Does Speedway Sell Vapes?

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Are you a dedicated Speedway customer on a shopping spree but unsure if they sell vapes, vape pens, or accessories? Come on, sit back, and let us find out more about Speedway's vapes and other information.

If you are addicted to vapes and in dire need of locating a store that sells them, then it is a sure bet that there are numerous retailers with these vapes and accessories. Some have confirmed that the Speedway Gas Station features vapes while on errands and trips.

The big question today is: Does Speedway sell vapes? If you are interested in and curious to find out if this US store sells vaping products, what types of vapes they offer, their inventory, and more, we have compiled everything for you. You are unique to us.

As a vaper, we have you covered. Read the article, expert or verified answers, and vaping supplies at Speedway, Speedway, etc.

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Does Speedway Sell Vapes?

The answer to this question is yes, Speedway sells vapes and vaping accessories at the gas station. Many editors and customers not only on Quora but also on Reddit and forums have already confirmed. Many people can attest and have shared their experience shopping for vaping products at Speedway.

The retail features an extensive collection of vaping products with different tastes to match your needs. However, availability and selection tend to vary depending on the location of the Speedwaystroes. Remember that, in general, Speedway sells different types of vaping products and accessories.

If you want to explore the types of vapes, their pricing, and more in-depth tips, keep reading the article until the end. We have covered everything you need and compiled what we found from detailed research.

Types of Vapes at Speedway Stores

Speedway gas stations sell different types of vaping products and accessories. Therefore, customers can select the type of vape they want based on their needs and preferences. At the Speedway gas station, you will be able to spot the below-listed kinds of vapes, core categories, and accessories to select from:

1. Disposable vapes

These are the primary type of vaping products sold at Speedway stores. Disposable vapes are convenient and easy to use, as they do not require charging or refilling. Once the e-liquid is depleted, the entire device is discarded. 

2. Vape pens

Some Speedway locations may carry vape pens, which are compact, rechargeable devices that use pre-filled or refillable cartridges. However, the availability of vape pens may vary by store. 

3. Cigalikes

Speedway stores often sell cigalikes, which are small, cigarette-shaped electronic cigarettes. These include popular brands like Blu, Vuse, Logic, and JUUL. Cigalikes are typically sold in the same areas as traditional cigarettes. 

4. Vape kits 

While not explicitly mentioned, some larger Speedway stores with expanded vaping sections may offer vape starter kits that include a rechargeable battery, tank, and coils. However, this would be less common than disposables and cigalikes.

Besides the above types of vapes available at the Speedway, you can still enjoy a selection of sub-ohm tanks. The brands include Voopoo, Vaporesso, Freemax, etc., and they are ready to pair with your box mods.

Of all the above types, disposable vapes are the most popular. This is because the vape pen is perfect and recommended for short-term usage. It is also simple to use, hence ideal for seasonal and newbie vapers. They come in different flavours at your convenience to meet your needs.

How Much Do Vapes Cost at Speedway Gas Stations?

Speedway is in a race with its competitors to sell vaping products. Thus, they try their best to ensure the price always aligns with them and gives you convenience while purchasing them.

In this section, we will only highlight the general or average prices of some of the products at Speedway gas station.

If you compare the above pricing at the Speedway, it is positioned alongside the competitors at the smoke shops, convenience stores, gas stations, etc. The above pricing is subject to the future changes.

Vape Accessories at Speedway

In addition to vaping products, Speedway Gas Station sells vape accessories. However, they don't feature vape-specific accessories, but they remain a dedicated vape shop. Thus, they offer the accessories such as:-

Pods sourced from the SMOK, JUUL, scoring, etc., are available as a pack for the replacement pods. The others are vape storage, and options like the silicone vape band are available. Vape apparel includes vape-themed t-shirts, hats, etc. They see CBD Vape products but only where it is legal, including disposable and CBD Vape juices.

The vaping products also come with disposable tips for sustainable goals. There are batteries and replacement batteries sourced from LG, Sonny, Samsung, etc. There are battery chargers from basic to advanced cables and external battery chargers. Lastly, there are replacement coils. These come from popular brands that guarantee quality, such as Freemax, Voopoo, SMOK, etc. You can purchase countless vape accessories, including stickers, cases, and lanyards.

Many states have mandated a legal age of 18 and above to purchase vapes from the Speedway and other stores. These restricted products are not just vapes but also tobacco, nicotine, e-cigs, mods, e-liquid, cigarettes, etc. Speedway adheres to this law or licensing restrictions.

In fact, Speedway has trained all the employees to remain vigilant when verifying their age and whether they purchase these vapes and accessories. After that, we will request your government-issued before granting you access to the products.

Additional/ Hidden Charges When Buying Vaping Products at the Speedway

Speedway does not charge customers a specific fee, surcharge, or hidden costs while shopping with them. You will only pay for the price as seen on the shelf in-store at the checkout.

However, customers also pay additional charges as a standard for any purchase. Such charges include the local sales tax. However, Speedway doesn't implement vape-specific fees for ordinary items or accessories. Hence, as of now, Speedway doesn't charge customers handling fees, small order fees, restocking fees, credit card fees, inventory fees, insurance fees, compliance or safety fees, age verification fees, etc.

Advantages of Buying Vapes at Speedway Store

There are numerous benefits customers can enjoy while buying vaping products at SpeedwaySpeedway. The gas station is the top choice for many people who are expert vapers as well as beginners. Some of the benefits you are guaranteed are as outlined below:-

The selection of vapes at Speedway is impressive. From the avid vapers to the famous collection, customers can never resist purchasing. The company is a game changer when it comes to convenience. There is no other reason for going to get anything less when everything is at a Speedway gas station.


Speedway is a popular retailer that sells vapes or vaping products and accessories at affordable prices. Their collection ranges from disposable pods to famous vaping juice, e-liquid, mods, and accessories. The convenience and wise selection make Speedway gas station a go-to one-stop shop[ for all the vape's needs and preferences. Speedway allows the legal purchase of the vapes as long the customer meets the mandated minimum age based on your region. In the middle of the vaping journey, Speedway is the perfect choice.

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