Do Amazon Reviews Affect Sales? (Yes, and How They Work on Your Business)

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If you are buying a particular product on Amazon for the first time, you probably head to the review section first to see what other customers think of the product. Consequently, as an Amazon seller, having good product reviews will significantly boost your business. But how do you maintain good reviews and ratings on Amazon? Read on to find out.

If you are running a retail business, Amazon Marketplace may be the perfect place to sell your products. Thanks to Amazon's massive user base, your retail business will be exposed to over 300 million customers worldwide. As of 2020, Amazon Marketplace had over 200,000 sellers on the platform.

An additional two million small businesses have become third-party selling partners. With over 120 million monthly visitors, it's crucial that your business stands out and appeals to customers. Having high ratings and positive reviews from satisfied customers is one approach to accomplishing this goal.

Don't know how to get good reviews for your products? Don't worry; this post covers everything you need to know about Amazon reviews.

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Do Amazon Reviews Affect Sales?

Yes. Positive reviews on Amazon impact sales as products with high ratings and positive feedback are displayed at the top of search results. On the other hand, items with many negative reviews are shown lower. Research indicates that positive reviews can boost sales by 20%, motivating both Amazon and its millions of third-party Marketplace sellers to aim for customer satisfaction and positive reviews.

How Do Amazon Reviews Impact Your Sales And Rankings

Amazon Marketplace is one of the most competitive places to sell your products. More and more people are turning to online marketplaces to buy products. The main challenge with online shopping is that customers can not simply try out the product. It, therefore, becomes tough for customers to evaluate the quality and functionality of a product. Consequently, many customers turn to other customers’ reviews and ratings to evaluate the product. Having bad reviews will, therefore, negatively impact your sales.

Several things go into developing a successful Amazon business, but reviews are certainly one of the most crucial. The following are some of how having good reviews impact your business.

 Most customers will be skeptical about buying an Amazon product if it has no or few reviews. Without reviews, it becomes hard for the customer to trust the seller of the product. For instance, if you're in the market for wireless earbuds, you'll want to ensure they pump out some serious bass. Without previous reviews, trusting the quality of the earphones becomes difficult. You will most probably buy the earphones from the seller with the most reviews.

According to a previous survey from Bright Local, the average customer needs to read at least ten comments to trust a seller or product.

If there are no reviews for a product, consumers are understandably wary about making a purchase. Customers want to know they are not wasting money on low-quality products. The following are reasons why having great Amazon reviews will boost your sales.

Therefore, the more reviews you have, the more your sales will grow. Customers will feel more comfortable buying from you, and they may leave some more positive comments of their own. This will, in turn, lead to more growth for your business.

For customers to buy your product, your products must rank high on search results. Since the reviews are the primary indicator of the seller's success and customer satisfaction, Amazon will use the reviews to build the ranking system. Therefore, if you have many good reviews, you will rank high on search results, meaning that more and more customers will find your product.

This is just another justification for prioritizing the early stages of product review growth. You won't get much attention or rank high in search results without some feedback from customers.

In the business world, word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing. In Amazon, positive comments play the same role. In fact, positive reviews are more effective than ads. Most customers would instead buy a highly reviewed product compared to one that is highly advertised and has no reviews.

Additionally, reviews come for free instead of ads that must be paid for. This does, however, not mean that you should not pay for ads. Try and have both ads and positive reviews to boost your sales.

How Negative Reviews Can Affect Your Business

Negative reviews can be detrimental to your Amazon business, especially if you launch a new product line. So what do you do once you get a negative review on Amazon? The first thing to do, especially if the comment is bogus, is “report abuse.”

Another thing you can do is reach out to dissatisfied customers and see if something can be made right. Customers who have previously left negative reviews may be persuaded to make positive ones after being contacted, offered a replacement, or otherwise given a reason to change their minds.

It is moral and shrewd in the online retail sector to make amends with unhappy customers. However, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of bad product reviews by providing a positive customer experience and offering incentives for the positive feedback. This involves doing things like delivering better customer service and offering lower prices than the competition.

Bottom Line

Having positive reviews is the main driver for sales for your Amazon business. Positive reviews create trust between you and your customers, boost your sales, improve your search ranking, and act as a free form of marketing. Customers are 65% more likely to buy a product on Amazon if it has a review. Additionally, about a third of all customers on Amazon will not buy a product if it does not have any reviews. It is, therefore, essential that you have great reviews for your products. Additionally, make sure to avoid negative reviews, as they can be detrimental to your business.

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