Do Amazon Packages Require A Signature? (All You Need to Know)

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When buying expensive items from Amazon, you can request a signature as evidence of delivery. If you are curious about what orders require a signature or want to ensure that your Amazon order requires a signature on delivery but don't know exactly how to do so, worry not. Everything you need to know is in this post.

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Do Amazon Packages Require A Signature?

For most packages, Amazon does not require a signature on delivery. Only pricy items such as electrical accessories or large, expensive furniture require an adult signature. If you are buying age-restricted items such as alcohol or M18 video games—which require verification that the customer is at least 18 years old—an adult signature will be required on delivery. Whether or not a signature is required upon delivery will be displayed on the checkout page when finalizing your purchase.

But what if you want to require a signature on delivery for your package even though it does not meet the criteria outlined by Amazon? How do you go about doing that? Find out by reading on.

What Amazon Packages Require A Signature?

Ordinary Amazon products such as shoes, toys, and groceries do not require an adult signature on delivery. Buying from a third-party seller on Amazon may necessitate a signature upon delivery, even though Amazon does not typically impose such a requirement. By verifying that their packages have reached their destinations, third-party sellers can safeguard their stellar reputation and customer satisfaction scores.

An adult signature will be required if you are making an order costing above $500, more often than not. This is typical when buying expensive items like laptops, tablets, Kindle e-readers, cell phones, and printers. Furniture, bicycles, recreational equipment, and jewelry, especially if they cost more than $500 or $1,000, will likely require a signature upon delivery.

If you are ordering age-restricted items such as alcohol, you will be required to prove your age by presenting an ID. If you do not have your ID, you could use your driver's license or passport instead.

How To Require A Signature For Your Amazon Orders?

If you want to necessitate a signature to be presented on delivery, you should select the shipping option, which calls for an adult signature. If such an option is unavailable, you can contact the courier and request the items to be held so you can pick them up yourself. This is a simple way of ensuring that no one else picks up the package, drastically reducing the chance of theft.

The option of requiring a signature is presented to you on the final screen when making the order. This is after you have selected the shipping address and payment method. On the checkout page, you are presented with various shipping options, and you need to choose the one requiring a signature. Please note that in most cases, going for this option will increase the overall shipping cost—courier companies typically charge more for this service, and the cost will therefore be passed down to you.

One thing to note is that ordering directly from Amazon gives you more shipping options than you would otherwise get from ordering from a third-party seller on the marketplace.

What If You Are Not Available To Sign The Order?

So, what do you do if you are worried that you won't be at home to sign for the package when the order arrives? The first thing you should do is log in to your Amazon account and navigate to the “Your Orders” section. If you confirm that the order has not been shipped yet, simply change your delivery location to a different shipping address where someone will be available to sign the package for you.

If the order has already been shipped, you should contact Amazon customer support and enquire if the delivery address can be changed. If it's too late and the order is out on the road for delivery, the delivery address can't be changed. In this case, you should contact someone you trust to receive the package on your behalf.

If you are not at home to receive the package and no one can receive the package on your behalf, Amazon will send you a message indicating a delivery attempt. If this occurs three times, the package will be sent back to the seller, and a refund will be granted.

Do Amazon Fresh Deliveries Require A Signature?

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service by Amazon, exclusively for Prime members, for groceries, and other household essentials. Amazon Fresh is also popular due to its fast delivery options. Depending on your location, you can choose between same-day delivery, at times being as fast as 2 or 3 hours after making the order.

Amazon Fresh orders are treated just like regular Amazon orders; you can therefore choose to require an adult signature on delivery if you want to.

Do Deliveries Via Amazon Key Require A Signature?

Amazon Key is a service only available to Prime members that grants delivery personnel entry to the customer's residence, vehicle, or other secure location. Key in-home delivery requires an additional kit purchase by Amazon Prime members, but the service is provided at no extra cost.

Yale or Kwikset's smart lock and Amazon's cloud-enabled, Full HD (1080p) night-vision camera are included in the bundle. As of this writing, Amazon Prime members pay an extra $7 per month, or $69 per year, for access to the Key package's essential features.

Amazon Key does not require a signature for deliveries. Consequently, certain items requiring a signature on delivery cannot be delivered via Amazon Key. Deliveries that require a signature, such as a furniture or other large items, will only be made if someone is there to accept the package and provide a signature.

Bottom Line

Amazon only demands a signature upon delivery of large and pricey items. Certain items include expensive electrical accessories and furniture. If you are shopping for regular everyday items, you don't have to worry about being home to sign for the delivery.

An additional thing to note is that if you are ordering an age-restricted item, such as alcohol, you will need to provide a valid document, such as an ID, as proof of age. Additionally, if you want your order to require a signature upon delivery, choose the corresponding shipping option when checking out.

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