Does Amazon Music Have Ads? (All You Need to Know)

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Are you looking for a seamless music streaming service without ads? Explore the different subscription plans on Amazon Music and find out if it can meet your requirement for uninterrupted music experience. Learn more and discover whether Amazon Music is the perfect one for you.

It's no secret that Amazon is a giant in the retail world. But did you know they also have a massive music streaming service? Amazon Music has over 50 million songs in its library and offers ad-free listening for Prime members.

There have been many talks lately about Amazon Music and whether it has ads. Some say they've heard ads on the service, while others insist that there are no such things as ads on Amazon Music. Read on to find out the truth.

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Does Amazon Music Have Ads?

Similar to Spotify, the free version of Amazon Music includes advertisements that are played in between songs and podcasts. However, subscribers to Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, and HD will not be subjected to any ads. In order to eliminate ads from a free Amazon Music membership, users must either upgrade to an Amazon Prime subscription or sign in to their existing Prime account.

How Can I Access Amazon Music?

Amazon's music player rivals its competitors to listen to options. The Amazon Music app can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad, Android, Echo Dot, iOS devices, and the web. Listening to your favorite music while driving with Amazon Music apps that support Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto is possible. Amazon has a wide variety of music offerings on its website and its Prime membership service.

Besides millions of songs available for purchase or streaming, thousands of albums are available for streaming with Prime memberships. This includes both CDs and digital downloads. The service is available on all Alexa-compatible devices, including tablets and TVs powered by the Amazon Fire platform. It is also possible to download the Amazon Music desktop application for Mac and PC.

What Memberships Should Be Taken to Avoid Ads On Amazon Music?

Prime Music On Amazon

You will access Amazon music for free if you have a Prime membership, and Prime members have ad-free access to over two million songs on Amazon Music. This is included with Prime membership at no additional cost. Monthly subscriptions to Prime Student cost $6.49, while Amazon Prime memberships cost $12.99. You will have access to the following benefits:

Streaming Music On Amazon

You can stream music on Amazon Music Unlimited, a separate subscription service that offers ad-free streaming for over 50 million songs. Here are its benefits:

Why Are There Ads On Amazon Music?

Amazon Music runs advertising to make its free streaming service financially viable. Therefore, if you wish to use the free thousands of stations and songs, Amazon will ask you to endure a few limitations. For example, you can only listen to music on your computer or mobile device unless you pay for an Amazon Prime membership. You will also see ads when playing music videos or listening to podcasts. The ads are not intrusive, and they are easy to ignore.

However, some people find them annoying, so it is better to try a free trial before committing yourself. With advertisements interspersed between songs and podcasts, Amazon can maintain its free membership model. However, the ad-free experience is available for those with Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited memberships. So if ads bother you, consider upgrading to one of these options for a seamless listening experience.

How Do Get Rid Of the Ads On Your Device?

Here's how to remove advertising from your device: A single payment is charged to your 1-Click payment method when you unsubscribe from advertisements and sponsored screensavers.

You can easily access your current Amazon Music settings within your Amazon Music account when you sign up for a free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. Those who shop online primarily often need to be made aware that Amazon Prime subscribers can stream music ad-free.

What Are the Differences Between the Amazon Music Subscriptions?

If you're looking for an Amazon Music subscription, then there are a few different options to choose from:

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is the default music subscription option on Amazon Prime. It gives you over a million songs and thousands of playlists, and you can listen on any device with the same account. The free version limits you to one song per month, while the $9 monthly subscription allows unlimited streaming and downloads.

FreeAmazon Music

The free version of Amazon Music lets you stream as much as you want, but it could be more robust than the $9 monthly subscription. You can't download or play songs from your library, so if you enjoy listening to music offline, this might not be for you. But if all you need is something simple to listen to when using your phone, tablet, or Fire tablet, then this is fine.

PrimeAmazon Music

If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, this is your best bet for streaming music, paying nothing extra. You get free access to millions of songs across all genres with no ads or interruptions during playback. Plus, if you have a Fire tablet, there's no limit on how much data you can use, including playing music!


Q. Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription by going to the My Account page of your Amazon Music account. If you have recently subscribed to a service that charges recurring fees, such as Prime Music or Kindle Unlimited, you can also manage those subscriptions on the same page.

Q. Can I Listen to My Favorite Music at Any Time?

If you have an account with Amazon Music Unlimited and your mobile device supports the feature, you can listen to your favorite songs whenever you want. You need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play store and log into your account.

Q. Is It Compulsory to Take Subscriptions on Amazon Music?

You don't have to subscribe, but you can eliminate ads if you choose to. Just look for the "unsubscribe" option when you're out shopping, and you'll be able to cancel your subscription.


Amazon offers a variety of music streaming options for many users. Whether it's the free option with limited access or one of the paid subscriptions, there's something for everyone. And if you want to remove ads from your listening experience, remember to cancel your subscription on the My Account page.

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