Does Amazon Manufacture Anything? (It May Not Be What You Think)

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Amazon has an online store where they sell millions of different products. A few of these products are clearly brand names or sold by third-party vendors, but many products are categorized as being made by Amazon. If you're a frequent Amazon shopper, you may have spotted the "Amazon" name on a few items and questioned if the company really manufactures anything. Keep reading for more detailed and exhaustive information!

Even though Amazon sells and ships millions of products, it doesn't manufacture any of them. Instead, it buys them in bulk from large manufacturers and has its own label and packaging placed on them. In 2019, the e-commerce giant posted a list on its website that included the names and locations of manufacturers from around the globe that manufacture consumer electronics, housewares, and official Amazon clothing.

Amazon designs popular products like the Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers, and Echo smart speakers, which are manufactured by Foxconn, a multinational electronics company that works with Amazon. Only 3% of Amazon's revenue comes from its 100 in-house private label businesses. If you're curious about how some of Amazon's most popular products are made, you're at the right place. Keep on reading!

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Does Amazon Manufacture Anything?

Many buyers are unaware they purchase from third-party sellers since Amazon Marketplace is wholly integrated with Amazon Marketplace is an e-commerce platform owned and operated by Amazon that enables third-party vendors to sell new and pre-owned goods. However, Amazon does not manufacture any of these products.

There are occasions when even the packaging that these items are shipped in is not made solely by Amazon. To complete the Amazon brand, the company purchases containerboard from paper manufacturers and then attaches its label to each package.

What Kind Of Items Does Amazon Produce?


It is essential to have a clear understanding of the distinction between production and manufacturing. Even though Amazon does not directly manufacture any goods, the company manages to produce a wide variety of goods. The eCommerce giant offers goods and services, such as:

Amazon provides millions of items in each of these categories at steep discounts due to the fact that the company produces them. Products like the Kindle, Echo and other electronic devices are either designed and developed inside Amazon or are acquired in bulk from different manufacturers and given the Amazon label. Products may be ordered directly from or found in over 50,000 retail locations throughout the United States.

Where Does Amazon Obtain Its Products? 

Local retailers use the platform and private individuals to sell their products online. 58% of Amazon's revenue is generated by third-party sellers, typically Small- and medium-sized firms that sell their items on Amazon's Marketplace. In addition to selling their products on their websites, major stores such as Land's End, Target, and Nordstrom offer their products on

The transactions take place on before being sent to, Lands', or for processing and fulfillment. Amazon rents space to these shops, which utilize as an additional online sales channel. Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Shops, and Amazon Auctions are where small sellers of old and new products list their wares. Sellers choose the price of their items at the Marketplace, whereas items at Auctions are sold to the highest bidder.

Where Does Amazon Produce Its Goods?

Amazon's goods are primarily made in China and India. According to Marketplace Pulse, by 2021, 46 percent of all sellers will originate from China. That figure is fast increasing, too. China will be home to an estimated 75% of new sellers in Amazon's primary marketplaces by 2022, up from 47% in 2020 and 41% in 2019. Amazon manufacturing plants are also located in other countries such as Malaysia, Mexico, Madagascar, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, among others

Does Amazon Have Its Own Manufacturing Company? 

Amazon does not have its manufacturing plants, although it is heavily involved in producing its goods through partnerships with hundreds of other companies. As far as the public knows, Amazon has not disclosed much information on its manufacturing plants. Nobody actually knows how many items each plant is manufacturing, where the raw materials come from, or even if labor regulations are being adhered to.

Bottom Line

Amazon sells millions of items via its online store, but it does not produce its items; instead, it obtains them from other manufacturers and adds its label and packaging. 58% of Amazon's items are provided by third-party sellers, the majority of which are small to medium-sized businesses that sell their products on Amazon's Marketplace.

Amazon does not have its manufacturing plants, but it collaborates with hundreds of other firms to produce its items. China and India are the primary suppliers of Amazon products. The company oversees the development, design, and distribution of its best-selling products in close partnership with manufacturers.

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