Does Amazon Give Bonuses? (Everything You're Interested in)

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Amazon has one of the best work policies, and that is why Amazon jobs are one of the sought opportunities worldwide. Getting your dream job position at Amazon can be exciting, but you start thinking about the perks once the excitement cools down. Job bonuses are some of the perks you might ask about Amazon jobs. Does Amazon Give Bonuses?

Landing your dream job is always an exciting moment in anyone’s life. Landing a job in a world-leading e-commerce organization like Amazon could add more appeal. You can learn industry trends while working with one of the best e-commerce organizations.

However, the best part of any joy is the remuneration for your hard work. Amazon pays its staff adequately, depending on your position at the organization. Does Amazon Give Bonuses? The article below explores the question about bonuses for employees working at Amazon.

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Does Amazon Give Bonuses?

Amazon does indeed offer bonuses to its employees, though the amount and type of bonus offered can vary depending on a number of factors. For instance, Amazon may choose to provide a one-time bonus for employees who complete specific tasks or goals. In some cases, Amazon will also provide an annual performance bonus to those who have achieved excellent performance ratings.

Types Of Employee Bonus

Different types of bonuses exist in the workforce today. The various Bonuses available to an employee depend on their work and contract. Below are Bonuses you can expect from your employer.

Let us try to explore if Amazon offers the various types of bonuses listed above.

Does Amazon Offer Signing Bonuses?

Signing bonuses are offered to employees once they sign a contract to join a company/organization. Amazon offers employees signing bonuses when signing their work contracts. The signing bonus is a policy that started in September 2021 in an attempt for Amazon to acquire more than 150,000 employees in its community.

The signing bonuses are reserved only for new or returning associates. Senior employees like the L4 and above are also eligible for the signing bonuses, but their signing bonuses are higher than junior associates joining/returning to Amazon. The Amazon signing bonuses range between $ 1000 to $ 5000, depending on your position and location.

Does Amazon Offer Commission Bonuses?

Amazon offers commission bonuses to its sales associates to encourage them to sell more products on the e-commerce platform. The associate commission policy applies once a product ships to a customer. However, some caveats exist to govern how associate commissions are issued.

The first caveat is that the associate commission does not apply in cases where the customer cancels the order before shipping it out. The second caveat is that the commission is deducted from their earnings if the customer returns the product. The associate commission tends to favor Amazon over the sales associates, thus discouraging sales associates from Amazon.

Does Amazon Offer Spot Bonuses?

Spot bonuses are a type of recognition given to employees for outstanding performance at the workplace. You can get three types of spot bonuses in the workplace. You can expect peer-to-peer bonuses, (spontaneous) payments, or cash payments. The peer-to-peer bonuses are for an employee after a vote amongst employees to recognize effort/team playing in the workplace.

An employee can benefit from a (spontaneous) payment after performing a particular/specific task. Amazon does not offer cash/spontaneous payments to employees, but depending on the location of work, an employee can get peer-peer bonuses in the form of recognition.

Does Amazon Offer Retention Bonuses?

Retention Bonuses are a form of recognition for exemplary performance during your work period. It is hard to get experienced workers, and retention bonuses help build and retain employees with experience. Amazon offers retention bonuses to some of its employees to help encourage and keep them in the workplace.

Amazon retention bonuses depend on the position and location. An SDE IIIs, for example, earns a retention bonus between 250K - 350K. However, the retention bonus is payable over two years. The retention bonus includes a 20% paycheck payment and 80% in stock vested in the next two years, with a 6-month vesting cycle.

Does Amazon Offer Holiday Bonuses?

Holiday bonuses are goodwill to employees during holiday periods. Holiday bonuses are essential because they help boost morale and offer an opportunity for employees to enjoy their time off work. Employees reenergize during holidays and come back to work fresh with a reset mind and body state.

Amazon offers holiday bonuses to its employees, and the amount varies depending on the position and location of the employee. Amazon offers most part-time employees a $ 150-holiday bonus, whereas full-time employees get a $ 300 holiday bonus.

Does Amazon Offer Annual Bonuses?

Annual bonuses are special gratuities for employees for work well done at the end of every year. Closing the year on a high note is essential in boosting employee morale. Most companies/organizations offer annual bonuses to their employees to enjoy the end-year festivities with their loved ones. Unfortunately, Amazon does not give employees a yearly bonus.

However, new employees can expect a year one and two sign-on bonus after joining the Amazon workforce. You must remain with Amazon for at least a year to be eligible for the year one sign-on bonus.

Does Amazon offer Quitting Bonuses?

Quitting bonuses are also referred to as pay-to-quit bonuses. The pay-to-quit bonus is an ingenious method for employers to ensure employees take time to reflect on what they want before quitting. Some regard the quitting bonus as a way to stop employees from having one foot out the door. Amazon does offer pay-to-quit bonuses to its employees.

The amount for pay-to-quit bonuses d depends on the position and location of the employee. The Amazon quitting bonuses range from $ 2000 to $ 5000. However, once an employee cashes an Amazon pay-to-quit bonus, they are not allowed to rejoin the Amazon workforce. An Amazon employee is thus required to rethink their decision before quitting the company.


The only way to calculate the bonuses available for an Amazon employee is to get the Amazon A-Z application on their phone. An Amazon warehouse employee must have the Amazon A-Z application to get detailed information about their work responsibilities and employee benefits.

The Amazon bonuses are taxable, and the amount of tax payable also depends on the position and location of the employee. You can also find Amazon bonuses and other employee benefits in the contract. Ensure you read and understand the Amazon employment contract before signing the document.

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