How to Avoid Chinese Sellers on Amazon (Our 6-Step Process)

Ronald M. Bieber

Navigating Amazon is already tricky and challenging. However, if you want to shop locally then you need to be extra careful and attentive. For example, not many realize that over 40 percent of Amazon's Sellers are based in China.

However, if you want to avoid sellers in China then you need to be prepared. Also, don’t be deterred or bothered to buy what you want. In China, people have boycotted American brands, but this is nowhere as extreme. This is just showing your preference

Learn how to spot sellers and avoid any problems. After all, you want to get what you want on Amazon. Knowing what you want is more than half the challenge on Amazon. But, knowing where your merchandise is coming from is a massive priority.

Many Amazon sellers are starting and joining China’s retail market just passed the US in 2019. During the trade war, Chinese consumers did boycott US brands.

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Chinese Amazon Sellers

There are many products sold by private label sellers, which originate from China. Many retail and online companies on Amazon are based in China. And these companies sell directly on Amazon.

As well, here are some statistics to know about Chinese sellers on Amazon below:

What are Third Party Sellers?

Amazon may use 3rd party sellers in the marketplace to sell directly to shoppers. But, how is that different from another type of seller?

Well, first and foremost, Third-party sellers are unique because they manage and process customer service for orders shipped directly. This may be different if the product is eligible for Amazon Prime.

Their items are displayed as “Sold by merchant and Fulfilled by Amazon / Fulfilled by merchant”. This is the way to distinguish third-party sellers of Amazon products from the inventory of other sellers on Amazon.

Helpful Tips to Avoiding Sellers

1. Get to Know Who’s Selling The Product:

Knowing your buyer is more than half the battle when it comes to Amazon. Third-party sellers often use sites like Amazon to unload merchandise and products. Basically, these sellers would sell their surplus inventory to try and find a bigger market and audience.

To avoid sellers in China you need to know your seller. It does not mean you don’t trust the sellers or think they are selling fake products, but it comes down to preference. However, do be aware that counterfeit items and products may more likely come from certain foreign sellers.

When you know who is selling the product then things will be better known about the point of origin of the product. For example, you may even have to check the business websites of the company from company web sites and search engine sleuthing.

2. Check Delivery Estimates on your Order and Pick a Faster Delivery Time:

A long delivery date or potential forecasted delay is suspicious with Amazon orders. Why? It may indicate that the seller is not in the USA or anywhere near you. Often enough a simple way to avoid products from China is by looking and analyzing delivery estimates.

Anything shipped directly from China will not have a firm delivery timeframe or date. So,  looking at the delivery estimates for example that may claim, “three plus  weeks,” is most likely not domestic. This type of delivery timeframe will point to anything coming from China.

In summary, any potential buyer needs to be very focused on the delivery and shipment times. This factor is important with genuine Amazon supplied, or Amazon prime products. Chinese sellers will often try to give themselves the freedom to have a long ordering time. In conclusion, you need to make sure to know how you ship things when you are ordering. Also, remember it is worth paying extra on Amazon Prime to shorten delivery times to guarantee products have to arrive at a shorter time. This last step will make it hard for you to receive products coming from China because the delivery time has to be expedited and faster than usual.

3. Always order items shipped and sold by Amazon:

One of the few surefire ways to avoid problems mostly if almost the whole time with Amazon. Why? This is not a way that is 100% immune from avoiding products from China, but you will have a higher chance of getting products shipped domestically.

Make sure to order products that ship from and are sold by If Amazon sells the product then it is valid and usually shipped domestically. Remember, this method of delivery and shopping is not fail safe but close to guaranteed.

4. Try to not buy Amazon products that are discounted or really cheap:

Buying less expensive items on Amazon does tend to lead more to the chance of being sold items from China. The savings may be tempting as you can see during Black Friday, for example. But, take the time to order and ship products for more money for better quality. 

Many times you get what you pay for with slower delivery times and less quality items.

5. Use Prime and Restrict searches to be sold by Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon:

When you do any searches on Amazon, modify and filter your results. All in all, this step is a continuation of tip #3. This step is relevant because any and all products are only more likely to be local than Chinese if they are available on Prime.

 If you have Prime, then make sure to pick the shortest shopping time. This short shipping time will guarantee a local product that works. Overall, with Prime these products can only be delivered from a domestic Amazon warehouse.

All in all, Amazon has a reputation and policy to protect the integrity of the site. The Amazon store, including product authenticity, is a big part of the appeal and quality that Amazon wants to show. Also, real reviews from products really ordered from customers are what is needed. In general, Amazon is committed to having products that meet the expectations of our customers.

6. Use Advanced Search Option for filtering search results:

Utilize the advanced search feature on Amazon and pick and choose products that specify locations to your preference. For example, you can set a Location only to items that are in the United States. When this happens then you are able to have more faith in the product being local and more quality-driven. Always beware of cheap prices on Amazon or deals that seem "too good to be true." Basically, you may still get outright lies from sellers who claim they are in the USA/Canada but elsewhere. This problem will be difficult to avoid until there is more intervention. Why? Because Some Chinese sellers mislead about their “Item Location" choice when they are listing and selling items.

If the Amazon seller or company is unknown then do a lot of research or avoid it.

If you have never heard of the company, do a quick internet search. Doing a simple and fast search of the product or model name before you buy anything on Amazon will provide you more background and company location information.

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