Foreo LUNA Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth the Hype?

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Are you considering revamping your bathroom products with high-end and luxury brands today? Try the Foreo Luna products for the messenger to skincare and transform your grooming routine. Let us find out if this company offers what they claim.

Once you mention beauty tech, many companies come to your mind. However, one or two companies always remain on your favorite list regarding bathroom and skin care products. Many firms out there are trying to revolutionize the grooming and skincare industry. Still, few focus on bringing the innovation that cuts across different categories, from home facials to microcurrent therapy.

With trending brands such as NuFace and Droplette, you will never fail to mention the Foreo LUNA. With their upgraded edition, we are intrigued to explore the brand and find out if they deliver as they claim from the website.

This indicates that our Foreo LUNA review will explore the company's history, best-selling products,  promotions, contact information, and where to purchase these items. Based on our experience and customer testimonials, we will evaluate if this brand is worth the investment. Without wasting much time, we are headed into the brand development history.

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Foreo LUNA Review

Foreo, in summary, is an online brand that provides customers with bathroom products. In the collection, the products range from messengers to skincare, manufactured to target transforming customers' grooming routine compared to the 5-star salon. The company has an extensive customer and audience base on the social media platform that gives it a robust online reputation.

What is propelling its marketing power is the revolutionary approach. Because of this, the company managed to feature in famous publications like NBC News, Forbes, Hello Magazine, etc. Still, multiple celebs have collaborated with it through affiliate programs. If you want to learn more about this brand, keep reading along. Foreo is a Swedish firm founded in 2013 with the target of incorporating innovative and advanced tech in the cosmetic industry.

As we are talking, the brand is managed by Filip Sedic as the CEO, which aims to make grooming as well as skincare more appealing and guarantee an indulgent experience. Still, they have established their award-winning product, facial cleansing scrub, alongside the Foreo ISSA 2 toothbrush. Considering the stats, the company has offered customers products worth over 3$36 million worldwide.

And in their premise, the company is powered by over 3000 workers struggling with its development to what it is today. Since its establishment, they have won numerous internet awards, including the Cosmopolitan Best face device in 2018 and the Elle Beauty Award of 2019.

From their website, they justify that they are a high brand targeting beauty lovers around the world and offering them effective products. And if yo8 are looking for a brand focused on tech, business, and integrity, Foreo is all you need. Therefore, as a summary, we have gathered some highlights on the pros and cons of the Foreo brand as classified here.

Foreo LUNA Pros:

Foreo LUNA Cons:

Why We Like Foreo LUNA

Most customers are going for dermatologists-approved skincare brands. Foreo also offers access to the perfect and approved products, including facial brushes. Most people online have ranked the brand for their effective performance, especially the LUNA exfoliating scrub.

The brand utilizes T-sonic technology, offering much-needed pulsations while digging out dirt and gunk. Some people have used these devices to calm the vibration sets as an anti-aging solution. And if you want to try these devices, we are about to go into finer details and analysis of the best-selling items.

Foreo LUNA is among the top contenders as the beauty tech is concerned. You can shake off all those build-ups and residues from your face. These devices are effective on your skin as they have passed the tests on effectiveness and credibility.

If you have sensitive skin, understand that many things reside in your face rent-free. Among them are blemishes, wrinkles as well as acne. With the Foreo LUNA devices, you can restore your skin complexion. The brand is here to serve you on your skincare rehabilitation journey, streamline and simplify everything.

The Best-Selling Foreo Skincare Products

If you have been using old-fashioned exfoliating gloves, this is the time to revamp your routine. The company has a wide selection of products covering the grooming as well as the skincare sector to give you a modern experience. Here are our favorite picks online.

Foreo UFO tops the list, and it is made to look like a flying saucer. Their smart mask devices are on the market to offer our extraordinary experience in skincare. The nifty devices use T-sonic pulsation to offer glowing skin complexion. The dives are also operated on smartphones, where you input the needed facial treatment through the central unit and lock.

Based on your area, the device can adapt to both hot and cold conditions because it features thermo-therapy settings while you can cool it down using the cryo-therapy mode. This is targeted to reduce puff and pores by absorbing. The tool has an integrated LED light therapy setting and rechargeable USB port alongside the Korean face mask.

The second, here comes Foreo LUNA 2. Kiss goodbye to your frequent sugar scrub or pumice stone. This Foreo LUNA 2 is simply an advanced face massager that has been upgraded. It also comes with advanced T-sonic pulsation hence capable of emitting a good skin tiny vibration.

