Does Starbucks Have a Dress Code? (Get The Detailed Guide)

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If you're joining Starbucks or simply curious about their dress code, our articles offer a clear guide. Read our articles and determine if Starbucks has a dress code for patrons and baristas. Here are the style guidelines to blend your seamless experience working with this coffeehouse.

When you hear the term Starbucks, the coffee rings in your mind. The company has grown to become an icon around the globe because of its coffee culture. It does not only set their standard in the coffee realm, but the environment within the establishment also has specific guidelines.

You might be wondering: Does Starbucks have a dress code? Well, that is an obvious question many people have been asking online. You are at the right place. We will answer your question and share even more detailed facts about the Starbucks dress code.

Therefore, let us delve into details and answer the questions. If you want to learn from an expert, here is everything you need to know.

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Does Starbucks Have a Dress Code?

Yes, Starbucks, renowned as the largest coffeehouse chain globally, upholds a distinct dress code for its employees. This dress code, carefully curated by the company, strikes a harmonious balance between professionalism and personal style. Employees are encouraged to adhere to these guidelines, which, while specific, offer a degree of flexibility.

This approach enables Starbucks staff to present a polished and professional appearance while still embracing their unique style. The essence of the Starbucks dress code is to blend the traditional aspects of workplace attire with a modern, relaxed approach, reflecting the company's commitment to both excellence and individuality.

Based on what we have just got online, Starbucks gives their employees an option for each individual to shine through numerous unique hair colors as well as select from multiple hue palettes, which highly depend on the shirt and pants. Upon hire, the company also provides each employee with a signature apron.

According to Reddit, this company has particular guidelines as to the dress code for every employee. The dress code of Starbucks reflects the personality as well as the style of the company. This means their dress code is not restrictive; rather, it aims to ensure the employee symbolizes the polished look and professional appearance while looking stylish and comfortable at the same time.

There is still more to learn about the Starbucks dress code for each parameter. Let us dive deep into the details in the next section.

Starbucks Detailed Dress Code

Considering the corporate report, we can break down the Starbucks dress code into various categories. these categories are listed as follows:

Therefore, there is a need to explore each category and find out what the company expects from each employee while on the premises.

1. Overall personal appearance

Starbucks expects that all their baristas remain in the face of their business. Hence, the firm expects its employees to maintain their overall appearance in terms of cleanliness and professionalism.

The above statement means that Starbucks employees must be in good condition or well-fitting clothes. They never tolerate the baggy style, not tight clothing. Be presentable as if you have generally taken enough time to prepare for work.

2. Color palette

Starbucks is a unique company, especially when you are not in a polyester uniform. Hence, it gives employees the much-needed freedom to choose what they want to wear. However, it would help if you stuck within the color ranges of Navy, brown, white, khaki, black, charcoal, and gray. When it comes to the fabrics, the only allowed options featuring the above colors are wool, straw, cotton, denim, canvas, leather, selvage denim, and polyester.

3. Apron

Starbucks clarifies that the company gives you at least two aprons or more upon employee hiring. These are vital because the company does not restrict employees to having the specific uniform branded.

Thus, as discussed above, the company insists on its branded petite color instead of that restriction. On top of that, they also give you an apron with Starbucks signature both on the center and front. This alone can pull everything together while highlighting the uniformity of the firm.

Still, these aprons need to be worn full length and, at the same time, kept in good condition. When you leave the company, the employee needs to return them.

4. Tops

Starbucks expects their employees to remain in solid-shade shirts. However, they still allow low contrast as well as smaller contrast pattern tops. Here, more contrast indicates plaid, made by blending black and gray with the very vibrant colors blue and orange. Shirts must adequately cover the armpits and mid-section. Official Starbucks-issued shirts are also acceptable. 

The company does not allow hoodies or t-shirts, reinforcing its commitment to a professional dress code. Employees are encouraged to wear business casual tops, blouses, and button-downs, aligning with Starbucks' standards of professionalism and style.

