Will UPS Print My Label? (Yes, and You Need to Know These)

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Curious if UPS will print your shipping label for you? Discover the answers and essential information you need to know in this informative article. From label printing fees to alternative options and using tracking numbers, find out how to make shipping hassle-free with UPS in 2023 and beyond.

In the era of modern shipping conveniences, printing your label at home has become a popular option offered by shipping companies. However, there are instances where you might not be able to or simply prefer not to print your label. If you wonder whether UPS will print your label for you and seek crucial information before making such a request, continue reading to discover the answers you need!

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Will UPS Print My Label In 2023?

Absolutely! UPS offers label printing services to assist you. However, please note that there is a fee of $5 for this service. If you are unable to visit a UPS location, don't worry! The courier will pick up your shipment and print the label for you, ensuring a convenient door-to-door service.

Interested in more details about printing a label with UPS? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Save Money on UPS Label Printing

Printing a shipping label with UPS is easy and doesn't cost anything. When you create a label on the UPS website, it's free. However, you'll have to pay for postage and any extras like delivery signatures.

If you don't want to print the label yourself and prefer UPS to do it for you, most UPS locations charge a small fee of about $5.

But if you don't have a printer at home and want to avoid this fee, you can use printers at local libraries or office supply stores.

Important Information about UPS Shipping Labels

1. Sending your UPS shipment on time:

To ensure timely delivery, sending your UPS shipment before the ship-by date is crucial. Failure to do so may result in the package not being delivered within the expected delivery window.

2. Expiry of shipping labels:

The shipping label for your package will expire if the ship-by date has passed. It is important to note that most carriers, including UPS, will refuse to deliver items with expired shipping labels.

3. Label expiry and carrier policies:

Each major carrier may have different policies regarding label expiry dates, voiding shipments, and return labels. Familiarize yourself with the specific guidelines provided by UPS and other carriers.

4. Canceling UPS shipping labels:

After creating a shipping label on ups.com, you have the option to cancel the shipment within 90 days without any charges. By canceling the label, UPS will not deliver the package to its intended destination.

To cancel your UPS shipping label, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the UPS website.

Step 2: Go to the Shipping history

Step 3: Locate the package and invalidate it.

Step 4: Contact a UPS employee to request cancellation if 90 days have passed.

Note: After 180 days from creating your shipping label, please be aware that you cannot seek a refund. Take action within the given time frame if cancellation or changes are needed.

Shipping Label Requirements

When shipping domestically by air, attaching a label to your package is essential. The label should either be generated through an automated shipping system or obtained from UPS as an air shipping document.

This comprehensive label includes address details, tracking information, and shipping records all in one convenient form. Specific Air Shipping Documents (ASDs) are available for various UPS services, including:

To order these ASDs, simply visit the UPS supplies page online. The opposite side of each ASD provides detailed instructions to assist you in accurately completing the form.

Steps to Create a Shipping Label with UPS

To create a label with UPS, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit UPS.com and click on the Shipping Tab.

Step 2: Select the Create a Shipment option.

Step 3: Fill out the sender's name and address in the Shipment form, and enter the receiver's name and address in the Shipped to section.

Step 4: Provide the necessary details about the items and choose the appropriate delivery option.

Step 5: Choose your payment method, then click print. Your label will be printed and delivered.

How to Print a UPS Label with a Tracking Number

Printing a UPS label with a tracking number is easy and convenient. To begin, you'll need a UPS My Choice account. Once logged in, locate the package you want to print the tracking number for. Alternatively, you can access the "Shipment History" page to reprint the label.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: In the Shipment History window, choose the package or shipment you need to reprint labels for.

Step 2: Go to the Printing Activities tab and select the desired label type.

Step 3: If the shipment has a customized consignee label, you'll be prompted to specify the number of copies to print. Otherwise, the label will print automatically.

Step 4: If you have multiple label printers, you can select the appropriate one from the options provided.

Step 5: Once you've selected it, click the OK button, and the label will be printed.

Is it possible for UPS drivers to Print a label for you?

Forget about printing labels at home or visiting a UPS location. Your friendly UPS driver can take care of it while you relax at home!

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Start by visiting the UPS website to access all the shipping options conveniently.

Step 2: Click on Ship and provide the necessary details, including package weight, origin, and destination. This will help you determine the best shipping services available.

Step 3: Once you've chosen a suitable shipping service, you can schedule a pick-up window for your local UPS driver. No need to print any labels!

Step 4: When the driver arrives to collect your package, they will bring all the required paperwork. They will verify the weight and dimensions, ensuring they match the label before securely attaching it to your package.

Step 5: Your package will then be loaded onto the UPS truck, ready for delivery.

Does UPS offer label delivery?

UPS provides free label delivery services. Let's explore how you can get your label delivered quickly and securely:

How can you create a prepaid UPS shipping label?

Creating a prepaid UPS shipping label is simple with UPS Internet Shipping. You can effortlessly print labels from any device connected to the internet without the need for additional software on your computer or smartphone.

With UPS Internet Shipping, you can pay for your shipping labels using your debit or credit card. This means you can generate online labels without requiring an account number in applicable cases.

Bottom Line

UPS offers label printing services for a fee of $5, but you can also print labels for free at home. If you prefer not to print labels, UPS drivers can print them for you during package pickup. It's essential to send shipments before the ship-by date and be aware of label expiration policies. Additionally, UPS provides label delivery services and the option to create prepaid labels through UPS Internet Shipping for convenient shipping in 2023 and beyond.

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