Does Amazon Deliver to Apartments? (Something You Might Be Interested In)

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Discover if Amazon delivers to apartments and learn about their delivery procedures in this comprehensive guide. We aim to answer all your queries about Amazon's apartment delivery services.

Amazon is a trusted online marketplace known for its high-quality offerings and prompt delivery services. Typically, deliveries are made to designated collection points. In this article, we aim to address two common questions: "Does Amazon deliver to apartments?" and "How does Amazon deliver to apartments?" 

Through this brief yet comprehensive guide, we aim not only to answer these queries but also to address other related concerns about Amazon's delivery practices. Continue reading for more insights.

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Does Amazon Deliver to Apartments?


Yes, Amazon does indeed deliver packages to apartments, accommodating both small and large parcels. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from four delivery options when placing your order: direct unit delivery, front office drop-off, Amazon Lockers, or doorstep delivery.

The service also allows for the delivery of larger packages under specific conditions, with tracking available for all orders. Amazon gives customers the flexibility to have their orders delivered directly to their apartment unit or left at the complex's front desk, according to their preference.  However, your apartment's rules and regulations may differ and cause challenges. Contacting your landlord before purchasing online and asking Amazon to deliver to your doorstep is advisable.

Apart from delivering the package to your doorstep, there are designated areas where your parcel can be delivered for you to pick it up later within your apartment. It means that whether you are present or not during the delivery process, your package will be safe until you collect it.

Now that you must be worried about how Amazon delivers to Apartments, below are useful facts to be considered while making purchases and setting your delivery address.

How Amazon Orders Are Delivered to Apartments?

Each building has its own policies regarding package delivery. Therefore, you should inquire with the building management about the procedure for receiving Amazon packages.

Your building's administration may be able to come up with a solution if your apartment is located in a gated neighborhood with a front mailbox. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can choose one of the four different apartment delivery options on the final checkout page. By understanding these options, you will know what to expect and make better delivery decisions.

Choose wisely and go with the one that suits you best. Several customers have lodged complaints about the risk of package theft from the public entranceway where Amazon delivery staff leave parcels.

Can Amazon Get Into Apartment Buildings?

Amazon has begun delivering to apartments in some US cities, and customers can choose to have their Amazon orders delivered directly to their apartment or left at the front desk of the complex.

However, delivery workers may face challenges accessing apartment buildings due to limited parking spaces and locked front doors. Some apartment complexes have specific instructions for package delivery, so it is best to check with the landlord for more information.

Amazon also offers a self-service delivery location called Amazon Hub Apartment Locker, which allows residents to receive packages from and other retailers

Does Amazon Deliver Large Packages to Apartments?  

If you plan to have a large item sent to your apartment, you may wonder if it will be brought to the lobby. From what we know, Amazon can deliver big things like furniture to apartments, but only under certain circumstances.

If you want your Amazon package sent to your home, you'll need to confirm your apartment's delivery instructions, apartment's delivery address and give any necessary access codes. Amazon also asks that you ensure the address is correct and give an easy-access path description for the delivery person.

On their website, Amazon says that delivery people can only deliver big packages up or down two flights of stairs. So, people who live on higher floors will have to move the item themselves from the second floor. But if your apartment has an elevator, the Amazon delivery person will bring the item to your door.

What's the New Package-Safe Technology on Amazon?

The way people go about their every day routines is shifting due to technological advancements. Protection systems installed in your home have helped improve the reliability of package delivery.

Amazon delivery services have implemented authentication procedures to ensure that only the designated delivery person is granted access to a customer's residence during the scheduled delivery window.

In case your apartment has the protection system installed, the door will unlock after the delivery person arrives, and a camera will begin recording. Note that the delivery person is never given keys or access codes.

How Do You Use Amazon Apartment Locker?

If you have an Amazon Apartment Locker associated with your home address instead of your door, packages will be delivered to the Locker. You'll need to get in touch with the building's manager to register your name, address, and email address with the Amazon Locker kiosk. The Apartment Locker will store packages sent to your home address until you pick them up.

Using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) parcel scanner, delivery staff access the Locker; the Locker then determines the approximate size of the package and unlocks a suitable storage area for the delivery person to deposit it.

Does Amazon Deliver to The Third Floor?

Amazon offers special delivery options for large and bulky items, including delivery to a room within your residence up or down up to two flights of stairs. However, it is unclear whether Amazon delivers to a specific floor within an apartment building. Some customers have reported difficulty with delivery workers accessing their apartment complex or specific unit. It may be best to contact Amazon customer service for more information on delivery options to a specific floor within an apartment building.

How Do I Add An Apartment to Amazon?

To add an apartment to Amazon, go to "Your Addresses" and select "Add address"1. You will be asked to confirm your payment card number the next time you place an order using the new or edited address.

However, it is important to note that the package delivery procedure differs from complex to complex, so it is best to check with the landlord for specific instructions on how to receive packages.

Amazon offers the option to have orders delivered directly to individual units or left at the front desk for pickup. Additionally, customers can set their delivery address to a local post office if their packages won't fit in their mailbox

Can You Track Amazon Orders?

Before anything else, call Amazon's Customer Service immediately if the website says your item has been delivered, but you haven't gotten it.

If you place an order on Amazon Marketplace, you can only check its status if the seller shares information about it.

For ordinary orders made on Amazon, customers can find out how long it will take for their packages to arrive at their homes by using Amazon's order tracking feature.

The easy-to-use tracking system makes it easy to know when your order will arrive. Go to "Your Orders" in your profile menu.

Then, look for the order of interest. If you want to know how your package is doing, click the "Track Package" link next to the order. Here you will see where your order is in the process and when it might arrive.


Getting an Amazon package delivered to an apartment building is possible. Amazon will bring your package right to your door, no matter how big or small. From the checkout page, choose how you want your product delivered.

You should check with your building's management or landlord to see how Amazon packages are handled. In addition to having packages brought right to your door, residents can have them left in certain locations within their apartments.

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