How to Cancel a Walmart Order? (Strategies and Advice)

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Are you unsure, or have you changed your mind about the Walmart order? Then, learn through our research and explore the guidelines for canceling Walmart orders. Master quick, easy refund procedures for hassle-free returns.

If you prefer online shopping, ensure guaranteed flexibility and convenience. Customers are allowed to explore the product collection from their comfort. There are multiple online stores, but few surpass the power of Walmart.

However, when shopping, you will likely change your mind for reasons. You are here to learn how to cancel the Walmart order. No more fear, regardless of the situation.

Thus, this article will share detailed options, methods, and tips on canceling Walmart orders. Please read our article, which has tips on successfully revoking the Walmart order and many more.

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Can You Cancel the Walmart Order?

Yes, customers have the flexibility to cancel their Walmart orders and modify their shopping lists. It's important to note that initiating these changes requires contacting the Walmart customer support team first.

Despite this, editing your Walmart order is easy and offers multiple choices. This guide will simplify the cancellation process with clear steps. Let's explore how to cancel your Walmart order. 

How to Cancel a Walmart Order?

Cancelling a Walmart order is straightforward, but the following procedure applies only to orders that are currently in the processing stage. If your order meets this criterion, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Walmart website, login to the account, and head to the top right-hand corner to locate the account icon.

Step 2: After that, tap on the track order.

Step 3: Then, the site will prompt you to provide the order number and enter the email address. The order number is found in the confirmation mail.

Step 4: On the menu, you can choose the particular item or the order you want to get it removed, then tap on cancel.

Step 5: Once your order has been canceled effectively, the company will send you a confirmation mail to justify the process.

Remember that you can only cancel the Walmart order if it has not been shipped; you must contact the support team to complete the process. If the order has already been shipped, we recommend reading more about the Walmart return policy.

Therefore, when you cannot see the cancel option on the menu, you must understand that the package is already packed, ready for shipment, or in transit. For such scenarios, contact the support team and seek a way out. If you don't have the order number, you can select the purchase history and the order based on which you want to cancel.

How to Cancel a Walmart Order via the Shopping and Grocery App?

Besides shopping at the Walmart website, you can still download third-party apps, such as the Walmart shopping and grocery app. The app is available through the App Store and the Play Store. With the app, you can get the item aisle and scan all the in-store items with guaranteed access to real-time updates concerning all your orders.

When canceling the Walmart order from the Walmart shopping and grocery app, the procedures are similar to those used in the browser. Here is all you need to follow:

Step 1: Launch the Walmart app on your device and log into the account. Navigate to the next step by clicking on the Profile menu and tapping the Account menu.

Step 2: Navigate to your 'Purchase History' to view a record of all your past transactions. This is where you'll find the order you wish to cancel.

Step 3:  Within the Purchase History, select the 'Pickup and Delivery' option to locate the specific order you want to cancel.

Step 4: Afterward, locate the cancel option if it is on the menu and tap on it.

Step 6: If the order is still eligible for cancellation, you should see an option to 'Request Cancellation' or a similar button. Tap on this to initiate the cancellation process. If you don't see this option, the order may already be too far along in the process to cancel.

Step 7: Follow any additional prompts to confirm the cancellation of your order. You should receive a confirmation notification or email once the cancellation has been processed.

Please note that the ability to cancel an order is time-sensitive. Walmart typically allows cancellations within a short window after the order has been placed. If you miss this window, you may need to wait until the order arrives and then return it according to Walmart's return policy.

What to Do When Unable to Cancel a Walmart Order?

If you are unable to cancel a Walmart order because it's too far along in the process or has already been shipped, you have a few options:

Note that when ordering with Walmart pick-up, once the store processes your order, they often email the customer. However, when you are running late, consider visiting the store during the working hours. You may pick up the package. Before visiting them, it is advisable to give them a call.

When returning the unwanted order, you can print the shipping label and return it via UPS or opt for a receipt and return it online and to the store.

How to Edit Walmart Order?

There also comes a time when you want to remove or add a particular item to your Walmart order without canceling the whole package. Therefore, Walmart allows you to make changes to the order, such as adding, removing items, rescheduling, or changing the pick-up location and time.

As long as the order is still at the processing stage, customers can easily increase, add the quantities, disallow, allow the substitutions, and add or remove items without issues. Thus, if you want to edit the Walmart order, follow the below procedure:-

Step 1: First, navigate to the Walmart website, launch the wallet app, and log into your account.

Step 2: Click on the account and proceed by selecting the purchase history

Step 3: On the resulting menu, once you locate the order, tap on edit items from the menu

Step 4: At this point, you can make any changes you want. Such changes include rescheduling delivery, changing pick-up locations, and many more.

When you want to reschedule the Walmart order, the procedure is just the same, but once you reach the purchase history, you need to locate the order you wish to reschedule and click on the view details.

On the menu, choose reschedule. But keep in mind that customers can only reschedule the order once. You Can make changes for any order totaling a threshold of $35 and above. Any changes to the order totaling below $35 are charged a slight fee.

Still, if there are delivery delays after rescheduling, you will have a notification that alerts you to edit the delivery order once again and edit it to the pick-up order. You will have a pick-up slot that only accounts for a maximum of 24 hours. If you pick up your order, Walmart promises to refund the shipping charges and give you an extra tip.

Circumstances Under Which Walmart Cancels Orders

Occasionally, Walmart may cancel your order without your request. Here are some common reasons why Walmart might cancel your order without providing specific explanations:

Tips and Hacks to Make a Successful Walmart Order Cancellation

Read the below tips and upgrade your Walmart experience. Make your Walmart order cancellation process seamless.


Canceling Walmart orders is a very simple process. Read the above article and grasp a few guidelines. However, Walmart order cancellation comes with a condition. You must quickly cancel the order and review the confirmation email to ensure the process is successful. However, when the cut-off time elapses, you must contact the Walmart support team for assistance in canceling your order. Refer to the above tips for a seamless Walmart shopping experience.

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