Grown Alchemist Review: *Pros and Cons* Are They Worth a Hype or Investment?

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Is the Grown Alchemist brand worth a hype or investment? If you want to give it a try for cosmetic products, read our detailed review and make informed decisions before committing to the Grown Alchemist beauty brand.

For the last few years, the transformation of the natural beauty industry has been remarkably tremendous. If you take time to reflect, then for the past decade, it was just a fraction of comparison. It becomes challenging to explore the philosophy, especially with the inception of fresh vegan ingredients and a new diet in the skincare and beauty regimen.

There has been a rise in cosmetic brands taking the natural approach to the sector. Since we are here to help you locate reliable and effective cosmetic brands, we aim to review every trending brand for you to make the right choice.

Through this Grown Alchemist review, we will investigate the company history,  the best sellers, available promotions, contact details, other retailers selling their products, and customer ratings. Before jumping to an honest conclusion, let us start with the overview.

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Grown Alchemist Review

Grown Alchemist is a cosmetic brand heavily based on the science and power of technology in formulating their products. The company confirms that they carry out research and do extensive tests for the efficiency of the products via numerous fields. Among these tests performed are genetics, medicine, nutrition, and dermatology.

Grown Alchemist skincare products are not only cruelty-free but also natural and vegan. Regarding its social media platform, the company has gathered formidable audiences like its Instagram and Facebook pages. Still, due to their reputation, they have been featured in publications like InStyle, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, etc., for the newbie.

The above sounds like a simple hype, but is it worth the investment? We will answer that later. The company was founded by two brothers, Keston and Jeremy Muijis, who decided it was time to explore and change their careers. When conducting lab tests, these duos made a groundbreaking and serendipitous discovery from their target client—discovered the power of natural ingredients in enhancing the skin through the condition with continuous utilization.

They decided to transform the  'Eureka,' establishing an opportunity for the business. Hence, the brand was established in 1999 when its first headquarters was in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, the company has made its brand name by formulating tried and tested products. The brand Nutricosmetic utilizes the active and best ingredients through the manufacturer of the products.

The company has numerous power teams of researchers and experts worldwide, including Australia, Switzerland, France, and Spain. In operation, Many celebrities have endorsed the company with the likes of Alexander Wang, etc.

They also claim that skin scientists and nutritionists design their products to create these holistic, natural, and unique cosmetic systems that blend ingestible and topical skin care unified answers. Well, we have seen multiple benefits as well as drawbacks of the company. While we intend to jump to the best sellers, we also want to mention the pros and cons of the Grown Alchemist company.

Grown Alchemist Pros:

Grown Alchemist Cons:

Why We Like Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is available to take care of the science aspects. The firm features an extensive collection of cosmetic products, including skincare, haircare, and body care. On top of the individual products, the company also has the auto-delivery option or subscription for the guaranteed delivery of the products to your doorstep.

The company has established a name through its profound anti-aging formulation and nutricosmetics, full of lab-produced cleansers, creams, masks, exfoliants, and different skin treatment products. The company gives you every reason to smile, and if you are a newbie stranded on where to start, we have you covered through the bestseller lists.

Additionally, they have detailed skin analysis quizzes that aim to help customers locate highly effective products based on their condition. Even on the website, they have the last chance to shop for offers, gifts, etc. Let us go straight to the top of the list of the best sellers in each category.

The Grown Alchemist Best-Selling Skincare Products

The site has an extensive collection of skin care products. They aim to help customers achieve suitable skin by tackling all the dry spots while enhancing the texture through plant-powered products.

The first product in this line is Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser (100ml). This cleanser can remove all the makeup impurities, daily grime, and other dirt. The natural mineral blended with niacinamide helps refine your skin, enhance the tone and appearance, and make it look supple. This cleanser's result is not just cleansed but also supple and purified skin to keep you comfortable while you wait for the next skincare routine step. They also have the Afterpay payment option on their website.

Regenerating Night Cream (40ml) comes second on the list. This cream uses a blend of violet leaf extract and neuro-peptide. It is famous for its power in moisturizing, nourishing, and ability to fight wrinkles. The cream guarantees intense overnight treatment and reduces aging signs and age spots. The night cream also features vitamin E, and the non-comedogenic grapeseed oil is an antioxidant. 

The other popular skincare product is Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser (200mL). Besides rosebud, it is also made with Bergamot and a Geranium leaf blend. Though gentle, as the name suggests, it is an effective face cleanser. It gives you a jumpstarting key to restoring your skin and is ideal for laying the foundation for radiant skin.

It is well known for optimizing the skin's functionality and activating future products. This helps you calm and soothe the skin. It fights blackhead formation and acne through natural ingredients, which have proven performance, as the feedback confirms since the 2022 user trial. 

