How Long Does an Amazon Background Check Take in 2022

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Amazon background checks are an essential part of the hiring process hiring employees. But how does Amazon background check take? Let’s find out…..

Amazon has been a company that has led the way in the e-commerce industry for years. Their success is mainly due to their ability to be innovative and forward-thinking, which can be seen in their approach to hiring employees. If you're looking for a job at Amazon, you'll need to go through an extensive background check process that may take quite some time. In this post, we’ll delve more into this subject matter. Keep reading for more.

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How Long Does an Amazon Background Check Take in 2022?

Amazon has been working to increase the speed of its background checks for Flex delivery drivers, but the process can still take days.

In 2022, Amazon employees who want to drive for its Flex delivery program are sourced out to a third-party company that conducts the background check, which can take two to five days to complete. That company is responsible for finding and reporting any criminal activity or driving infractions in the previous seven years.

The whole process can take as many as ten days or longer to complete. After five days, potential applicants should reach out to Amazon Flex support if they haven't heard from the third-party company by then.

What Does an Amazon Background Check Entail?

When you're a delivery driver at Amazon, there's a lot on the line. You're driving around valuable packages and products, and you have to ensure they get where they need to go. Nowadays, Amazon is outsourcing its background checks to get Accurate Background. This company does not just look at these five things; it goes back seven years into your history.

Amazon's background check process is comprehensive, and it includes several different components. These include:

If you've been arrested but not convicted, this will show up on your report. If you have been convicted, it will indicate that as well. Since this information is a public record, it may be challenging to obtain if your conviction was many years ago.

The Work History section of your background check will include information about previous jobs held by the applicant. It consists of the location of the job, how long they worked there, and what their responsibilities were. It can help determine whether or not they have been able to maintain stable employment in the past.

The Education History section of your background check will include any degrees earned by the applicant and any schools attended. It can help you determine if they are qualified to do the work required at your company.

The Credit History section of your background check will include any credit cards or loans they have opened in the past few years. It may also include information about bankruptcies or judgments against them from previous employers if these were issued due to unpaid wages from those employers). The Credit History section can help you determine whether or not someone has a history of financial irresponsibility

Amazon's background check includes a drug test. They want to make sure that the candidate can perform at the best of their ability while on the job and that they are not using any substances that would hinder their performance.

The investigator may also contact previous employers to learn more about why a candidate left their job or what kind of employee they were. In some cases, an investigator may contact relatives or friends who know the candidate well enough to give an honest reference regarding their character traits such as honesty or reliability.

How to Check the Status of Your Amazon Background Check?

If you've been waiting for your background check to be complete, it's easy to wonder if something is wrong. Wait at least five days from the start of the background check, and then recheck your account. If your status is still pending, you can give Amazon a call and ask why the process is taking so long. Sometimes, the applicants themselves can hold up completing the background check process by not providing all the necessary information or failing to respond when asked for an update.

Why Is My Amazon Background Check Taking So Long?

If you're wondering why your Amazon background check takes so long, there could be a few different reasons.

If you're concerned about the length of time it's taking, contact Amazon, and they'll be able to let you know what's going on with your background check.

Does Amazon Flex Hire Felons?

Amazon Flex doesn't hire felons. Amazon Flex isn't going to hire anyone with a history of theft, reckless driving, or assault. These crimes indicate that an individual lacks respect for others and cannot follow instructions from their superiors.

Does Amazon Flex Conduct Drug Tests?

Amazon Flex does conduct drug tests. The company conducts drug tests on all drivers and delivery partners who are new to the platform and those who have been driving with Amazon Flex for more than six months. It is a requirement of their partnership agreement with Amazon, so it's not optional.

Does Amazon Conduct a Credit Check?

Amazon does perform a credit check. The company will look into your financial history when you make a job application. Therefore, they must have your permission to look into your financial history, and they will not proceed without that.

Requirements to Be an Amazon Driver

If you want to become a delivery person for Amazon, there are some requirements you must meet. The most important ones are:

Bottom line

Amazon background check takes about five days, but they can take much longer. The company hires thousands of new employees every year, so there is a lot of demand for background checks. Amazon has a fantastic reputation for employee satisfaction, so you'll want to make sure you're ready to hit the ground running once you get hired.

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