Does UPS Take Passport Photos? (Yes, This Is All You Need to Know)

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Are you planning to take passport photos at UPS and unsure if they offer the services? Here is all you need to know about the UPS Passport photo services and terms.

Regarding shipping needs and services, UPS is one reliable carrier that extends into financial services. UPS is more reliable than USPS. But when you think of the passport photo and the preparations involved, as a UPS customer, you might ask yourself if UPS takes a passport photo and what conditions to keep in mind.

The research was overwhelming, and we have compiled everything you need to know about the UPS passport photo service. Hence, without wasting time, let us delve into details covering the ins as well as ours as we explore the UPS passport photo services and tips to make the experience seamless.

We will start by answering the big question before anything else.

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Does UPS Take Passport Photos?

If you want to take a passport photo, the good news is that UPS is currently taking passport photos through their special UPS stores and online. However, remember that not all the UPS store locations provide passport photo services. You are advised first to make sure that you contact the support team or nearby UPS store to find out if they offer the services. The website here speaks volumes.

For a p[air of photos, UPS is currently charging around $12, and they will not need any other documents. But when applying for the UP, you must provide additional documents. Ideally, they take photos of appointments, which you can make through their website. This means no more waiting to get an agent to take you through.

There, if you are after learning more detailed information about the UPS passport photos, important tricks, hacks, pricing, and many other requirements, keep reading our article along. We will explore everything you need to know.

UPS Passport Photo Pricing

Ideally, you need to know that what we call brick-and-mortar locations today are typical UPS locations, which means they are UPS stores. There is a slight difference between the UPS location as well as UPS stores. While they are both affiliated,  the UPS store is a franchise business working alongside or closely with the normal UPS.

Therefore, every UPS store is owned and managed by an individual. These stores don't feature any standardization terms while offering services and pricing.

The same applies to passport photo services. Some specific UPS stores provide the passport photos service, while others do not. Thus, the pricing of the same services tends to vary based on the location.

With that in mind, we have generally agreed that most UPS stores charge an average of $12 to get a pair of passport photos.

Thus, the first thing to do when you want to get a UPS passport photo is to locate the UPS store that offers the services and one close to you. If you are stranded, head to the website here, and using your local Zip code, locate the nearest UPS store that offers passport photo services.

When you have located them and are sure that they offer passport photo services, you can plan to visit their website or individual site, visit them, or give them a call before the actual visit or appointment. Make sure that they offer these services in question.

Immediately, you are done finding the participating UPS stores; the next step is to book an appointment for the session to take the passport photos. If what we have shared is not enough, you can take your time and review the information on the UPS store and gauge what they say here.

Requirements for UPS Passport Photos

Before the actual session of taking passport photos at the UPS store, there are a few requirements you must keep in mind. However, you will not need to provide any documentation when you need the passport photo sent through email or electronically.

Otherwise, the customer who wishes to get the UPS passport photo submitted for the application via the UPS store must bring your government Identification photo, evidence of citizenship, or passport based on the requirements here. You don't have to provide all these for the first-time applicant. Besides the documentation, there are a few other things you must consider as well. Some of these are as outlined below:-

In summary, UPS stores always need you to wear business attire, have a high enough neckline on the shorts and dress, brush your hair behind the shoulder, and avoid those thick headbands. The passport agency typically rejects any uniform; they insist you avoid all costs by wearing solid white because it will likely wash you out.

You can still learn many more things about the USP passport photo services. Thus, keep reading and find out how long you must wait for the passport photo to be ready.

How to Take a UPS Passport Photo?

Understand that all the participating UPS stores aim to provide customers with a passport photo, meeting all the passport styles and conditions and complying with the US passport photo requirements.

Therefore, you can utilize the passport photo templates. Therefore, never worry about the background color or sizing in most cases. Before taking a USP photo, there are minimal requirements. First, you must photograph your passport at the right place. Avoid the incorrect postures and prohibited items as mentioned in the above section.

Going against either of the shared requirements disqualifies your passport photographs. Hence, understand all the primary qualifications.

UPS Passport Photo Printing Sizes

If you are unable to purchase that typical UP passport photo at $12, then you may be wondering about the other printing sizes the company offers.

Customers can select, prepare, and print the normal 4x6 inches tem[plate] passport from the website. Therefore, they also charge you the postcard fee, which ranges from 20 to 30 cents. Utilize your typical camera croppers to resize the passport to a 4x6-inch template using the 2 US passport photos.

When you finish the process, locate the printing spot and deliver it as quickly as possible. To this point, you will have the US passport photo printed and then attach it to the application. However, always remember that on your application, attach a US passport photo with the exact sizing, which is 2x2. Avoid using any other photo sizes to be on the safer side.

How Long Does the Customer Need to Wait for the UPS Passport Photo

With all the things we have covered in the above article, there comes a time when you become curious about how long the UPS takes to get the passport photo ready. The UPS stores passport photo taking should not give you challenges.

In most cases, the UPS stores take passport photos via appointment. You need to call the local store and book an appointment. During the sessions, customers cannot wait for more than 5 minutes. Just show up at the right time for instant assistance.

We have also noted that most available UPS stores are always busy. Even without making an appointment, the process is simple, transparent, and fast.

Also note that as long as the UPS store has taken your passport photo, the customer has two options to determine the wait time. First, you cannot get the photo electronically, which is delivered to you within 24 hours based on the company policy.

The second option is choosing to apply for a passport photo. This will take a 6-week wait because you will receive the photo with the new passport after completing and processing the application.


USP started offering passport photo services in 2016. However, the services are only available at most UPS store locations. In the above article, you must book an appointment to get the services, and the pricing covers two pairs of passport photos. Besides applying with your passport photo, you can also opt for passport photo printing services to receive electronically. Contact the nearest UPS store to confirm if they have these services.

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