Does AutoZone Price Match Amazon? (All You Need to Know)

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Are you looking for ways to save money on your auto parts purchases? Do you often compare prices across different retailers, including AutoZone and Amazon? If so, you might be wondering whether AutoZone offers price matching with Amazon. Let's find out!

When shopping for products such as automotive, you'll want to find good quality at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, comparing products across various stores can be a daunting task. 

Luckily, AutoZone offers price matching to its customers to stay competitive. This makes reviewing and finding the perfect seller to fit your budget easy. Since Amazon is a major competitor of AutoZone, you'll want to ensure you're getting a good deal. So, does AutoZone price match Amazon?

In this article, we'll look at whether AutoZone price matches its major competitor Amazon or not.

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Does AutoZone Price Match Amazon?

AutoZone offers price matching with nearby auto parts retailers where they match or beat the competitor's price if you find the same item at a lower cost. According to AutoZone's price matching policy, AutoZone only offers price matching with in-store retailers and does not include price matching with online competitors.

Therefore, AutoZone does not price match with Amazon, which is an online retailer. This means that AutoZone will not match Amazon's price on a product. It can only lower its price if you prove that an in-store retailer like Advance Auto or Walmart offers the same product at a lower price.

Why Does AutoZone no Price Match Amazon?

AutoZone does not price match Amazon because AutoZone Price matching is only available when shopping in stores and not online. Therefore, your local AutoZone will match the prices at other auto parts retailers in your area but not online competitors like Amazon.

Even when you find a cheaper product on Amazon with the same features as that on AutoZone, it will not lower its price. Amazon is a third-party auto parts seller that offers its products exclusively on an ecommerce platform. This makes it ineligible for AutoZone price matching.

Does Price Match for Online Retailers?

AutoZone offers its own online store at Even though it's an online platform, the AutoZone Price Matching Policy restrictions still apply. This means that does not price-match other online retailers, including Amazon. Therefore, if you want to buy a product from, they will not price match Amazon even if both are online platforms.

Limitations of AutoZone Price Matching

While the AutoZone price matching policy is one of the best in the industry, it comes with various limitations. Some of the limitations of the AutoZone price matching feature include the following:

If you're price matching with a local competitor not listed on companies that AutoZone considers for price matching, then it will not price match that competitor's price.

How to Price Match at AutoZone

AutoZone's price matching feature saves you money when purchasing the car parts you need. If you want a price match at AutoZone, you should first check the product price in AutoZone's local stores. You should also ensure that the product you want to price match is in stock. This is because AutoZone only price matches products already in stock, not those they will order.

To get a price match at AutoZone, you'll have to offer proof of the competitor's price for the product you want. To do this, you can present an advertisement or receipt that displays the product and its price to the AutoZone staff at the checkout desk. The competitor's price should be from a select company that AutoZone price matches. In most cases, this will include major local competitors in the area.

You can enquire from AutoZone which stores they price match with before proceeding. For the product to be eligible, the product's features should match the product you would like to price match with. AutoZone will only approve your price-matching request if you meet all the requirements.

Therefore, with the required proof from an eligible company, you can make AutoZone lower their price on the item. You should remember that you cannot compare prices with online retailers like Amazon. Once an AutoZone store manager approves your request, you can get the product on AutoZone at a lower price.

Which Retailers Does AutoZone Price Match?

While AutoZone does not price match Amazon, there are various popular retailers that it offers price matching with. They include:


Like AutoZone, Walmart also has a large auto parts and accessories inventory. Therefore, AutoZone's price matches identical products that are sold at Walmart. You can request price matching at AutoZone if you find cheaper auto parts at your local Walmart store.

Advance Auto

Advance Auto is another top automotive parts seller making it one of the top competitors of AutoZone. Since they offer the same products, AutoZone will match Advance Auto's prices. When shopping for auto parts, you're most likely to find AutoZone and Advance Auto stores close to each other. Therefore, AutoZone won't hesitate to accept your request when you find lower-priced Advance Auto products.


While NAPA is more costly in most cases than AutoZone, you can still find cheaper parts and accessories. If that's the case, you can ask AutoZone to price-match it per its price-matching policy.


O'Reilly is another top AutoZone competitor that sells products similar to those at AutoZone. Therefore, you're more likely to find products with similar features and warranty periods on O'Reilly. This makes it easy to price match at AutoZone if you find a better deal at O'Reilly.


Price matching is a helpful feature that allows customers to get high-quality products at a low price. While AutoZone offers price matching, it has various restrictions. AutoZone does not price match for online stores like Amazon but offers this feature only to in-store retailers. Regardless, AutoZone has a great deal to offer with its price match policy. You'll need proof of a lower price for eligible products from eligible stores for AutoZone to price match.

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