Does Publix Sell Stamps? (Everything You're Interested Is Here)

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Are you wondering if Publix sells stamps and what types of stamps the retailer offers? Well, Publix is a profound retailer. Read the article to find out how many stamps Publix offers and which alternative retailers offer the same services.

Some of our readers online have been asking many questions about Publix, and among them is: Does Publix Sell stamps? We all understand that stamps have become part of the routine. You need them daily or at some point while paying some bill.

While stamps don't cover online bill payments, you can enjoy many other advantages with them. Numerous stores online and in-store offer customers access to stamps. If Publix is your favorite choice, you must also be wondering.

This article addresses all the doubts surrounding Publix, stamp collection, and many other tips. Here is what we found from our meticulous research.

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Does Publix Sell Stamps?

Yes, Publix does sell stamps. They offer first-class forever stamps, but they do not sell stamps online, and not every Publix store may have them available. It is recommended to use the Publix store locator on their official website or contact the nearest store to ensure they have stamps in stock. Customers cannot purchase single stamps at Publix; they must buy a booklet of stamps, which typically contains 20 stamps.

Which Stamps Can I Buy from Publix?

Publix offers the convenience of purchasing First-Class Forever stamps, which are timeless in their value. These non-denominational stamps ensure that your 1-ounce letter or less can be mailed at any time, without concern for future postage rate increases. Available in sheets or booklets of 20, Forever Stamps at Publix provides a practical solution for your mailing needs.

While individual stamps are not available, opting for a 20-stamp booklet is a wise choice for those looking to secure their postage needs in advance. The enduring value of Forever Stamps means that each stamp you purchase today will cover the cost of sending a piece of first-class mail in the future, regardless of price changes. This makes buying a booklet not just a matter of convenience but a smart investment in future mailing.

How Much Does Publix Sell the USPS Forever Booklet Stamps?

Based on current information, Publix sells stamp booklets for $13.60. The booklet design contains 20 stamps, meaning each stamp costs $0.68. The price based on the USPS announcement effective  21 January 2024 . But with the proposed price change as illustrated online, there will be a change of price of Forever stamps going for $0.73 from $0.68 starting July 2024.

However, keep in mind that when USPS raises the rates, the price will also change. Keep tracking the prices, as they are subject to future changes. It seems that all Publix locations in the US sell these stamp booklets. While grocery shopping at Publix, you can grab as many as you wish.

Note that Publix currently only sells stamps in-store. They don't offer an online stamp shopping option. Also, while purchasing in the physical Publix stores, there are chances that, at one point, you will find them out of stock. Thus, it is recommended that you call the local store before the actual visit to avoid wasting time and gas driving there.

How to Locate the Closest Publix Selling Stamps?

If you want to locate the closest Publix store that sells stamps, we recommend visiting the website and using the store locator feature to get the zip code for your area. After that, you can see the nearest Publix store listed in order of distance.

You will receive the store address, number, operating hours, and directions when you click on the nearest store. You will also get all the vital information here.

You can also count on Google Maps as a perfect place to locate anything, including the closest Publix stores that sell stamps. Google Maps will provide all the needed information and go beyond to give you the direct and direct Publix stores in your area.

Still, some people ask where to locate the stamps in the Publix store. Well, you can get the stamps at the customer service counter. This is typically situated at the front of the store. They are all placed at the same location in the Publix store. When lucky, some Publix stores feature a sign saying ' Stamps sold here'; this is a perfect guide for you to use. Ask the store associate if you need assistance purchasing stamps.

What Is the Ideal Time to Purchase Stamps at Publix?

Other than the store location revealing the local Publix open hours, it is general knowledge that Publix opens from 7 am to 10 pm. They remain open as long as the customer service desk is open. You can purchase stamps during these operational hours or during their normal business working hours.

Do Publix Stamps Expire?

Based on what we have learned in the above article, it is clear that Publix sells USPS forever stamps. Thus, these stamps do not expire. When you purchase the booklet, you want only to use one stamp; you can store the rest for future use. This is because the forever stamps never lose their value. But you need to be careful. You risk ruining or losing the stamps when something spills on the booklet. Keep the booklet in a safe place and tucked away.

Where Else Can You Buy Stamps?

Benefits of Buying Stamps at Publix

Customers enjoy numerous benefits or advantages when they purchase stamps from Publix stores. Though numerous stores offer the same services, Publix has its benefits for dedicated customers. Compared to purchasing from the above alternative stores, Publix gives you the following advantages:-

1. Long business hours

The store opens at 7 am and closes at 10 pm, which is long working hours enough to serve people with busy schedules. You have a long time to pick up the Publix stamps, even after office hours. Other than long working hours during the working days, Publix stores are also open during the weekend so that customers can enjoy the collection and benefits.

2. Multiple stores or locations to select from.

The public has a large store location, one of the largest chains in the northern US. Customers can select from over 1300 stores. However, these stores are not evenly distributed in the US. They usually operate in specific regions such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee,  and Virginia. Thus, you will likely get the closest stores near you.

3. Easy parking lot.

Compared to the post office, which is situated downtown, Publix has an easy and large parking space. Post office presents a challenge regarding the space for customers to park their cars. Publix has a generally large parking area that is easy to find. Also, customers don't have to pay for parking space while on Publix premises.

4. Access to other mailing supplies

While other alternatives, like the pharmacy and gas station, give you the stamps alone, Publix extends further and gives customers access to other mailing supplies under one roof. Thus, you can still purchase other items such as labels, envelopes, parcels, etc., and everything you need to package the mail or send your letter.

Also, trips to Publix are frequent. Therefore, if you don't want to be in a rush buying stamps when shopping at Publix, you can add the stamps to the list and avoid the rush hours in the long run. Frequent visits are also a plus here.

Note that there are a couple of many other stores that sell stamps with a variety of options to select from. Ideally, almost all the big chain stores sell stamps.

Still, stamps are sold at your area's drug stores, convenience stores, and locally-owned groceries. The options are countless if you want to buy stamps.


Publix sells postage stamps. In the above article, we have seen that Publix offers USPS Forever stamps, which are sold as a booklet of 20 stamps at the customer's service desk while checking out. Though Publix sells forever stamps that do not lose value, alternative stores offer various stamps to meet all your needs. Unfortunately, Publix is only available in particular locations, but it guarantees long working hours.

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