11 Best Rum Brands in 2023: For Your Next Happy Hour

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Are you looking for the best rum brands to add to your bar cart? With all the rum brands available, we have listed some of the best brands you can use in options of sipping or mixing cocktails. You can choose what is perfect for your taste with the available types of rums, whether light, aged, spiced, or dark rums.

Are you seeking the best Rum brands that you can add to your Bar cart and enjoy yourself , with friends or family? So whenever you think of Rum, you may picture it with sweet tropical cocktails like Pina coladas, Hurricanes, and Mai Tais that are perfect for enjoying on the beach or any other cool environment. But that is not the case since rum is more versatile and has gained tremendous popularity.

When you do analysis through  market research, you will find out that the global rum market is valued at around $11 billion. This amount is a huge amount of money and it is programmed to grow at a rate of 5 percent annually until it reaches 2028. So with the statistics given about Rum, you need to be aware of the wide range of available rum varieties. If you are interested in exploring the world of Rum and adding it to your bar cart, reading this article will give you some of the best options for Rum.

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1. Havana club

If you are looking for a rum brand that has gained worldwide popularity, you must look at Havana Club. This rum is one of the best-selling Rums you can find out here globally, and what makes it popular is its excellent reputation from users. It was first started in 1943 by the Arechabala family. This brand stands out from other rums because its commitment to using the finest ingredients and the unique aging process is a significant advantage for them.

The combination results that are formed can also be offered to give exceptional flavors which are perfect for mixing cocktails that make users enjoy the brand. For  users who prefer a light-aged white rum, a smooth gold rum, or a rich and dark-aged rum, then Havana Club is the most suitable rum you can have as it offers all the options. If you are in the mood to take a rum, try to take Havana Club and taste its quality and diversity of flavors available so that you will be able to quench your thirst for a rum.


2. Mount Gay Rum Eclipse

If you are a rum lover and you are seeking a top-notch sipping experience, then Mount Gay is a fantastic choice for you. The Rum started way back in 1703, and its prestige title popularly known  as the oldest Rum is still used worldwide. The brand was first crafted in Barbados, where each bottle of Mount Gay consists of combined history, expert knowledge, and craft.

To ensure the Rum is producing quality work, we have master Blender Trudiann Brankse, who has approved any product that is associated with Mount Gay Name. The brand offers aromas combined between floral and fruity notes, resulting in a delightful blend of banana, apricot, and Vanilla.


3. Ron Zacapa

Whether you are a seasoned rum expert or a curious novice, the best choice rum you can have is the Ron Zacapa 23-Year Centenario. Its complex aromas and various flavors make many users eager to try it out. The bottle structure is a result of the mastery and richness that Ron Zacapa is known for, making it one of the best Rum for entire rum lovers.

When you use Ron Zacapa's 23-Year Centenario, prepare yourself to have a captivating experience. With the flavors in the Rum, you can find notes such as honeyed butterscotch, spiced fruit, and a host of subtle nuances. So if you want to experience the best enjoyment when using the ram, you need to sip it near or with a single large ice cube since it allows the flavors to unfold fully.


4. Ten-to-One Dark Rum

Don't deceive yourself when you think of the Ten to One Dark Rum backstory as a start-up instead of a regular rum brand. It is a genuine and authentic rum brand funded by Marc Farrell, the youngest VP of Starbucks back then when he was in Cambridge.

Marc had this passion of one day changing Rum's reputation, which inspired him to come up with Ten to One Rum. His ambition worked well when he  made Ten To One a serious and appreciated rum just because of the quality and craftsmanship, which was great.


5. Facundo

Regarding premium rums available, Facundos Paraiso XA  Premium can't miss the list, and it is unrivaled. This Rum offers users an incredible range of luxurious and high-end sipping rums that stand out from the rest of the rum brands. If you observe the design of the rums, you can agree with me they are captivating, especially for those who appreciate extra-aged spirits with a rich narrative origin available.

Therefore Facundo has tried to be apart from the rest brands because of their commitment to the process involved in production. So in the process, they ensure to use the finest sugarcane and take time to ensure fermentation and distillation to be done. From the Facundo collection, the best premium Rum is the Paraiso, just as the name suggests, 'paradise.'


6. Pyrat XO

Pyrat XO is more than just a rum. It has a beautifully crafted bottle, fantastic taste, and a dash of a pirate. You may ask yourself if the product is tasty. And the correct answer to that is yes. Pyrat XO delivers delightful and satisfying flavor profiles that can please the users of rums.

The Rum craft is captivating in that if you are at a party, for example, and you have that Rum, it will have everyone's attention who will admire the brand bottle. It is essential to know that this brand originated from Guyana, one of the wealthiest heritage regions that captures the essence of the Caribbean.


7. Don Q Cristal

If you are looking for the best Rum for Daiquiris, Don Q Cristal is the Rum you can look for. To expound on what a classic Daiquiri is, it is a type of cocktail many drinkers admire for its brightness and simplicity. You need lime juice, simple syrup, and quality white Rum to have this cocktail. For instance, if you get opinions out there, we have a consulting bartender, Pamela Wiznitzer, who gives more insights about this brand.

