How Old Do You Have to Be to Have a PayPal? (Some Alternative Solutions)

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Do you want to sign up for a PayPal account but are unaware of the age limits? Then, please read our article and grasp a few limitations, age requirements and how to proceed. 

You understand that PayPal is one of the online payment methods that has gained popularity because of its safety, convenience, and ease of use. However, when you want to sign up for the account, it comes with the limitations you need to meet.

If you want to own a PayPal account, start by learning the age limit and other facts or requirements. In this article, we will take you through the minimum age users must meet, the procedure or how to sign up, and the alternative PayPal for juveniles. Keep reading the article and learn more from the experts.

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Have a PayPal?

PayPal has a simple and clear User Agreement. It outlines that to sign up and become a member, one must be 18 years old and above to create a PayPal account. Still, you must be a resident of the listed region or country to sign up for the account. The reason behind this stand is that PayPal is an online financial service provider that involves not only transfers but also making p[payments.

Through the laws and regulations that PayPal is required to abide by, users must verify their age alongside their identity. This implies that users under 18 will not have the option to create a PayPal account on their own. We will find out if there is a way out in the next section.

Still, your guardians and parents can, through their permission, help you create a PayPal account, and you will operate within their supervision.. they will, in this case, link their bank to your PayPal account, which you can use to receive as well as make payment on your online account.

Note that the above agreement is subject to future changes in terms and conditions. Only through the permission of an underage guardian can you create a PayPal account. If you have attained 18 or above, let us learn how to create a PayPal account.

How to Sign Up for PayPal?

PayPal has made it easy for customers to spend, send, manage, and receive payment under one application, and sharing your financial information is unnecessary. Before you sign up, you need to understand that PayPal has two types of accounts. There are personal and business accounts. With personal, you can make online payments, access rewards, and manage your finances. But when it comes to the business account, there is more, including in-store purchases, online donations, etc. You can also integrate your business PayPal account with any tool while selling securely.

Hence, the process is straightforward if you want to sign up for PayPal. You can use the app or sign up online. When someone makes a PayPal payment, and in this case, you don't have an account, they will share the link, and you will click on it, create an account, and receive the payment. However, the sender must be a trusted person. Follow these guidelines to register for the PayPal online:

You have just signed up for a PayPal account using all the above procedures. The next step is to verify and confirm the identity. To confirm your phone number, then follow the below steps:-

The above is just the second of the three phases to verify ownership. You will also need to confirm the email address. Once you validate the email, your account will be ready to receive, send and manage money. You must verify the email for security purposes. This is a simple thing to sum up the whole process:

Alternative to PayPal for Juvenile

If the above PayPal doesn't give you the experience you need, or you are underage, and no one is available to help you get it done, you can try other options. There are numerous PayPal alternatives for juveniles. Some of these are highlighted below:-

1. Apple Pay (via Apple Cash Family)

iOS families can use Apple Cash to grant under-18s the ability to shop and send money with Apple Pay, with transactions monitorable by parents for added security. This seamless method facilitates quick payments both online and in-store. The app, known for its top security and privacy, positions Apple Pay as a favored PayPal alternative among guardians for children, supported widely across stores but requiring an Apple device. To set up, minors must use the Family Organizer on their device, ensuring a safe financial setup.

2. Bank of America student banking

This is another perfect PayPal alternative. If you are under 25, this banking does not have the must-pay maintenance fee for mobile and online banking on qualified students. You can manage the transaction and make payments, and it comes with a zero-liability guarantee. It is an ideal option with no overdraft charges, and minors must have a co-applicant over 18 to create the account.

3. Cash App

Guardians' approval allows minors (13-17) to use Cash App for peer-to-peer payments, and direct deposits, and to get a custom debit card, with parents able to closely monitor activities. This setup simplifies online transactions and comes with advanced security, like fraud protection, ensuring minors' financial information is secure. Guardians can check account activities through the app, benefit from a free debit card, and face no overdraft charges. Minors must have parental consent to create their Cash App account and receive a cash card, promoting safe financial independence.

4. Chase High School Checking

This is recommended for students aged 13 to 17. They give minors multiple banking benefits, such as other online financial methods such as PayPal and the Cash app. Security and privacy are top-notch, which makes it a perfect PayPal alternative for juveniles. Though they have overdraft charges, you must leave your account with sufficient balance. For you to apply, your guardian must have a qualified Chase checking account.

5. Samsung Pay

Many online and in-store companies accept this method. It is stress-free, secure, convenient and compatible with any Android device. Samsung Pay guarantees users fraud protection on all transactions. With This method, you are entitled to cash-back rewards, but your guardian needs to approve the terms and conditions for minors to use Samsung Pay. Lastly, many businesses around the world accept it.

6. Others

There are many other PayPal alternatives for mobile banking. One of these methods is Bluebird by American Express, ideally a hybrid blending of the credit card and checking account. From one account, you can manage up to 4 prepaid cards aimed at serving minors on one central account. The other alternative is the MyVanilla Card, available at Walmart, which allows users to utilize MasterCard or Visa. It is reloadable at participating Walmart, and guardians can purchase the card for their minors to sue upon signing the agreement.

We also have the FamZoo Family account, which comes with an option that enables parents to set up prepaid cards for the numerous minors to use in their financial transactions online. You can split and request payment, but adults must create an account to become legitimate cardholders before adding a family member to the prepaid cards.

The last one I would love to mention is the Capital One Teen Checking account. It is a perfect PayPal alternative for mobile banking and online transactions. It is ideal for minors aged 8 to 18  and guarantees a free debit card. No minimum balance nor monthly charges, and this joint account is only available to minors with their parents or guardians.

Note that PayPal had a PayPal student account, which, for some reason, they discontinued. The reason behind this was the fact that minors in the US were not able to enter into a legally binding agreement. Therefore, anytime PayPal discovers that someone under 18 is using a PayPal account, it is flagged as limited or restricted, and if you try registering as a minor, you will automatically be banned permanently.

Creating a fake PayPal account is illegal because you are providing false information. It is thus taken as fraud, and based on the user agreement, the account will likely be terminated or suspended. To some extent, defrauding a fake account is a criminal offense.


PayPal is a famous online payment service that sends and receives payments. However, PayPal restricts minors under 18 from using the services. However, from the above article, we have seen how to sign up for a PayPal account, the alternative methods for minors, and how to go about it with parental or guardian approval to obtain and manage your account under supervision. The above financial methods are also perfect for online transactions.

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