The company also offers Instant Smoothing Hyaluronic Acid Serum (25ml). This serum is made using triple-weight hyaluronic acid. It combines the plant-derived low, medium, and high-weight haul; Ronan molecules can sink into your skin. It is recommended to incorporate it into your daily skincare routine; with consistency, you will be able to enjoy the benefits. Among the results are a stronger skin barrier, instant plumbing, visibly healthy skin, and strengthened walls with a smooth appearance. The serum has indicated a high-performance level among users.

When it comes to gel, the company features the famous Blemish Treatment Gel (15mL). This gel is effective in burnishing all the blemishes while enhancing a clearer as well as calmer skin. It is also made using plant-derived ingredients from Boswellia blended with Salicylic acid.

It effectively treats breakouts and is ideal for revitalizing skin complexion and getting healthier skin. It is a simple 2-in-1 formulation; hence, it guarantees immediate relief daily while refining the pure appearance. The white willow bark combined with the frankincense facilitates cell turnover, tightening pores, and balancing skin.

The last product we want to insist on is an Anti-Pollution Primer (50mL). It's also among the best sellers featuring the pore refiner with adaptogens. This primer is lightweight, practical for smoothing skin, and silicon-free. When you glide on your skin, it instantly helps blur the pores and mattify the appearance. Adaptogens feature numerous elements professionally proven for strengthening the skin barrier and fighting skin dehydration.

The Grown Alchemist Best-Selling Haircare  Products

Grown Alchemist still pays much attention through their haircare product line. The products include nourishing, volumizing, strengthening, color protection, anti-frizz, leave-in, and detox. All these targets take your beauty to another level.

The first product on the list is Nourishing Shampoo 0.6-200mL. Shampoo is silicone-free and can nourish hair to help you achieve buoyancy, healthy and beautiful hair that is shiny and strong. The vegan formulation uses natural ingredients and blends extracts like bush tomato, sage, black pepper, and Damask Rose. These combinations can revitalize and cleanse your hair for less dirt as well as build-ups. The triple surfactant is powerful and super gentle and also exfoliates the scalp. 

Second is Nourishing - Conditioner 0.6-200mL. This conditioner is one of a kind and made with a blend of Lavender stem, Damask Rose, and Chamomile. Unlike silicon-based conditioners, this is your daily requirement for healthier skin, buoyancy, and beauty.

This vegan product does not contain harmful ingredients but comes with the signature scalp-invigorating and strand-protecting power, which combines extra sage and myrtle. You get simple hair, revitalized, resilient, and shiny hair. These guys recommend that the newbies start with less pea size to mid-shaft with the uplifting scents. 

Up next, we have Anti-Frizz - Conditioner 0.5 (500mL). This conditioner combines the ingredients sourced from the Abyssinian oil, Ginger 02, and Behenic Acid C22. It is well known for its fast-absorbing formulation and light nature. It can thus eliminate all the fly-away while ensuring your hair gets protection against heat styling damage.

The company aims to ensure customers enjoy the silky smooth, shiny finish and natural hair. It also provides your hair with the essential and primary nutrients to facilitate the hair follicle. On top of that, it can also strengthen, soften, detoxify, protect, and detangle the hair.

We also want to mention many more skincare and hair care products, but we are cut off because of time. The company also offers handcare and body care products, which you can confirm from their website. For the ideal gifting package, they have everything for you. If you prefer vegan brands, here comes your perfect choice for a beauty routine.

Customer Review

To this point, Grown Alchemist has received positive customer feedback. There are different external sites featuring reviews of the products. From the Thing Testsing, the company scores 3.3 stars, which are obtained from 12 reviews. Customers show their extreme satisfaction while few highlight the disappointments using these cosmetic products. On the Byrdie website, the author explores the company listing their best-selling products.

Its robust reputation comes from its science-backed formulation and impressive chic packaging. Heading to Amazon, the firm still scored well. Focusing on the Gentle gel facial cleanser, the product gets a 4.7-star rating, where 82% give it five stars from 327 global feedbacks. Praises cover aspects like the refreshing nature and impressive results with consistent use.

From the Adore Beauty, the editor of the blog shares an honest experience using these soothing serums. Considering the quick recap, it indicates the satisfaction level using natural products. Here is the verdict statement from the author:-

"Grown Alchemist is a natural skincare company that specializes in skin biology. They focus on studies and science to develop revolutionary skin & body products that use natural active ingredients to boost skin cell health."

Ohnmyskin also gives a deeper perspective on the Facial kit, highlighting every product perfect for incorporating into your skincare routine. Glamorable then summarizes our testimonies with an in-depth review of the company from its history, through the author's experience, ingredients, pros, and the weaknesses she encountered in the practical sessions.

