Does Walmart Sell Used Products? (Yes, Here Is What You Need to Know)

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Are financial restraints preventing you from purchasing your preferred items? Walmart is an indispensable shopping destination, but does the retail giant sells used items? Here, we will demonstrate how to buy and sell used products at Walmart.

Would you like to save or make extra cash from your old items? In case you didn’t know already, Walmart does sell used and refurbished items through the "Walmart Restored" program.

Walmart is a great place to sell things like video games, consoles, tablets, and smartphones with UPS addresses. However, note that Walmart has the right to take down any product listing that it thinks breaks its "Marketplace Prohibited Products Policy." That said, you need to figure out the exact used products you can buy or sell at Walmart.

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Is It Possible to Buy Used Clothing At Walmart?

Yes, Walmart has used clothes for both sexes and in all sizes. Customers looking for high-quality pre-owned clothing can find it at The best part is that Walmart recently began selling used clothing in collaboration with online resale retailers such as ThredUp.

At, there is something for everyone as it has built a good relationship with Champion, Nike, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Juicy Couture, DKNY, Coach, Michael Kors, and a slew of other high-end labels. Customers can now shop over 750,000 pre-owned things online for an average of $12.99 apiece.

Furthermore, Walmart's used clothing inventory is exceptionally affordable, with reductions ranging from $50 to $200 off the original price of designer items. Below are used products you can acquire from Walmart.

Can you Acquire a Used Cell phone at Walmart?

Yes, at Walmart, you can purchase a used phone from Samsung, Apple, Google, LG, Motorola, and Kyocera, among other brands. Also, has many cheap, refurbished phones to choose from. Refurbished mobile phones are much cheaper than new ones, and you can buy them online at Walmart.

Can You Buy Used Video Games at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart is a great place to find cheap used games on a tight budget. Walmart provides an extensive selection of pre-owned video games for systems such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Switch. and third-party vendors exclusively sell used video games. However, they may also be available at Walmart shops; therefore, you can try your luck. However, there's no assurance you'll locate the exact game you want.

Selling used items seems easy on Walmart, leaving most people with questions such as Can you Sell Used Clothes on Amazon? Here is what we found out.

Can You Sell Used Clothes on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon allows the sale of used clothing in its marketplace. However, Amazon ensures that the things in stock, new or used, are authentic, secure, and up to the customers' expectations. Because of this, there are limitations on what can be marketed as a used product on their platform. With the recent Amazon policy change, you may wonder how to sell your used clothing. Read on and learn about its listing process.

How to Sell Second-hand Clothes on Amazon?

The process is easy, but instead of making a new listing for a used product, you will probably add your offer under an existing "used" product listing. This process is the same as putting a new item on the online market. The only difference is that you have to say what condition the product is in. If an identical product is already listed on Amazon, even if it's only available in "new" condition, you can't list your used product. Now, let's see what else is for sale on Amazon that meets the "USED" criteria.

Which Products Can I Sell as Used on Amazon?

Amazon only allows certain categories of products to be listed as "used". This is to ensure that the products sold on its website, whether new or used, are safe, authentic, and meet customer expectations. Here is a list of what you can sell:

As you can see, there are many different Amazon categories in which you can sell pre-owned goods. Remember that the products you intend to sell must adhere to Amazon's standards for "used" items. Check out the rules we figured out below.

What Are the Guidelines for Selling Used Items on Amazon?

Before listing anything on Amazon, familiarize yourself with the "Used" categories, which include:

Used - Like New or Open Box: The item should be in functional and cosmetic condition with or without the factory protective wrapping. Make certain to include all required directions.

Used - Very Good:  Ranking your product in this category indicates that it has been used but is still in good condition and useful. However, little imperfections or scratches on the surface are permitted. The product may be repackaged as its original packing may be damaged. Ensure that any missing components are indicated.

Used - Good: The item could be damaged or repackaged but still totally functional. Scuff marks and other minor flaws on the item are accepted. Any missing hardware, packaging, or guidelines must be indicated.

Used - Acceptable: The product works but exhibits substantial indications of wear and tear; it may come in a different packaging if the original box is damaged. Scrapes, dents, worn-out edges, and other visible markings are signs of previous usage and wear. You might not get all components and resources you need or even the instructions.

Why would Amazon Deny you the chance to sell your used product? Read on and find out.

Conditions That Make Used Items Unacceptable on Amazon:

As much as used items can be resold on Amazon, here are reasons that your product might be declined:


Used and refurbished electronics, clothing, video games, and even cell phones can be purchased in-store and online at Walmart. However, if you violate any rule, Walmart will pull your product down. Nevertheless, as long as the item is in good shape and fits into one of Amazon's approved product categories, you can sell it as a used item on the site.

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