Does Publix Sell Dry Ice?

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Do you know if the local Publix store sells your favorite Dry Ice to make impressive Halloween fog? We have done everything for you. Read the article for more details about Publix and whether they sell Dry Ice.

When making preparations for the upcoming Halloween or if you are planning to keep your food frozen, you will likely end up looking for Dry Ice. Dry Ice is one of the handy products you will need, as it is essential for cooling after cooking. Still, you can use it to create a fun effect in the fog machine.

However, remember that not all retail stores offer customers access to Dry Ice. For this reason, we would like to discuss the details and answer the big question: Does Publix sell Dry Ice?

It is hard to find Dry Ice, and because of your curiosity, we would like to go further and give you a solution. We have seen good news from the research, as outlined below.

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Does Publix Sell Dry Ice?

Yes, Publix does sell dry ice. The availability of dry ice at Publix can vary by location, and it is typically stored in specific coolers either at the front of the store or in the frozen food section. Customers may sometimes need to ask a customer service representative to access it. It's advisable to call ahead to confirm whether your local Publix store has dry ice in stock, as it can sublimate quickly and may not always be available. Additionally, Publix sells Penguin Brand Dry Ice, which is available in over 5000 grocery stores nationwide, including Publix.

Pricing of Dry Ice at Publix Store

The price of Dry Ice at the Publix store is approximately $1.5 to $2.00. Publix sells one brand, the Penguin Brand Dry Ice. So customers can select their preferred size. Using the zip code, you can use the Publix website to find the local stores selling Dry Ice, get more information about the brand, and the current pricing rate per pound.

Keep in mind that though we have given you general pricing, the cost tends to fluctuate depending on a few factors. Some of the determinants are current deals, the time of year or season, and your location.

Publix, in most cases, sells Dry Ice in blocks. The blocks usually cost $1lb, but you can still purchase a 1 lb Dry Ice block at Publix. Also, some Reddit thread users have confirmed that the Dry Ice cost at Publix is $1.49 per pound. Things change, so you should not expect the same price at the Publix store today because of the 2024 inflation.

Publix Stores that Sell Dry Ice

Since we said that, a few factors determine Dry Ice availability at Publix stores. Almost all the stores sell Dry Ice on Halloween. During this Halloween season, Dry Ice is utilized in fog machines and other festival equipment.

Besides the Halloween season, you can only purchase Dry Ice from Publix stores and locations closer to the mountains, theme parks, beaches, and lakes. Many people in these areas rely on Dry Ice to keep their favorite food cool.

Equally, some people have been reported using Dry Ice in entertainment and concerts. This explains why almost all Publix locations carry Dry Ice during the summer and spring seasons.

How Do You Locate Dry Ice at the Publix Store?

Most of the online editors agree that as long as you are in the right Publix store location, you will spot the Dry Ice from the Penguin Brand in the Ice freezer, typically located at the entrance door of the Publix stores.

However, some Publix stores tend to stock the Dry Ice closer to the frozen food in the big cooler. Note that this section precisely states that the Frozen Food aisle is generally found in the Larger Publix store locations featuring larger rooms.

If you have difficulty locating the Dry Ice at the Publix store, then you are okay with asking the Publix associate for assistance. Based on the Reddit thread,  some customers reported getting the Dry Ice at the stand-alone waist-high cooler under the frozen food land. However, other Publix stores, including Walmart locations, still stock Dry Ice at the back. In this case, you need to ask the Publix associate to get you the Dry Ice block based on your preferences and Budget.

How Do You Find Out If a Local Publix Store Sells Dry Ice?

There are different approaches to determining or finding out if the local Publix sells Dry Ice. The first method uses the Publix store locator feature on their website. You can simply tap on Choose a store which is available on the Penguin Brand Dry Ice product section, and this will redirect you to a place determining if the local Publix store sells the Dry Ice.

A store locator tool makes shopping easier for customers than any other method. All you will have to provide is the local address or zip code, including the state and City information.

Besides the feature, you can decide if all Publix companies support eta and seek clarification if they have Dry Ice available for purchase. This is because sometimes the site doesn't give the customer the right details.

Note that not all Publix stores or locations offer Dry Ice; hence, you need to find the availability in the local stores. Equally, Penguin, which is a famous Dry Ice brand, also has a store locator feature  which ideally lists all the Publix stores selling Dry Ice

keep in mind that most of these stores yes sell Dry Ice, sometimes you might miss them out because they never stock often when you need it urgently. Thus, check availability before the actual shopping spree at the local Publix store.

Does Publix Sell Dry Ice Online?

Before giving you a direct answer, remember that Publix offers delivery services and curbside pickup, which is done via Instacart. However, they never deliver Dry Ice with their services. This means it is unfortunate that Publix doesn't sell Dry Ice online. The reason to explain here is that Dry Ice must be stored correctly and lasts 12 to 24 hours.

Because of the challenges involved in delivering or transporting Dry Ice, participating Publix stores stock it in special freezers. Hence, purchasing Dry Ice at Publix is difficult via online delivery.

Still, the  Department of Transport terms Dry Ice hazardous material, so customers need to be extra careful not only while transporting but also when using it.

On the contrary, you can log in to the Instacart platform and search for Dry Ice. If the local Publix store has the delivery option, you can proceed. However, there is a high chance that customers can never purchase Dry Ice online at Publix.

Many other alternative stores sell Dry Ice at an affordable price and guarantee online delivery, but these stores have minimum purchase requirements. You will likely spend more than you need on the Dry Ice.

Why Do Many Publix Stores Not Always Stock Dry Ice?

Ary Ice is frozen carbon dioxide at about -109 degrees, which is too cold to store in a freezer for long; it is kept in a cooler.

But with time, you will end up with the Dry Ice sublimating and disappearing. When Publix stores don't get high demand for the Dry Ice, they opt to stock only during the high-demand seasons like Halloween, spring and summer instead of operating at a loss.

Other Ice Products Sold at Publix Stores

Publix stores offer an extensive collection of products. Besides Dry Ice, they also feature related ice products for you to use as an alternative route. When visiting the Publix store, you will notice some of the Ice products as listed below with many others:-

Alternative Stores Selling Dry Ice

When you realize the local Publix store does not have stocked Dry Ice for sale,  you can search for alternative retailers and grocery stores. Some of the retailers that sell Dry Ice today include but are not limited to:-


Though many stores, Publix sells Dry Ice in summer and spring and during the Halloween season, so dry ice needs special conditions to avoid sublimating. In the above article, we have covered all you wanted to know about Publix, dry ice, its pricing, how to locate dry ice availability in local Publix stores, and many more alternative retailers that sell dry ice.

Read, grasp facts, and take necessary precautions handling dry ice. Not all Publix locations sell dry ice, but you will never miss out on beaches, lakes, mountain areas, and theme parks. Use Publix or Penguin store locator features for more direction.

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