Honeylove Review 2023: *Pros and Cons* Doe It Really Good to Buy?

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Honeylove a classic shape-wear brand for women to enjoy comfort, style, and feminine shape maintenance. Are you sure you don't want to see what other people say before buying it?

Women are often concerned about the shape of their bodies as it gives them confidence all the time. They can easily go out of shape due to many reasons such as childbirth, adding weight, and others. However, trying to get back to shape using quality shapewear products can be difficult because you need to use the right ones to achieve your goal.

Honeylove shape-wear is a brand that specializes in producing under-wears, bras, etc to enhance the shape of women who need it. Their innovative idea has made a lot of women get back in shape. If you have been looking for a nice brand to try out to enhance your feminine body shape, then you should read this review on Honeylove shape-wear as it aims to explain everything you need to know about the brand. Continue reading this review to get full knowledge of this company.

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Honeylove Shape-Wear Review

Honeylove is a company that specializes in the production of shape-wear products for women. They produce bras, underwear, and camis. These wears are aimed to enhance the shape of women which gives them the confidence to accept the unique feminine shape. They also produce thongs, shorts, briefs, capris, etc. This company was founded in 2016 by singer and songwriter Betsie Larkin.

Since then, this company has developed a lot of prototypes amounting to 200. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California but manufactures these wears in China. This company has also helped in creating and boosting the confidence of women through its shape-wear products.

This review will explain why we like using the Honeylove shape-wear products. It aims to explain what customers are saying about this product, the brand, and its collection. It also aims to highlight some best seller products. This will enable me to know if it is worth it or not.

Honeylove Pros

Honeylove Cons

Why We Like Honeylove Shape-Wear

Sculpted Wear

Among the best sellers of Honeylove, their sculpt wear ranks high. They are widely known for this product. For now, it is the most popular product that customers use and talk about. Some of the features of the sculpt wear are the shape, compress, and lift targeted areas. They make sure these designs are tested to ensure quality. You can get them in the form of capris, shorts, thongs, and briefs. When making it, they make sure you stay comfortable no matter what you wear.

Queen Briefs

This sculpt wear ensures compression while wearing it. It provides the needed shape for your stomach by smoothing it while you show off the curves of your body. There is an additional boost band that helps to lift your booty into a perfect shape. There are several nice colors like white, black, or tan. It cost around $107 for a pair. There is no fear of pant lines.

Superpower Short

This product superpower short deserves the name. It provides the same kind of support that the brief gives; however, it supports your thigh greatly. The way it is made, the unique paneling of this superpower short aims at your stomach with a very strong compression but does not compress it because it allows your free movement. It has a waistband with extra space which helps to achieve a nice seamless appearance under your cloth.

Superpower Thong

This product guarantees super compression innovation paired with comfort and style. However, it even goes beyond that, it is designed to be compatible with short dresses and shorts. It is a great benefit. There is no form of pant lines when wearing the superpower thing. You can get this at $101 with two colors available.

Customers Reviews

You might be thinking if Honeylove is a good brand to buy from. This customer review aims at revealing the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of customers after using this brand. I went on several websites to get credible testimonies about this brand. On the Honeylove official website, I found a lot of positive remarks about their product. However, this alone cannot fully reveal the exact thing people are saying about this brand. I went further to source for a credible review website.

Trust Pilot came out as my top website for this review. On TrustPilot, there is a 4.3 rating where people made positive remarks about the products. There were more positive testimonies than negative testimonies. Most customers praised the customer service, the comfort of the products, and how they achieved successful results using the products.

I love the products. Before now, I didn't really like using shape-wear. However, Honeylove products don’t feel like the usual shape-wear available in the market. It is more comfortable. It is just like having a second skin when you put it on. I am pregnant now but it fits me so well.

Where to Buy Honeylove

To enjoy a nice price and other benefits it is best to buy on the official website. You can get Honeylove shape-wears on Amazon but there is no guarantee and may not include genuine products.

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Is Honeylove Shape-Wear Worth It?

After I spent quality time making research on this brand, there is this question to be answered concerning the worth of this brand. Is the brand worth the praise it gets? This is a question you need to be sure of before you decide to purchase from a brand.

Having positive remarks, reviews, testimonies from a different website is a good factor to know how genuine this brand is. However, if the positive review is not enough, then its accreditation by Better Business Bureau should be able to convince you. The brand supports international shipping, this ensures people around benefit from the products.

On the website, you can take a size quiz so that you will know the exact size you need. This helps to eliminate unwanted purchases, mistake in picking the right size you need. However, the products are pricier than the regular brands, but you stand a chance to enjoy high-quality material, innovative designs, comfort, and a wide range of sizes to select from. With this, I will recommend Honeylove shape-wear is a good brand that is worth your purchase.

Honeylove Discount

You can enjoy the following when you shop with Honeylove on their official website

Honeylove Contact

If you have a question beyond this review, you can get in touch with Honeylove through the following


Q. How long does it take to ship my order?

For orders within the United States of America, it will take between 5-9 days to ship, while outside the US, it will take between 8-14 days to ship. Express and priority shipping are available.

Q. Please what is the return policy of Honeylove?

Honeylove has a 30-day return policy which is free. If you want to return the product, you can do it without being questioned if it is still packaged when received untouched. It also covers return shipping.

Q. Do they have a secure payment method?

Yes, their payment methods are all secured and they have several ways of paying for your order. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Paypal, and Shop Pay for installment payment.

Q. Can I edit my order or change it?

Make sure you contact their fulfillment team when you want to edit or make a change before your order ships. Honeylove can guarantee assistance before it is being shipped. You can contact them via text by sending a message to 27883 or calling +1-855-740-8229


Wearing a shape-wear garment should not just aim at keeping you in shape, it should be comfortable and stylish too. Honeylove's mission is to embolden women of different shapes and sizes through their high-quality shape-wear and clothing. they aim to improve the confidence of women. This review will enable you to make your decision.    

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