Does UPS Notarize? (Price, Type, and Process)

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Are you curious if UPS Notarize documents and procedures you need to follow? Then you are at the right place. We will explore based on our expert point of view. Read more tips, charges, and limitations.

Notarizing documents is one process that tends to strike not because of the expenses involved alone but also because the process is arduous and unavoidable at some point.

Locating a notary is another issue because it takes your time all day. Enter the UPS store as a dedicated customer. So far, many people are asking if UPS notarizes documents. While UPS stores are well-established for shipping and delivery, there is still more. Thus, read our article along to the end and gauge if they offer the document notarization as well as the procedure, including exceptions.

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Does UPS Notarize?

Because of the need, UPS stores feature the notary, which means UPS provides notarization on particular documents. Some of the documents from the list are exempted, such as the 1-9 employment eligibility verification forms and the wills.

In short, UPS stores are a simple franchise, and every store has independent people who own them. This can explain the discrepancies we have seen regarding the services and pricing. Hence, if you need notarization, the customer must book the appointment, and during the session, you need to provide a valid ID. Once notarized, the UPS store can also help in making copies and shipping to the desired destination.

If you are planning to notarize documents at the UPS store, our guess is right. We have everything you need to know if you are curious about more. We have researched and will highlight all we have found in this article.

UPS Store Notarization Pricing

We have stated that independent individuals own every UPS store location, and thus, the operation and pricing of the services differ. UPS stores do not have the standard prices and expect discrepancies in all the services you get. Therefore, the pricing of document notarization varies from one location to the other.

You must also understand that the notary charges also vary from one state to the other or from one country to the other. The other determinant of the notary charges is the fixed rate of the particular notary on top of the variables.

There are UPS notaries that charge based on individual documents, while others base their costs on the signature. However, since there is a general rule, UPS customers can pay up to $30 for document notarization if they need the services without booking an appointment. But when you visit with an appointment, the UPS store might charge you around $10 to $15.

Remember that the above pricing is just an estimation, and we cannot guarantee anything. They can change over time. But when you are interested in finding your local UPS store's exact charges, we recommend using the store locator feature here and get additional information.

Once you spot the local store, please navigate to the contact information and call them or send an email seeking the pricing and services they offer. There is still more to this; as a franchise, the UPS store limits the documents they notarize.

Types of Documents UPS Store Notarize

Notarization to the newbies in the industry is the process by which individuals get their documents legalized formally. It is a process done at the notary store by experts or trained personnel with the accreditation or legal power to enable them to formalize the documents.

According to the UPS website, all the UPS stores feature at least one individual who has the power to carry out the notary services. At the moment, UPS notarizes particular documents. based on our research, these documents are listed below:

The list is very long, and this means it is simpler to highlight the documents they do not notarize than those eligible. Almost all the UPS stores offer document notarization of the above types. But remember that not all UPS stores have powers or people that can notarize the few exceptions. These are the 1-9 employment eligibility verification forms and wills. Most stores do not notarize the above form because each comes with rules surrounding notarization, which vary drastically from one state to another. Hence, at some point, especially when mishandled, there are very extreme penalties.

A good example is Texas. UPS stores are prohibited from affixing the notary seals on the 1-9 forms since the forms do not feature the notary certificate. Still, Texas does not authorize the notary to complete the forms.

For your information, you can take time to explore more about the 1-9 form notarization as the American Association of the Notary website shares detailed information.

The other gray area most notaries don't get involved in is the wills. Therefore, I suggest you contact the local UPS stores and see if either does notarization on these documents. Besides the above exception, the rest of the documents are eligible for legalization by all the UPS stores or notaries.

In this article, we are delighted to share more. You can also read detailed information here. But sure, we are here to serve you, and in the next section, we will highlight the procedure of notarizing documents at the participating UPS Stores.

How to Notarize Documents at the UPS Store?

UPS claims to have over 3900 store locations. This indicates numerous UPS stores offer document notarization. You cannot miss out on one in your locality. Therefore, there are a few steps that you need to follow to get a document notarized. Here is all you need to know:-

Why UPS Stores Do Not Notarize Wills

It isn't easy to validate or notarize a will at the UPS store. The reason is that wills are taken as the most intricate legal documents. Therefore, to get the will legalized, one must start by visiting the lawyers, if not professional personnel, specializing in notarizing them.

Thus, before making an appointment to notarize the will at the UPS store, you must check if the notary offers the same services. The same also applies to the 1-9 employment eligibility verification forms. Employees utilize these forms, and it guarantees a particular person is eligible to work in the US. These forms are only notarized by the Notary public as well as lawyers to be considered valid because they carry sensitive information.


In the above articles, UPS stores offer notary services on most documents, though there are a few exceptions for known reasons. Due to the complex nature, most UPS notaries do not notarize the wills and 1-9 forms. UPS stores are franchises, and every location is managed independently. The services and pricing have a few discrepancies, which you must remember. Book an appointment after ensuring the UPS store offers services and is well-informed of the charges and other requirements.

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