Her view about the brand is that Don Q Cristal is a fantastic choice in terms of value and stands out from the rest by being produced in one of the world's most sustainable distilleries. Therefore if you are in the mood for a classic Daiquiri that hits the spot, consider using Don Q Cristal, and you won't regret choosing it. It has a smoothness that comes along with subtle flavors, which creates a well-balanced and enjoyable cocktail.


8. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Whenever you see a rum with its iconic hula girl art, know it is a Sailor Jerry Spiced rum that makes it different from the rest. It is a better cocktail, this is because it has a higher proof of 92, which allows the rum flavors to shine through when mixed with other ingredients, Therefore to enhance your drinking experience and to add a spiced kick to your favorite cocktails, Sailor Jerry is the suitable Rum you can choose. You can have the chance to enjoy all the rich flavors of Sailor Jerry by trying it in your next cocktail.


9. Holmes Cay Barbados 2005

One of the best single barrels you can look for is the Holmes Cay, which clearly understands the single cask rums and highlights their Barbados 2005 bottling. When we talk about the rum aging process, the Rum is aged for almost 14 years in ex-bourbon barrels, with three of those years spent in the UK.

This aging process ensures the Rum is added depth and complexity to the spirit, making it one of the unique Rum. The Rum is presented at a cask strength which has a 64% ABV which makes it a high-proof, but surprisingly, this Rum is so smooth. You can experience a flavorful drinking experience from the captivating bled of spices, fruity notes, and hints of Vanilla.


10. The Real McCoy 12-Year Single Blended Rum

Another rum brand we can include is the Real McCoy 12-year Single Blended rum which has a 12-year-old aging period from  Barbados. Drinkers love this Rum because it is smooth and lush whenever you make every sip. And what you will notice first when having a sip is the taste of the drink, which has hints of bourbon, dried spice, and a delightful touch of banana.

One thing with McCoy's Rum is not all about the taste, but the experience you will get is a special one. You can picture yourself taking the Rum with single ice cubes immersed in it alongside having a fine cigar. What a beautiful pleasure to enjoy this Rum. So if you want a treasured moment while having a smooth and flavourful rum, then McCoy's is what you need to have.


11. Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is one of the known Rum and the third best-selling Rum globally. If you make statistics, you will learn like most drinkers have used captain morgan. When you use this Rum, you will have perfect options for crafting delectable rum cocktails. Whether you are a white or spiced Rum fan, Captain Morgan will still sort you out.

The white Rum comes with inspiration from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, while the spiced Rum boasts a secret blend of Caribbean rums and natural flavors. Additionally, the Rum has some varieties of flavors that can suit everyone's preferences. If you are a cocktail lover, captain morgan is the best choice rum to have, and it costs $16 and beyond.



Q. What is Rum made from?

The materials used to make Rum include molasses or sugarcane juice, yeast, and water. Additionally, there are options for adding other ingredients, such as coloring and sugar, to the spirit, or you can add different flavors before bottling.

Q. How many types of Rum are available?

Most rums are based depending on their country of origin, but you can categorize their types which include white Rum, dark Rum, spice rum, aged Rum, overproof Rum, and rhum Agricole.

Q. What is the smoothest Rum?

Ron Zacapa 23-Year Centenario is a highly refined rum known for its smoothness, aged for 23 years, and is from Guatemala. This Rum contains a delightful blend of complexity and richness, making it popular with users.

Q. What is the best Rum for the price?

If you are seeking a rum that has an affordable price, then Mount Gay Eclipse Rum is the best option for you. The Rum has a combination of floral and fruity notes, which as a result, bring out a unique and distinctive aroma of Vanilla, apricot, and banana.

Q. What cocktails can you make with Rum?

You can make various cocktails with the rums, and the most popular ones you can have are; Jungle Bird, Rum and Coke, Dr. Funk, Pina Colada, Mai Tai, and El Presidente.

Q. Where do the best rums come from?

One thing in common for regions producing Rum is that they are sugar cane-producing countries. Therefore the countries where you can get the best rums include the following: Barbados, the United States, Cuba, Jamaica, and Guatemala.

Q. Is Rum strong alcohol?

Yes, it is considered a potent alcoholic beverage that contains 40% alcohol by volume(ABV). So when you consume it, you will notice some strong effects if not taken under proper moderation. The Rum is so strong that it can reach up to 151 proof or 75 % ABV. So always exercise caution and responsibly consume Rum to avoid experiencing the intoxicating effects.

Q. How do you drink Rum?

There are a few popular methods you can use to drink Rum. One option is to savor it at room temperature allowing its distinct flours to shine through and make a sip. While another one is enjoying it over the rocks, pouring it over ice cubes can dilute its strength and provide you with a refreshing chill.


Numerous excellent rum brands are available in the market, each offering unique flavors, aging processes, and origins. The above Rum is considered the best brand of Rum you can try to use and have the best experience so far. So whenever you are looking for the perfect Rum for your cocktails, consider the rums above that suit your needs.

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