Does 711 Do Money Order? (Things You Must Know)

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Are you wondering if 711 offers Money Order services, how to get the services, and many more? Then this is the right place for you. We have researched, and here are the detailed and verified answers.

There have been many digital payment methods on the internet. Still, most businesses are using the old methods through their services in not only sending but also receiving money.

Money Order remains one of the simple and safest methods to send and receive cash. If you are an online enthusiast, then you must have learned different businesses offer money-order services. However, it becomes hard to locate a store that guarantees the Money Order from your locality. For the 711 dedicated customers, they are wondering if these guys offer Money Order services.

Other than heading to the bank, hold on and read our article to find out if they have the Money Order services, the limitations, charges, how to use the services, and many more tips. Read our expert article and make a decision.

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Does 711 Do Money Order?

Yes, 7-Eleven provides money order services across many of its stores. Known for a wide range of products, 7-Eleven also excels in offering various financial services, including Money Orders. These are featured prominently on their website as a secure alternative to cash and more straightforward than checks, without the need for a bank account.

However, the company charges customers a small fee when it comes to Money Order services. At a time, it starts from 1 to 3%. Compared to other retail stores online, this rate is lower. Some locations even go beyond to use the Western Union as well as MoneyGram for any transaction carried out.

If this sounds interesting and you wish to explore more, learn how to send Money Order at 711, and other vital facts to keep in mind, then keep reading our article. We are just getting started to unlock all the services at 711.

How to Get Money Order Service at 7-Eleven?

As stated, purchasing a Money Order at 711 will cost you a fixed charge of 1 to 3%, considering the total amount. Still, some location fees apply to the above percentage which the minimum charge is $0.65.

Thus, when you want to buy the Money Order form 711, the process is straightforward. Here is what you need to follow:

Also, keep in mind that using 7-Eleven's Money Order services may result in additional fees, which depend on the recipient's location and the amount being sent. It's important to note that 7-Eleven does not offer money order cashing services. To cash a money order, either you or the recipient will need to go to a bank, credit union, or another entity that provides these services.

How to Fill the Money Order at 7-Eleven

Once you purchase a Money Order at6 the 7-Eleven, then the next step is to fill out and proceed to finish everything. Therefore, some complications arise when filling out the form. Here is what you need to keep in mind and follow:-

Please fill the form correctly, and in all the sections. This will guarantee that your Money Order is successful with appropriate handling without any challenges.

Money Order Services at 711

7-Eleven provides money order services through either MoneyGram or Western Union, with the specific provider varying by store location. To ensure you access the service you need, it's wise to reach out to your local 7-Eleven and inquire about whether they offer MoneyGram or Western Union money orders.

Charges for the Money Order at 711

As stated, the real charges for the Money Order purchase are at 711, depending on the location. Generally, most of the stores will charge you 1 to 3% of the total amount you purchase. On top of that, they also have a minimum fee of $0.65.

Therefore, we advise customers to call the local 711 store and confirm the charges prior to the actual day for the services. At the moment, the maximum amount of money customers can buy for a Money Order is 500 $. From the website, they clearly state that when the amount is above the threshold, then they are void. Thus you can go elsewhere in case you need money that is more than $500. Refer to the next election for the alternative stores.

Alternative Stores that Offer Money Order Services.

In case the 711 stores are not satisfying, then you must be looking for the other stores that offer Money Order services. Multiple online retailers guarantee Money Order services but each has unique charges.

Of all the alternative stores, 711 has the lowest charge rate. It thus remains our favorite option for money-order purchases. But you may not be anywhere close to the 711 and need a unique option. We still got you covered. Some of the retailers that offer these Money Order are highlighted below:-

From the above lists, you can at least have an option. Both the above stores offer Money Order services at different charges. Refer to each website for more.

Other Financial Services at 711

There are multiple financial services at 711. Therefore, other than Money Order, you can still access numerous gift cards as well as prepaid cards. With the prepaid MasterCard, you can also skip the ATM charges in most of the 711 stores. You can also settle all the bills using the same card and enjoy a paycheck that is only accessible up to 2 days earlier. There are also unique business cards at 711 that are very important when it comes to managing vehicles and reducing expenditure on fuel.


In the above article, we have seen that many 711 locations offer Money Order at different fees with a minimum requirement charge of $0.65. through MoneyGram, some stores use Western Union, and many more. The charges for buying Money Order vary depending on the location. 711 only accepts a debit card and cash payment when purchasing a Money Order today.

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