card from one of the many retailers that accept PayPal. Examples of such retailers include eGifter, Dundle, and PC Game Supply. The reason that the gift cards are not convenient for buying expensive products is that they only come in dominations of $15, $20, $25, $50, and $100, so you would have to buy a lot of gift cards if, say you wanted to buy a $1000 laptop.

Since Amazon already accepts credit and debit cards, it is evident that you can just transfer the money in your PayPal account to your bank account to buy something on Amazon. However, some caveats turn off people from using this method. For instance, the transfer process can take up to 10 days. PayPal also offers a way to transfer the money instantly, but you have to pay a 1% transaction fee.

How Do I Use PayPal Cash Card on Amazon?

The first thing you have to do is sign up for a PayPal Cash card for free. While signing up for the card, PayPal will have you sign up for a PayPal Cash Plus account at no extra cost. The PayPal Cash Plus account is the same as the regular PayPal account but has additional features such as FDIC coverage. You will also have to give your name, physical address, birthday, and taxpayers identification number.

On completion, the card will be linked to your PayPal account and used to fund the purchases you will make on Amazon.

However, you have to follow some additional steps to use the card on Amazon. The first thing you have to do is sign in to your Amazon account and navigate to the “Account & List” section located in the menu. Select “Payout Options” under the shopping preferences box. Scroll down the page and select the “Add Card” option under the “Add a new Payment Method” section. After entering the card details, the card will be saved and appear under your credit and debit cards section. All you need to do is select the PayPal Cash  Card option next time you want to buy something.

Advantages Of A Paypal Cash Card

The following are some of the benefits of using a PayPal Cash card.

Types of PayPal Mastercard The PayPal Mastercard comes in two varieties: PayPal Cashback Master card and PayPal Extras Mastercard.

With PayPal Cashback Mastercard, you earn a 3% cashback on all PayPal purchases and a 2% cashback on all other purchases. The reward is, however, only available for certain purchases. You will get rewarded when you shop at all places where Mastercard is accepted. The funds earned can be transferred into your account.

With the PayPal Extras Mastercard, you will earn points when making qualified purchases. You can then redeem the points at select merchants. However, it is essential to note that, currently, PayPal is not accepting any new applications for the PayPal Extras Mastercard.

Advantages of a PayPal MasterCard

The following are some of the benefits of using a PayPal Master Card.

Paypal Cash Card Vs. Paypal Mastercard Vs. Paypal Key: What Is The Difference?

A PayPal Cash card is a card linked to your PayPal account. To Amazon or other merchants, the funds will seem to come from a bank account while, in fact, they are coming from your PayPal account. A PayPay Mastercard, on the other hand, is an actual credit card issued by Synchrony bank. You can therefore use it just like any other credit card. Finally, a PayPal key is a virtual card, meaning you are not issued with a physical card. Instead, you are issued a 16-digit code that you use to make the payments.

How do I use PayPal Key On Amazon?

To use the PayPal key on Amazon, all you need is the 16-digit code you were issued when signing up for the card. The next step is to log in to your Amazon account and navigate to the “new payment method” section on the orders page. Once you add the card, you will be able to use it to make future purchases.

How to Buy Amazon Gift Cards Using PayPal

You can buy Amazon gift cards from any retailer that accepts PayPal. Some retailers that sell Amazon gift cards and accept gift cards include eGifter, Dundle, and PC Game Supply.

How to Redeem PayPal purchased Amazon gift cards

Once you have purchased the gift card, you must follow the following steps to redeem it.

1: Find the claim code on your card. 

2: On Amazon's website, go to Redeem a GiftCard.

3: Finally, enter your claim code and select “Apply to your balance.” After redeeming the card, the funds are transferred into your account and will be used automatically for your next payment.

What Are PayPal Alternative Payment Gateways Accepted On Amazon?

If you are looking for a  service similar to PayPal that you can use on Amazon, you might want to try Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay is an Amazon product and shares many similarities with PayPal. All you need to do is link your credit or debit card, and you can start using the service. Another alternative you might be interested in trying is a buy now pay later service called Klarna. However, you should note that these services are only exclusively available in the U.S.  

Payment Gateways Accepted On Amazon

If you are still unsure what payment method is best for you. The following is a list of other payment methods that you may consider.


Unfortunately, you can not use PayPal directly to purchase on Amazon. There are, however, available workarounds that you can use to use the funds in your PayPal account. Some of those workarounds include: Using either a PayPal Cash card or PayPal Master Card, a PayPal Key, or buying Amazon gift cards using PayPal. Users can also transfer funds in their PayPal account to their bank accounts and use their bank's debit card instead. If you were looking for a service similar to PayPal that you can use on Amazon, the best choice would be Amazon Pay. Amazon also offers a variety of many payment options that you can use instead of PayPal.

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