Combat all the aging signs and the blemish appearance and refine your uneven skin tone with this Foreo LUNA 2. In design, the device is oval, featuring soft-curved bristles located at the tip and made using silicon. It thus works as a perfect exfoliant. To fight aging signs, use the anti-wrinkle mode; otherwise. First, apply the cleanser before operating the device for perfect results.

Foreo LUNA Mini 2 is ideal for a go-getter and jet-setter customer. The compactness and portability make them travel-friendly. The Foreo LUNA Mini 2 effectively sloughs dead cells and promotes circulation or rejuvenation due to the T-sonic pulsation and rejuvenation of soft silicon bristle. It is ranked as a hygienic exfoliant.

The list is long and proceeds with the Foreo LUNA 3, a facial massager aimed at helping to attain perfection and comes with direct improvement. This revamped device has 16 alternating speeds and unique extended battery durability. Besides soft texture, it also features longer bristles, acting as a game changer in fighting the nasty bits, dirt, pollutants, etc. If you have sensitive skin, then match it with a natural cleanser.

Foreo LUNA Mini 3, in other words, is well known as the skincare MVP. Though designed as a petite version, it does away with all those gunks, dirt, pus, etc. It also features the Nift glow boost mode to radiate and refresh the skin complexion within the shortest time possible.

Foreo LUNA Play is among this brand's more affordable skincare massager models. Their textured brittles and t-sonic pulsations are things you should not understate, even if the device has a compact size. The battery is durable, and the device is designed and powered for exfoliation featuring the 2-zone brush.

The last one is the Foreo LUNA play plus about the LUNA device. This device doesn't have whistles and bells. But it is made to help all skin types because of its intensity setting. Besides treating your skin and removing dead cells, it is also a perfect at-home massage tool to give you a relaxing state.

The second last on the list is Foreo ISSA 2. This is an ideal toothbrush designed as a significant upgrade when you want to have that pearly whites. In the package, you will also get the polymer tip, fine-toothed brittle as well as soft silicone exterior effective to work on removing all the build-ups. It can last for a year and ranks among eco-friendly skincare devices.

The last resort is Foreo LUNA Fofo. This is a skincare device with an ALexa version. It gives you access to an in-depth skin complexion analysis before you buy skincare products like serums, creams, etc. However, you can access the analysis on the phone; it gives you the stressor reaction, including the diet, water intake, climate, etc.

Customer Review

Foreo LUNA review also wanted to check customer ratings to evaluate if the brand is worth investment. From the results, we were amazed at what customers were saying online. This stats from their official site where there is a detailed blog analyzing the Fofo smart skincare devices.

The roundup gives a perfect testimony. On Refinery29, the blog editor introduces us to the fact that the company launched its latest LUNA and wishes to see if it is worth the cost. First impressions give us many reasons to trust the company for a high-quality device effective on any skin type.

The next place is the Cosmopolitan and the blog pays much attention to the LUNA 4 and its cleansing power. From experience, the author got real results and recommended adding these devices to your skincare regimen routine. Amazon  also gives us access to the LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush, which has a good rating of 4.4 stars after 1139 global ratings. Heading to the Byrdie website still has an impressive reputation as portrayed in the blog. The blog concludes by stating:-

"Overall, the Luna 4 has improved my skincare regimen significantly." It thoroughly cleans my skin at late hours, removing every trace of obstinate concealer and goopy SPF."

The same brand has been featured on the Marie Claire website, and the profound author is obsessed with the devices and ranks them as the MVP of her skincare regimen. You can also witness the same experience of customers using these award-winning facial cleansing devices on the Caveteur. The LUNA 4 version is the talk of the day here. Then Self summarizes our review complementing the power of these skincare devices being able to upgrade your skincare routine with the latest technology backed with science.

Though there are few red flags to expect using this brand's products in a skincare routine, the positive ratings are countless and worth trying.

Where to Buy Foreo LUNA

To this extent of our review, you are likely interested in buying Foreo LUNA devices. If you are unaware of the store, we are here to list reliable retail stores. We encourage you to shop from their official store at

They have extensive devices and other accessories on the site for you to select from. However, we also noted that their Foreo LUNA devices are available online. These are the retail stores that are approved to retail these products. They are not limited to:-

Is Foreo LUNA Worth It?

When it comes to the  LUNA device or skincare brand that utilizes the latest and trending technology, Foreo LUNA is worth it. We are delighted to arrive at such a conclusion. We have a reason for changing your mentality if you are still confused. We recommend this brand because, based on our experience, we were so impressed with the extensive collection of beauty etch products with extremely advanced features.

