CookUnity Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth to Buy?

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Do you want to try something classier on your meal delivery plan?CookUnity fits in your bill. If you are still trying to convince, find out more in our article. Everything you need to know about the CookUnity is right here.

If you have been wondering how to balance your tight schedule with the home routine without getting a solution, then this is the time you have to go the extra mile. you can have that little time relaxing at home instead of going to the market and cooking your meal. Well, there are many companies nowadays that specialize in meal delivery services around the world.

Regardless of the location, a reputable firm must be in the industry. Therefore, today, we are going to receive the CookUnity. This is a well-known brand, especially with its massive collection of highly qualified chefs.

The company also claims they deliver meals to the doorsteps at an affordable cost. This is the time to delve deeper and find out more about CookUnity. Before you give the company a go, here is what you need to know first. Read along to the end.

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CookUnity Review

While not many people can afford a personal chef, CookUnity is here at your disposal. CookUnity is a company that acts as a marketplace with plenty of restaurant-worthy meals. They have convenient subscription-based programs for all customers.

This translates to CookUnity working hard to connect professional chefs with potential consumers. Their meals are sourced from the locals and contain organic and sustainable ingredients. Thus, they have high-end dishes, but the good thing is that all these come at an affordable price.

The professional chefs whip creative meals in the certified kitchen and then deliver them to the customers' doorstep. The ookUnity comprehensive menu is designed and prepared by professionals at the Michelin spots, a favorite bustle eaterie at home. Historically, the brand was founded by Mateo Marietti in 2015. He had the idea to come up with the brand immediately after accessing the limited options services in meal delivery on the market.

Since customers were only allowed to select from a good variety and low-price services, Mateo capitalized on this business opportunity to develop an exceptional brand. CookUnity is based in New York and aims to bring the food taste back and has partnered with many professional chefs in the US to inspire them to provide convenient meals.

Therefore, the brand meals delivery services are now available in major cities such as  Atlanta, LA, and Austin. The company has gotten attention because of its flourishing business and has managed to feature in famous publications like  Tech Crunch, CNet, and The New Yorker. If you are ready to know more about this brand, keep reading to the end.

We will go through all the customer feedback, promotional services, the subsp[triona plans, and how to get a meal delivered to your home. We would also like to enlighten you on the pros and cons of the brand before going to the subscription plans.

CookUnity Pros:

CookUnity Cons:

Why We Like CookUnity?

First, I will start by stating that CookUnity delivers complex-tasting meals to the customers, but they make the delivery process simple and affordable. This alone is enough to convince you of our stand as well. Therefore, professional chefs ensure that customers get high-class and delicious meals that can satisfy them even with a quick bite, regardless of how busy their day is.

Ordering is effortless, and it only takes you 4 simple steps. First, start by telling them what you want or like, such as wellness goals or protein-targeting meals. Their plan subscription begins with 4 deliveries per week. You can proceed by setting the meal plan, paying, and waiting for the deliveries. They will deliver fresh meals, but you must heat them before eating.

They come in insulated and sustainable bags capable of lasting for the next 7 days while in the fridge but never freezing. There are two heating options, fast and chef's way. Then you can wait for next week's delivery. The brand offers over 300 meals a week, and they post their recipes 2 weeks in advance.

Another reason we prefer CookUnity is that the company is among the first to establish high-end chefs' connections with customers using subscription-based plans on the website.

They offered top-tier meals designed and packaged by professional and skilled chefs. This means it surpasses the average meal you have ever tasted. Still, CookUnity also sources their meal ingredients from local, organic farms hence sustainable.

Their packaging is also environmentally friendly. As long as you are a qualified and skilled chef, you can submit your application with relevant details to be approved as a chef. Before that, app applicants are invited to cook in their kitchen first.

The Best-selling CookUnity Meals

There are plenty of plans available on the platform. The chefs believe in their perfect balancing of a dish not only with them but also nutrition. They have all the Vegan, keto, etc. In line with the best-selling foods, they have Roasted Butternut Squash Tacos by Ruben Garcia, which have a vibrant flavor and contrasting squash sweetness.

