Can You Split Payments on Amazon in 2022?

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What is payment splitting? How does splitting payments work on Amazon? Can you split payments on Amazon? In this post, we will provide answers to these and a couple of other questions surrounding the whole concept of splitting payments. Keep reading for the details….

Sometime when you are at the retail store shopping, you may realize that you have insufficient funds in your usual payment gateway. For instance, you discover you have shopped for goods worth $1000 while you only have $800 in cash and other funds in your debit of credit card. So you may want to ask the store owner if they are okay if you pay part of the bill using funds from the alternative source; debit or credit card. That’s exactly how the concept of split payments work.

In this post, you will learn how payment splitting works and whether it is allowed on Amazon. With that being said, let’s answer the questions, “can you split payments on Amazon?”

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What Is Split Payment, and How Does It Work?

The concept of split payment refers to the use of multiple payment gateways to make payments for good or services to the same merchant. As the name suggests, splitting payment implies you’re dividing the payment so that you use different methods to pay. For instance, you can pay part of the bill using your debit of credit card and then pay the rest in cash. Here's how to split payments model works on Amazon using a gift card as the payment gateway:

To start, complete a purchase as usual and apply all available gift cards or promotional balances during checkout.

Your default payment method will be charged for the remaining balance, so ensure it has enough credit.

If you have an Amazon Store Card or Amazon Prime Store Card, use it to pay off the remaining balance.

Can You Split Payments on Amazon In 2022?

Amazon does not allow split payments on two debit or credit cards. You can request a refund of the second payment, but they will not issue a credit to your Amazon account.

If you want to split a payment, you can purchase an Amazon gift card and then use it as a form of payment. If you do this, it's best to buy the gift card before you purchase so that you have the option to use it on your order during checkout.

How Do I Split a Payment on Amazon With a Gift Card?

If you're looking to split a payment on Amazon, it's easy. You can follow the steps below to get it done:

Step 1: Purchase enough gift cards to cover the cost of your purchase. You can purchase as many cards as you want, but remember you only need enough gift cards to cover the total cost of the items you're buying, including tax and shipping if applicable.

Step 2: Add the items you want to buy to your Amazon cart.

Step 3: Apply all the gift card codes to your account by selecting the “Gift card” option on the Amazon homepage, then select “Apply to your account.”

Step 4: Proceed to checkout, and in the “Payment method,” follow Amazon's payment instructions to the gift card codes. You can add debit/ card as your other payment option.

Step 5: Review your order before finalizing your purchase. If all seems correct, you can complete the check-out process. You don’t want to be surprised when the order package finally arrives.

How Do I Add an Amazon Gift Card to My Amazon Account?

Amazon allows you to use a gift card as a payment gateway. Moreover, you can only split payments on Amazon using a gift card. Follow the steps below to add an Amazon gift card to your Amazon account:

Step 1: First, you will need to purchase an Amazon gift card from either the Amazon retail store or You can also get some from eBay and other stores that sell Amazon gift cards.

Step 2: Log in to your Amazon account and go to the “Gift Cards” section.

Step 3: Click “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account.”

Step 4: Enter your claim code and click “Apply to Your Balance.”

Step 5: Your gift card balance will be applied automatically to eligible orders during the checkout process. As such, you can use the balance in case of split payments.

Can I use a Visa/ Mastercard to Split a Payment on Amazon?

When purchasing on Amazon, you can generally pay with your Visa or MasterCard, just like any other online purchase.

However, if you are splitting your payment on Amazon using an eligible pre-paid Visa or MasterCard, you won't be able to use this method of payment. That's because Amazon doesn't accept payments from prepaid cards. To split your payment on Amazon, you'll have to use a credit card.

Which Payment Methods Does Amazon Accept?

When it comes to paying for goods on Amazon, there are select payment methods that are acceptable. Some of these include Amazon Store Card, Amazon Rewards, Visa Card, Military star, MasterCard/EuroCard, Visa debit/credit card, American Express, Discover Network, Diner's Club (U.S. billing addresses only), JCB, NYCE, China UnionPay (credit card only).

Why Doesn’t Amazon Accept Split Payments with Credit/ Debit Cards?

Due to the constraints imposed by the credit card service provider, Amazon may not be able to authorize split payments with credit/debit cards. Moreover, split payments with credit or debit cards come with a lot of financial risks such as fraud and identity theft and Amazon is wary of all that.

Which Stores and Websites Allow Customers To Split Their Payments?

It's no secret that many people struggle to pay for their holiday purchases in one lump sum. That's why many stores and websites are now offering options for customers to split their payment options. Some of the popular stores that allow customers to split payments include:


Whether you're splitting a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription, Amazon's payment tools give you plenty of flexibility to do so. And it’s pretty to do. Follow the steps above, and you'll have your payment split in no time. Just continue using your default payment method as usual, but change the payment address to one of the bundled cards. And don't be afraid to experiment. For example, if you find that none of the bundled cards work for your purchase, you can always try uploading a different gift card. Or, if it's easier for you to add a debit or credit card as an alternative payment method instead, go for it. With that said, we wrap up this article and we hope you learnt a lot about how to split payments on Amazon.

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