The bottom line is that this plant-based brand deserves the spotlight in the market. In your free time, you can also review the feedback on Cottage Living and the official website beneath each best-selling product.

Generally, the company has received mixed testimonies. Recommendations outshine the few highlighted drawbacks.

Where to Buy Grown Alchemist

There are many places you can purchase Grown Alchemist products. Based on the research findings, we encourage you to order from their official website,, and wait for the delivery. If otherwise, many retailers offer these cosmetic products from their online stores. some of the finding indicates that online retailers such as

Is Grown Alchemist Worth It?

Many people online have been asking if Grown Alchemist is worth a penny.  If you are a skin enthusiast, you will agree that  Grown Alchemist offers customers access to the most effective and challenging to-get formulations. You should check out Grown Alchemist for a seamless experience with guaranteed results. The brand's website features multiple beauty products, ranging from shampoo to cleansers and serums.

They aim to help you enhance your body and skin, hands, and general appearance. Each product features a nutricosmetic label, which indicates the company's transparency. You can explore and go through the ingredients list of each product with guaranteed access to the guidelines on how to use each product and maximize the outcome.

The company received numerous customer feedback about the team's dedication to serving the customers with detailed explanations and how-to guides on their website. We also appreciate their focus on using organic ingredients in their cosmetic products, making them easily identical to the competitors.

Even though these Grown Alchemist cosmetic products are expensive, they are worth it. These products are praised by many customers online, and the brand is generally worth trusting when it comes to making commitments and investments. It deserves five thumbs up.

Grown Alchemist Discounts

As a routine for our brand reviews, Grown Alchemist reviews will also pay attention to the promotions and discounts for the customers. The research indicates that many offers are going on on the website. This starts from the last chance sales.

However, the first thing the company gives customers when they sign up is that the newbies who register for the email listing get 15% off their first order from their website. Among the Happy New Year offers the company is currently giving customers free Les Minis Kit+ Tote on orders totaling $80+ while free Detox EYE-makeup remover for the odder, adding up to $126+, then lastly, an Age-Repair moisturizer for the order, adding to $175 and above.

Hurry, the offer ends soon. Additionally, the company offers free standard shipping to US-based customers, while international customers get free shipping when their orders total $75 and above. They also promise a Deluxe sample on every order you place on their website.

There are many more offers you can keep checking. Or you can sign up for updates and follow them on social media platforms for future promotions, updates, and giveaway services. Some products have Afterpay as an alternative payment method.

Grown Alchemist Contact

You should still address many more things about the Grown Alchemist brand. Thus, we have given you a summary of the above article. Hence, you can contact the Grown Alchemist support team if you have questions or need a classification. The company has listed a few of the methods to use. Their website has shared their official number for urgent issues, which is 1-604-277-7887.

On the website, customers can also fill out the message form, submit it for review, and give feedback as soon as possible. Equally, you can use the inquiry email address to connect with the support team at and email them the question. They will respond as well. Lastly, we have also found that these guys are lively on social media platforms. You can follow them on their Instagram account, Facebook, TikTok etc.


Q. What does Grown Alchemist offer to the customers?

In the above article, we have seen that Grown Alchemist is a nutricosmetic brand that guarantees customers access to an extensive collection of cosmetic products from skincare to body and hair care. These are cleansers through the collection of chapstick and shampoos.

Q. Who is the owner of the Grown Alchemist company?

The company was founded by two brothers, Keston and Jeremy Muijis. It is these founders who are still the owners of the brand today. The company was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Grown Alchemist company?

The company offers free standard shipping for the customer based in the US regardless of the order totals. But international orders only qualify for free shipping for $75 and above. There are other shipping methods besides standard. Among the reliable approaches is the 2-day shipping that customers must incur costs. Once the company has processed the order, they send customer confirmation alongside the tracking information before putting orders in transit.

Q. What is the return policy of the Grown Alchemist company?

The brand has a friendly return policy. When you get issues with their products, understand you have up to 30 days to initiate the return process. However, to be accepted for the refund, it must remain in its original condition, unopened, to be considered eligible.

Under this policy, they don't have free return shipping as customers must incur the return shipping charges deducted from the refund, including the restocking costs. Initiating the return process is very simple. Just alert them through calls or emails, and they will happily provide you with directions for the next steps.


Grown Alchemist is a famous nutricosmetic brand that relies heavily on organic, clan, and natural ingredients to formulate cosmetic products. The company features an extensive collection of products, from the cleanser to the shampoo. Grown Alchemist has established its name due to their focus on blending clean and science-backed formulations with chic packaging; it targets minimalists.

This brand is the NY Fashion Week fave. We have explored the brand in detail, from the history to the best sellers, testimonies, and promotions. Grab these beauty products and enjoy multiple lucrative deals and samples on every order.

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