Larry also makes red Wine Braised Short Ribs alongside Marc, and these come with whipped sweet potatoes and bacon Brussels sprouts good for a night date. The last option here is Glazed Sheet Pan Chicken prepared by Andres, where the thighs are roasted to perfection and then gazed upon by the rich brown sugar and spice.

Even though CookUnity offers bolder and bigger flavors than all the average meals, they are perfect for anyone who is seeking advanced meals to taste. All meals are pre-cooked, but you must eat before eating. There are many grownup meal profiles on the platform. Check it out.

Customer Review

In line with our reviews, this article would not be complete by looking at the customer feedback and ratings online. Therefore, I  took time to search for the CookUnity customer feedback and reviews, and we realized that the brand has multiple excellent ratings online. It has established a strong reputation for its fresh, vegan, and high-quality meal kits that are sustainable and sourced from organic products.

The company provides a variety of meals, and customers were impressed with the professional chefs. To get the taste and quality idea, you must review a few feedbacks. Since there is much feedback online, we will start off with their official website Most reviews are based on the best ingredients, zero waste, and innovative packaging. Each meal has an excellent rating on its website.

To start with, Beef and Black Bean Chili scores 4.4 stars after over 999 reviews, LaFrieda Signature Cheeseburger gets 4.2 ratings after 905 reviews, Sweet potato Curry scores 4.3 stars after over 999 reviews, Mediterranean spiced shrimp with Romesco gets 4.2 stars after 999+ reviews.

This is excellent feedback on the meals from this brand. To bring you a bigger picture, we decided to pick a Beef and Black Bean Chilli with Cheddar and a Corn Muffin meal with 1683 reviews on the East Coast, and it seems that people are impressed with the ingredients.

It comes high in protein and calories, contains nuts, and is spicy. Moving ahead, there are also plenty of reviews on Trustpilot. I had to recount the reviews to get the number clear. After 1912 reviews, the brand has a 3.7 rating which is averagely good and indicates people are satisfied with the meal delivery.

The good news is that 43% of the customers gave it 5 stars, but only 15% raised issues. Among the reviews on the Trustpilot, we were impressed by the customers stating:

"CookUnity offers a wide range of food options. Asian, Latino, African, and Indian cuisines, among others! Some meals may taste better than others, but they have far more "hits" than "mishaps." I've been impressed with all of their dietary options. Particularly with their vegan meals. I had a few delivery issues and even forgot to skip the weeks ahead a few times. Customer care always handles my issues quickly, easily, and with care, which I acknowledge. I've been a Cook Unity supporter for over a year and have no regrets."

On The Spruce Eats website, this company also gets a rating of 4.6 stars which is excellent. The blog's author is amazed by the many collections, tasty flavors, and sustainable packaging materials. In the verdicts, the author concludes that:

"CookUnity's menus provide diverse, delectable, chef-driven options similar to those found in restaurants but supplied right to your door. Although not every dish was a hit with us, and portion sizes varied, we loved the diverse range and emphasis on flavor and would order again as a fast-casual restaurant replacement."

Moving ahead, we now head to the Yelp page. This is one of the places where CookUnity has a strong reputation. Of 387 reviews, the company has 3.5 stars. There are many customers here that are recommending these meals to you as well.

In this review, I need to include the, Subscription Addiction and Very Well Fit sites in this review. The authors are also happy to have the meal and write reviews on the experience on these sites. The meal gets a 4.5 rating on cnet, while Very Well Fit scores 4.5 stars.

The other reputable external review sites with feedback that we cannot assume are and DeliveryRvank, where the brand gets a 9.4 stars rating on the diet option. Food BoxHQ and Mashable end our list of external review sites today.

This far, it is clear that what impresses customers is the CookUnity food taste, flavor, the extensive collection of meals, sustainability, and high-quality meals. The above, together with the dependable deliveries, CookUnity customer reviews indicate that many customers are satisfied and select a few concerns raised here and there that have been attended to.

Where to Buy CookUnity?

If you decide to try it yourself, you are looking for a place to start. Then sorry, CookUnity meals offer you an online marketplace to connect with professional chefs in the USA. This implies that the only way to get the smell subscription plan delivered to your doorstep is to visit their website at and subscribe.

Otherwise, there is no other method you can purchase these meals since it's a delicate product that needs a lot of attention.