As the above section shows, most customers have had impactful experiences and left multiple positive ratings online. And looking at the LUNA fofo model, everything remains firm as the customer can easily access the comprehensive analysis report, including the internal makeup of their custom skin. This is something unique in the cosmetic industry.

If you are into the industry to locate effective or relevant skincare products like creams and lotions, this is a no-brainer brand to try. To some level, they offer you a customized dermatologist, which is simple to access even with your mobile application.

However, few customers have complained about the expensive pricing, which is obvious for high-end brands like this. But generally, most customers appreciate the brand online and conclude that their products are worth the money. Give T-sonic tech a try if you have been struggling with locating effective skincare products for any skin.

Foreo LUNA Discounts

Foreo LUNA review also wanted to know if the company offers customers an option to save regarding promotions and discounts. The research bore fruits, and here are some current offers on the website. They have student discounts of 17% off full-priced items for eligible customers; you can easily become a partner and earn bucks from sales. Currently, the brand offers discounted pricing on exclusive products, up to 50% off.

You can save more on the bundle purchase, join affiliates or become an education ambassador. Some of the Foreo LUNA devices come with a warranty. On top of that, the brand gives customers all orders which total $40 and above. The only promo code available is ADD10, which gives you 10% off on the purchase. You can sign up today and access these fantastic offers from your comfort.

Foreo LUNA Contact

If our review has not covered all you need, you must have a pending query to address us for clarification. Save your time and directly talk to the company technical team. The brand has a support team available to handle all challenges you have. Thus, in this review, we have dedicated this section to guide you with relevant means to connect the team. They have highlighted the phone number for any urgent support at +1 (844) 503-6062, but note that this service is operational from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

The second option is to mail them and address them to the team through And if you're keen, you can see the contact form on their website. Fill in your concerns and relevant information, then submit to support the team. Sure, they will reply to you as soon as possible. Their website also comes with a chat functionality for you to seek support. That is not all; their social media accounts are also lively. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and interact, get live updates, etc.


Q. Where are Foreo warehouses located?

In the above Foreo LUNA review, we have not been able to locate exactly from which location the company has the manufacturing facilities or where they ship from. Their warehouses are anonymous. However, we have seen that the company has a headquarter office based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Q. Are Foreo products effective in stimulating collagen?

Foreo offers targeted products. Thus, products are curated and formulated in the collection to stimulate collagen. Such include the Youth Junkie Face Mask. However, combining it with the UFO facial massager would be best to improve your treatment and see instant results.

Q. Can I use Foreo items on my neck every day?

We highly recommend devices like LUNA 3, which can easily decolletage. You can navigate through the website and get more instructions. And from the brand technical staff and experts, they also suggest that they use the Foreo device at least once daily. However, the frequency is determined by the kin type.

Q. Are Foeo products durable?

The answer to this question depends on the products you have. A good example is the LUNA play mode which is made to at least withstand pressure and can last for as far as 400 uses for optimal results.

Q. Does the Foreo brand offer devices with a warranty?

The company offers products with a warranty. However, you must first sign in to the account and activate it to be effective. After that, utilize the authenticity card number written beneath the registered product part from the profile. Then, you are done activating the warranty.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Foreo company?

Foreo clarifies that products are delivered free from the collection and shipping policy. This covers the offers under the current promotions on the website. The company's main carriers are UPS and DHL.; delivery time varies from 3 to 5 working days to get the package to your destination.

Immediately after they process your order, the brand sends you the confirmation alongside the tracking code, which helps you monitor the order. Also, note that Foreo offers international shipping though it is only available in a few selected countries worldwide.

Q. Does Foreo offer a return policy on their products?

Foreo mentions in its return policy that customers can return their products to the store, but it is only eligible within 14 days from the date of purchase. Although the window is limited, they only currently accept packages that have not been opened. Still, some of the selected items come with a warranty. Therefore, if you want more data on their return policy, click the link and head to their website. Learn more on how to initiate the return using the above contact methods.


The Foreo brand is a unique company that emphasizes the use of modern technology besides advanced formulation of the skincare routine. Therefore, we have analyzed the brand in this article, explored its best-selling products, and formed customer ratings. Coupled with our experience, we have seen that Foreo LUNA is worth the investment.

Try this brand if you want to restore your natural skin radiance with a supercharged device to help you feel strong, confident, and lifted. It offers a large collection of skincare products to cater to your needs. This is truly futuristic or incredible skincare technology in the industry to power your beauty goal. Give it a try and stand a chance to grab multiple lucrative deals.

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