Does Amazon Own Google? (Things You Need to Know)

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Amazon is an online retailer with the largest selection of products, incredible customer service, and a reputation for great prices. In other words, Amazon is a complete package for selling and buying online. Amazon has been growing its brand by being the parent company to other well-known businesses but Does Amazon Own Google? Let’s find out.

Amazon has been one of the most successful eCommerce companies in the world. One of their main selling points was selling books, which gave them an edge over other companies.

There are many rumors and conspiracy theories about the relationship between Amazon and Google. Some say that Amazon owns Google, while others claim the two companies are in a private partnership. So, what's the truth? Read on to find out!

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Does Amazon Own Google?

Amazon does not own Google. and Google are two of the most popular websites in the world. Each company has its unique business model and approach to doing things. They are two of the largest companies in their respective industries, with billions of dollars in revenue. They have also both gone through many changes over the past few years.

Google has become more like Amazon, acquiring more companies over time and expanding into other areas such as hardware and artificial intelligence.

Amazon has grown from a retailer to an e-commerce giant that now sells everything from diapers to electronics and groceries.

Who Owns Google?

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page. Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, is the largest shareholder of the search engine giant.

In August 2015, Alphabet Inc., the umbrella company for Google's many subsidiaries, including Google itself, surpassed Microsoft to become the most valuable brand in all of corporate America by Brand Finance's annual ranking.

Google is an Alphabet company, and Jeff Bezos owns Amazon. Still, even though they have a lot in common — like being massive e-commerce businesses — there's no formal relationship between them.

Does Amazon Have Shares in Google

Amazon has no shares in Google. Amazon is not even a shareholder of the company. Amazon has no stake in Google's stock, and they don't even have a board seat on the company's board. However, amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, is a shareholder in Google.

Does Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, Have Shares in Google

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is not only a fan of Google but also owns many shares in it. Back in the early days of Google, when the company started, Bezos was an investor. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos invested about $1 million in Google stock, according to Business Insider.

Although Jeff Bezos has shares in Google, these are for personal finances and not for Amazon company.

Are Google and Amazon Affiliated With Each Other

No, Google and Amazon are not affiliated with each other. Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., while Amazon is a publicly-traded company. Both companies compete in the tech industry but have different business models.

Amazon, Apple, and Google are said to be in talks with each other to partner and improve their devices to be more compatible.

Amazon and Google are, to some extent, affiliated with each other, with both companies working with Apple on projects since 2019. The three companies have collaborated on developing their respective infotainment systems; Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

It has also led to them being included in each other's products. For example, users can use Alexa with the Echo Dot and the more expensive Echo Plus, and users can use Google Assistant with the Google Home Mini and larger Google Home speaker.

Is Amazon a Bigger Company than Google?

There's no doubt that Amazon is a behemoth of a company. Regarding market capitalization, Amazon is valued at around $880 billion, while Google is valued at around $750 billion. So on that metric, Amazon is indeed bigger than Google.

However, the picture is slightly different regarding revenue and profit. In 2017, Amazon had revenue of $177.9 billion, while Google had $110.8 billion. And in terms of profit, Amazon lags behind Google; in 2017, Amazon had a profit of $3.0 billion, while Google had a profit of $12.6 billion.

So while Amazon is undoubtedly a large and powerful company, it doesn't quite match up to Google in terms of size and profitability.

Does Amazon Sell More than Google

It's no secret that Amazon is one of the most influential companies in the world. But did you know that they sell more than just books and e-commerce? Amazon sells more than Google.

Amazon now sells more online advertising than Google. It is a massive shift in the industry, and it's likely to continue as Amazon grows.

Of course, it's important to remember that Google still dominates the search engine market. But as people increasingly turn to Amazon for their online shopping needs, it's not surprising that the company is starting to eat into Google's share of the pie.

Will Amazon Purchase Google In The Future

There has been a lot of speculation recently about whether or not Amazon will purchase Google. While it is certainly possible that Amazon could make such a move, it seems unlikely at this point. There are several reasons why Amazon would not want to own Google.


Amazon does not own Google. In recent years, Google and Amazon have seemingly gained more traction in their respective markets. Google has been working tirelessly to increase its cloud services presence, whereas Amazon dominates online retailing and the voice-activated speaker market. But can both tech giants maintain their growth without stepping on each other? Time will tell, but for now, it appears that their strengths are playing off each other's weaknesses to boost each company's market share.

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