Does CookUnity sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found CookUnity stores on Amazon.

Is CookUnity Worth It?

Cookunity is the best option if you want not just the average meal delivery and a little high-end meal kit. The brand is worth it not just because of the affordable pricing but also being able to cancel, skip and pose anytime. CookUnity meals are p[repared by professional chefs across the USA who are accomplished and cook from their restaurants.

I can equate the meal kit to the meal you can purchase in a restaurant, but this one is made with locally sourced, natural, and sustainable ingredients.

Even though consumers are held responsible for heating the meal, it is fresh, and there is a vegan option. You have complete control over deciding what to eat and how often you need the meal delivered, even if you are at the workplace. Considering all the above and multiple positive customer feedbacks, the CookUnity meal delivery kit is the best and worth your money.

CookUnity Discounts

Hold on, just right there. Are you looking for the CookUnity hot deals? In our reviews, we realized that the company gives customers multiple discounts and promotional services on their meal kits.

Besides having affordable pricing compared to the competitors on the market, CookUnity also offers new customers 30% off on their first orders with promo code GET30OFF. Again, free shipping is also one of the best promotions customers enjoy. Subscribe to their newspapers and get updated on all the latest deals, promo codes, and discounts.

CookUnity Contact

In a case in the reviews, we have yet to share something else worth noting. Never hesitate to contact the CookUnity support team for help or extra information. in the research and from their website, the company gave out multiple ways to get them. First, call their customer support number at +1 (347) 835 5020 or email them at

Equally, these guys are active on their social media platform accounts. Reach out, engage, collaborate and seek clarification on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow them for more future updates.


Q. Who is the founder of CookUnity company?

Mateo Marietti in the USA started Cookunity.

Q. Is CookUnity transparent in terms of the nutritional ingredients in the meal?

From the information and customer feedback, it is clear that the company is transparent and gives all the nutritional contents and ingredients contained in each dish. Before you choose your weekly recipe, you are accessible to all data collected in the dish with its complete nutritional profile, including carbs, calories, and fat.

Vital tags like low calories make your selection process easy. Each food delivered is packaged in particular containers where each package has calories and other ingredients indicated, and you can also scan the QR to see the contents.

Q. Are CookUnity dishes organic?

From the online information, the CookUnity professional chefs cook meals by sourcing materials from local organic producers. Even though the team considered the local farmers' produce first, these outputs might not all be organic to an extent.

Q. Are CookUnity meals regarded as healthy to customers?

In most cases, the company delivers not only fresh, local, and organic emails that contain a nutritious and balanced diet. In addition, the meal also has clean veggies, fat, grains, and proteins. Therefore all customers have an option when subscribing to a plan to select their recipes which range from Vegan to under 600 cal, whole 30, and keto meals.

Q. Does CookUnity use sustainable packaging kits?

The information in our reviews above indicates that CookUnity uses compostable, recyclable, and recycled materials in packaging. However, packaging differs depending on your location, but generally, the company delivers meals in a mix of packaging paper bags, boxes, and other sustainable containers.

Some people receive the meal kit in an insulated resealable bag, allowing them to reuse or send it back to the company during the next day's delivery.

Q. Is there something that I should know before signing up for the CookUnity delivery meal plan?

There are a lot; you must first note that the company only delivers dishes to a few places in the US, but they are working hard and expanding faster. In most cases, the company serves customers in Northeastern and South America.

Immediately you sign up for the weekly meal delivery plan, customers start receiving their weekly meal kits delivered to their doorsteps or workplaces, though you can skip, cancel, or p[ouse. All deliveries are done on the same day every consecutive week.

Again, this company has different delivery options, such as delivery to the doorstep, doorman, and leave-in-the-door rather than contactless. However, before these guys deliver meals, either 3 or 6th days later, they send you a message so that you can amend in case of any changes to the meal.


CookUnity is one of a kind with its online weekly meal delivery subscription service. Although they deliver organic, high-quality, and sometimes fresh dishes, all these come at an affordable price and are delivered to your preferred location. The company has a wide selection of options from Vegan to keto and a whole 30 meals. Subscribe and start enjoying the meals as you save bucks and time.

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