Does Costco Sell Plan B? (Yes, Here Is How to Get It!)

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Does Costco offer over-the-counter plan B or Levonorgestrel pills? The good news is that Costco pharmacies provide you with Plan B pills. Please keep reading our article to the end and learn everything you need to know how to access, order, and use these pills effectively.

The USA has more advanced technology in terms of service delivery and the ecommerce industry. While some people prefer in-store shopping, a large number of very busy customers opt for online shopping. With a large number of online retail stores, here comes Costco.

Costco is a well-known multinational firm with members from chain-only retail stores. Many people are leaving the company since they are popular because of their high-end quality national as well as regional products.

They allow customers to shop from any department, even without a card. Because of the rising needs, you must ask yourself if the company is currently offering Plan B or what is also known as Levonorgestrel pills. This is the largest retail store in the US to shop for, and in this article, we will be evaluating if the company is offering Plan B pills as over-the-counter drugs. Continue reading and get closer to reality on how to shop, sue, and more.

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Costco Overview

Many people are asking if Costco is worth the investment. But to answer whether they offer Plan B, we will start by considering the history and detailed overview of the company. Therefore, Costco falls among the largest and most developed warehouse clubs serving customers worldwide. They have listed over 750 stores and warehouses distributed among over 80 million clients. The company has an established reputation because of the advanced features they give you access to. First, they guarantee customers low-priced plans, access to high-quality merchandise, a generous return policy, and above everything, they offer you bulk shopping options.

However, we noted that Costco doesn't allow everybody to walk into the stores and have free access to the perks. Hence, one must become a member to gain access.

Going back into history, Costco was founded in 1976 as the Price Club name based on San Diego Boulevard. The company has extended its reach throughout the development phase and gained clout among the selected audience. In 1997, the company was fully grown and changed its name to Costco.

While the company offers an extensive collection of merchandise, we are interested in learning if they offer plan B in their pharmacies. Based on our meticulous research, let us find out more in the next section.

Does Costco Sell Plan B?

Indeed, Costco offers plan B  pills from the pharmacy section to the members and non-members as over-the-counter drugs. Since 2013, Costco has been selling Plan B pills, which are one-step emergency contraceptive pills offered by experts, central fill pharmacies, and mail orders. These guys do not need to give you the prescription, or you do not have to show the ID. The pricing for Plan B at Costco varies from $8 to $400.

If you are curious about how to purchase Plan B at Costco or want to explore more information on the costs and other relevant data, keep reading to the end.

Plan B Pricing at Costco

The pricing plan of the Plan B emergency contraceptive varies, and our research indicates the pricing is totally different from one store to the other. Based on the states where you live or where you order from, the pricing plan ranges from $8 to $40. But in most cases, these Plan B pills are typically costing people about $30 to $65. Costco stocks the one-step emergency contraceptive, and as a general rule, they are priced at about $48.

Costco Membership

Though you can become Costco members by signing up, the only exception here is that one can easily access Plan B from Costco pharmacies even without being a member. Hence, most Costco pharmacies are open to the public for all members and non-members to purchase. This is facilitated by the state laws which don't restrict the citizens.

But when you wish to purchase Costco merchandise or plan B, you can become a member and enjoy many benefits. You can easily access multiple lucrative deals From the available information. Once you obtain the Costco membership card, you're exposed to the reduced pricing plans; you can participate in many activities, such as access to prescription medicines, etc.

Remember that buying Plan B from Costco is open, and This is because customers do not need prescriptions from the experts or pharmacies. Hence, when you purchase without being a member, you will never enjoy some offers on the website.

Costo Open Services Without A Membership Card

You can access a few services at Costco even without becoming a member. While the members are guaranteed good deals on the store merchandise, non-members can still access a few services.

Therefore, among these services is the Pharmacy. Prescription drugs according to UK laws, no citizen should be limited to access. Any person can order the drugs from Plan B to other medications, and you are here to take advantage of other health medicines at this point. However, you must subscribe to the membership plan to purchase glasses and hearing aid tools.

The second service to access without a membership card is the Food court. If you are a fanatic of food, then Costco has an extensive collection of affordable food and recipes. However, some still claim that one must have a membership card to access this section.

The last section is also the liquor department. Though I'm unsure because the company gets mixed stands on this, one can purchase the alcohol even if you are not a member. However, this depends on your location. Also, consider the state's law about alcohol. At Costco, the firm is permitted to offer an extensive collection of wine as well as beers in the store.

Is Costco Worth Plan B Worth It?

Indeed, we have seen that Costco is a dedicated warehouse that offers the best possible high-quality merchandise, and their collection is available and accessible from around the world with hundreds of locations. They not only give the customers a convenient shopping experience but also give them access to a special department for a pleasurable experience.

The firm has been outstanding in business ethics, recognized for its quality, and creates a family atmosphere. Whether the warehouse Plan B  products and other merchandise are worth it depends on your location from the store.

Generally, Costco pharmacies are worth the investment for many reasons. The warehouse gives you value for your money regardless of the state. From members to non-members, Costco gives you access to Plan B and other products in their stores. They also have numerous prescription medications sold from their pharmacies at a friendly pricing tag.

Most customers have complimented that this warehouse is a reliable and unique place to order affordable drugs if you are based in the USA. But when you want to get the exact pricing plan for Plan B, we encourage you to contact the support team or visit your local stores.


Regardless of whether you have a membership card, you can easily buy Plan B from most Costco pharmacies. The Plan B pills are not sold in it, and the customer doesn't need to show an ID nor need the prescription.

Though it is unclear from the exact costs of Plan B at Costco, different stores have different pricing plans for the one-step emergency contraceptive. In the above article, we have covered Costco in detail based on whether they sell Plan B to customers. Enjoy the discounted pricing plan for members and nonmembers to make your shopping experience impressive.

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