Are Amazon Reviews Fake? (How to Identify Which Ones Are Real)

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There are still many fraudulent reviews on Amazon, even though the company has taken steps to ensure that the ratings they receive are authentic. Keep reading to learn more about Amazon reviews, how Many Amazon Ratings Are Fake, and more.

It's wise to check what other customers say about an item before purchasing it online. Some reviews may be in-depth, while others might be shallow. Is there a way to identify which ones are real? 

Detailed reviews tend to be accurate, while brief ones tend to be fake. Look for product reviews with a "verified purchase" badge to know that the writers bought the item from Amazon. Keep reading to learn more.

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Are Amazon Reviews Fake?

Although the majority of reviews on Amazon are genuine, there have been instances of fake reviews being posted on the website. Amazon takes steps to prevent this and to remove fake reviews when they are detected, but not all of them.  

To help identify genuine reviews, you can look for the "verified purchase" label next to the reviewer's name, which indicates that the person actually purchased the product. Keep in mind, however, that even verified reviews may not be representative of everyone's experience with a product.

How Many Amazon Ratings Are Fake?

Since there are such a large number of product listings, each of which often has hundreds or even thousands of reviews, it is only natural that some are not genuine. After analyzing 720 million reviews posted on Amazon between March and September, a monitoring service called Fakespot found that 42% were fake, up from 36% the previous year.

Constant review submission and underhanded methods employed by certain vendors to artificially inflate their review counts may make it impossible to determine an accurate total. Unlike Amazon, where many product listings have hundreds or thousands of ratings, smaller online merchants may only have a dozen. ReviewMeta is the other Amazon analyzer, and it takes a slightly different approach by displaying the Amazon rating if it removes the suspicious reviews.

Fake reviews are easy to discover if you use a service like Fakespot or ReviewMeta, or just search for significant misspellings and grammatical errors in the text. Customers who only left a single review or use superlatives like "wonderful" or "excellent" should be suspicious. Be wary of reviews that are overwhelmingly positive or negative.

Dishonest businesses may provide financial incentives for customers to write positive evaluations of their goods and unfavorable ratings of their rivals. Short, negative, positive, and suspiciously positive evaluations are also suspicious.

What Does It Mean When Amazon Verifies A Purchase?

A "verified purchase" badge beside a review indicates that a genuine customer wrote it. It signifies the reviewer made a standard purchase from The verification process ensures that the reviews you read are authentic and reliable. It's important to remember that this doesn't imply that all product reviews that don't have the verified label are false.

A verified purchase indicates that Amazon checked the transaction details after you bought the goods from its website or that you dint get the appropriate discount for the purchase. When a customer logs into their Amazon account to post a review, the company may see their purchase history and decide whether or not to give them a "verified purchase" badge.

Is There Any Truth to the Reviews on Amazon?

You can grasp how genuine a review is by reading the review itself. Does the product review seem like someone with experience with the product wrote it? Fake reviews focus on broad categories like excellent or poor and are brief. Authentic Amazon reviews are far more detailed than the average review, including specifics about the product's appearance, texture, and functionality.

The reviews with the fewest ratings on Amazon are often the most reliable because customers are more willing to be open and truthful when giving these reviews, even if their comments are less than ideal for the company. Instead of relying just on positive reviews, you may make a well-informed purchase choice by reading reviews that provide both the advantages and negatives of a product.

Is There A Program That Is Officially Designed To Review Amazon Products?

Customers who have previously bought a product from Amazon and are willing to provide a review on the site may join the Early Reviewer Program. Especially for newer items with little evaluations, the merchant is hoping to get genuine feedback. When someone buys one of these products, Amazon may contact them to see if they would be willing to provide a review.

If you purchase a product via the program and have a clean review history, Amazon may randomly choose you to give a product review for the firm. Customers who submit reviews during the promotional time will get a little incentive in exchange for feedback, such as an Amazon rewards card valued at less than $5.

Although merchants can choose which goods to feature in the initiative, they do not have any control over which consumers receive the review invitation or what the customers have to say about the product.

The same rule applies to sellers who cannot converse with customers concerning feedback left on their listings. It is also against the rules for sellers to engage in conversation with customers regarding the reviews they have left.

You cannot edit or remove Reviews posted via the Early Reviewer Program as long as they adhere to Amazon's Community Guidelines since the strong values are only valid, honest input. These reviews are reliable sources for open and objective commentary on cutting-edge goods.

How Does One Write A Genuine Review On

You can use the regular website or the Amazon Shopping app on your phone to write a review.

Step 1: Go to Amazon, log in, and find the product you wish to review.

Step 2: Go to the section labeled Customer reviews, and select the Submit a customer feedback button beneath this item's heading.

Step 3: When you click the button, you'll get led to a webpage where you may give the product an overall rating, evaluate its features, upload a picture, and write a review with a heading.

Step 4: When you're through reviewing, click the "Submit" button at the bottom.


Amazon is the go-to online destination for millions of essentials, so it's no surprise that many goods have hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews for you to read. Sadly, some unethical sellers will provide discounts or gifts for dishonest feedback from the clients. To ensure you are reading genuine reviews, you should look for indicators such as the "Verified Purchase" or "Early Reviewer Program" badges.

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