5. Bottoms

Starbucks' dress code for bottoms offers variety while maintaining professionalism. Employees can choose from solid-color pants, jeggings, shorts, and skirts, with leggings allowed only under skirts or dresses. Jeggings are acceptable as standalone items. Shorts and skirts should not exceed 4 inches above the knee. The dress code embraces jeans, dresses with tights, chinos, and khakis, but requires adherence to specific color guidelines.

However, leggings (as standalone), baggy jeans, sweatpants, and athleisure wear are not permitted, aligning with Starbucks' aim for a professional appearance.

6. Hats

Like complementing fashion, Starbucks allows employees to top up their outfits with hats. Regardless, they accept the cabbie as well as beanie-style hats. With your fedora, as long as the color is maintained, you promise to use it.

7. Hair

While Starbucks has thousands of employees, they tolerate and embrace all hair types, colors, and textures. They even accept facial hair on top. But, employees are expected to maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance, including clean hair and nails.

However, employees must ensure that the color is either semi-permanent or permanent; you can have as wild colored hair as you wish. This is because they never expect your hair to feature something that falls, dusts off target customers, or flakes while on the premises.

If you have long hair, keep it back using a clip, if not a hairband. This is aimed at helping you manage the hair without contaminating the food or beverage of the customer. No more safety hazards while at work because of the hair. Employees are expected to maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance, including clean hair and nails.

8. Shoes

Starbucks recommends employees wear practical, professional footwear like sneakers, boots, fashion sneakers, and business casual shoes. Styles such as canvas slip-ons, sandals, Ugg-type boots, or heels are not permitted. The shoes should cover the top of the foot with a closed heel and toe and be made of durable materials like leather, faux leather, suede, rubber, or waterproof fabric. Additionally, wearing socks or hosiery is mandatory for a neat and professional look.

9. Accessory

In addition to the aforementioned dress code, Starbucks employees have the liberty to accessorize their outfits with fitting, muted ties, bow ties, and non-billowy scarves, allowing for a touch of personal flair while maintaining a professional look. As for jewelry, earrings and ear gauges are permissible but should not exceed the size of a quarter, ensuring they are noticeable yet not overly conspicuous.

Starbucks adopts a flexible approach to tattoos, allowing them on most body parts except the face or throat, provided they are not offensive, profane, racist, or sexually explicit, aligning with the company's values of respect and professionalism.

10. Finishing touches

To sum up everything about the Starbucks dressing, numerous things still fall under these finishing touches. The company insists that you maintain the apron in good condition and wash it regularly. They understand and expect any typical wear as well as tear.

There is a lot you can learn from the Starbucks dress code. You can opt to navigate their website and read the guidelines in detail. Before we summarize our article, we would also like to review some FAQs.


Q. Are employers allowed to shave their hair down at Starbucks?

From the guidelines, employees with short hair are expected to wear their hair down while at work. However, with the longer hair, you need to tie it back. The above rule doesn't just target sanitary reasons; it's also for your safety.

Q. Does Starbucks accept leggings?

From the above article, it is unfortunate that Starbucks doesn't accept leggings. They need all employees to wear comfortable clothing when leggings are not permissible. If you must have jeans, go for the elastic waistband chinos and khakis for the perfect alternative.

Q. Does Starbucks allow employees to wear jeans?

It is absolutely clear that as the buttons, Starbucks allowed their employees to wear jeans. However, it must meet the color criteria guidelines, which are Navy, gray, or black. The company never allows white bottoms, low-riding, overly baggy, or ripped jeans.

Q. Does Starbucks accept employees coloring their hair?

Starbucks embraces individuality by permitting employees to sport colored hair, free from the constraints of a specific color palette. However, the company does stipulate that hair color should be either permanent or semi-permanent, ensuring a polished and consistent appearance. The chosen color must be vibrant and well-maintained. Temporary hair colors, such as spray-on shades or glitter-infused products that could potentially shed or transfer onto customers, are not allowed. 


There are multiple [le laid-out dress code parameters, and in the above article, we have just employed Starbucks's dress code. While the company is unique, it features a relaxed dress code parameter, which is stylish and comfortable. Employees can express their professionalism if they abide by the color petite requirements. Read and grasp these dressing code parameters before you secure a job post.

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