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Do you want to explore the Target return policy on the makeup and share other facts in detail? Then, read our comprehensive article for the verified answers to the F.A.Q. and Target return policy on makeup items. 

Cosmetics have become part of the normal routine for many people around the world. As a necessity, numerous stores feature makeup products on their premises and online. Thus, if you prefer to follow the trends and try new cosmetic products, Target offers multiple options based on your preferences and budget.

When you visit the Target beauty department, you can choose from various makeup products sourced from different brands. But sometimes, you make a wrong choice and wonder if Target accepts returned makeup products.

Therefore, read our article, find out if Target accepts returned makeup products, explore Target's makeup[ products return policy, and learn other related facts for the next purchase.

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Can You Return Makeup to Target?

Target has a friendly, free and easy return policy. While you are still wondering, Target accepts unopened and opened makeup products within a particular period, which we will explore in the next section. For now, as long as you have the official receipt, you can return the makeup products to the Target store or online.

However, when you purchase a product with the Target RedCard, you have a limit of up to 120 days to return a product. For the Target-owned brand, they give customers up to 1 year to return them. Thus, we are just getting started. If you are curious to learn more about the Target makeup return policy, various facts, hacks, and more, let us explore them together as we proceed. We will still explore the trees of eligible makeup products, how to return both online and in-store, and the limitations under which Target will likely reject your returned makeup products.

Target Makeup Return Policy

The Target makeup products bought normally are entitled to a return period of up to 90 days from the date of purchase. Their website clearly states that they accept any beauty products, even if they are open, as long as you have the receipt.

The only issue is that, though Target accepts returns within 90 days on makeup products, you are only entitled to a portion of the refund, not the full one. Thus, expect the equivalent of the items but with the lowest price in the last 90 days when going for the merchandise gift card. Target merchandise gift cards are only eligible to be used in-store.

Equally, customers can still return the makeup products to Target even after 90 days for the exchange and get the full refund as long as they have purchased via the Target RedCard. With the RedCard, you are entitled to 120 days to return the Target makeup items.

Additionally, if the makeup is a Target-owned brand, understand you have one year to return it to the store. Among the Target-owned brands is Sonia Kashuk.

Can You Return the Target Makeup Item without a Receipt?

You can still return the makeup item to Target without the official receipt. You are good to go as long as you can provide alternative proof of purchase.

The thing is that, through their database, they can still trace the order online. However, to be effective, you must use payment methods such as Mastercard, Discover, Target Redcard, Visa Target Gift card, or  Personal Check. When you use the above cards and retain them, Target can retrieve the order and verify your purchase. However, in such a case, you can not trace the order when made with cash at Target.

Equally, as a dedicated customer, you can still access the digital barcode and receipt from the Target website account. This will act as evidence for the purchase that was made online.

When it comes to a situation where the customer has no proof of purchase, you are only eligible to get the refund but only as the merchandise return card. It is only valid for use at in-store purchases from Target. This means you cannot redeem the merchandise return card while making online purchases.

Does Target Accept Used Makeup Products?

Target is a friendly retailer. They accept opened and slightly used makeup products only if you return them within 90 days for normal purchases and have the receipt. Unfortunately, Target doesn't tolerate the return of empty makeup bottles or fully used cosmetic products to its stores.

The standard return policy at Target also applies to defective products, such as dried-out makeup. Thus, you can return defective makeup products to Target with a receipt within 90 days to get a refund.

There are some cases where TargetTarget rejects the return request. That is when the makeup products have been damaged or fully sued, and under some circumstances when they are opened and do not have the receipt as proof of purchase. It may be hard to even get a refund or access the exchange option at Target. The store manager makes the final decision based on their discretion.

How to Return Target Makeup Purchased Online?

When you purchase Target cosmetic products from or their official website, you can return them to the nearest store. However, you must also present proof of purchase, and a return must be made within 90 days from the date of purchase. Some of the evidence of purchases you can use are barcodes from the Target app, the receipt, Target shipping or confirmation mail, as well as the original form of payment you used online, which can be important for tracing the order.

Still, you can mail the items back to the Target online return center by initiating the process online at However, customers must incur return shipping charges with this method. The only exception is when Target made an error while shipping the order.

Some of the Target cosmetic items are only returnable in-store for inspection before approval. You can never mail these makeup items to the Target Online Return Center. Therefore, you can only know this when you process the return on the website. The company will send you a notification to let you know if you must physically present the items.

What to Do When Target Rejects Returned Makeup Items?

Some of the Target products feature a modified return policy. This special return policy affects customers' requests when they need a refund on returned items.

If you realize that Target Online Return Center has rejected your return request, the items will be shipped back to the customer. You will receive the order via FedEx within 7 working days. You can also utilize the previous tracking code to follow up on the delivery or shipment to the destination.

Therefore, when the Target Online Return Center rejects the return request, they will email you to explain why they have denied you the return request for the refund. The obvious reasons are as outlined in the below part:-

The Types of Makeup Products at Target

Target is a retailer that offers customers access to various cosmetic products and beauty and makeup items. These range from eyeshadow to powders, foundations, lipsticks, eyeliners, bronzers, concealers, blushes, and more tools. Some makeup tools at Target are wipes, mirrors, brushes, exfoliants, organizers, bags, etc. Navigate through the Target Makeup section here for more.

Also, understand that Target stores feature third-party makeup brands and Target-owned brands online through Target apps and an in-store collection.

Numerous popular brands Target sales. amongst these includes:-

Are Target makeup products worth investment?

Some people are asking if Target sells good makeup items. Target offers an extensive collection of cosmetic products from which to select. These products are sourced from multiple reputable brands and are available in-store, on the app, and online. The company aims to meet the customer needs and satisfaction under one roof.

Target is the market leader in efficient, clean, and non-toxic makeup products. It also guarantees access to limited but highly demanded up-and-coming makeup and beauty items.

The notable brand Target offers are from the E.L.F. poreless Putty Primer, which ranks among the best sellers in the Target collection. It only comes at a friendly price at the moment. There are many other successful products for customers.

Therefore, a Target makeup collection is worth the investment. It is safe, secure, on-trend, and sold at an affordable price.


Target provides a friendly makeup return policy. With the receipt or proof of purchase, customers can return makeup items within 90 days to get an exchange or seek refunds. Target accepts returns on opened as well as slightly used makeup products but with a valid reason. Though you can still return Target makeup items without a receipt, you only qualify for the merchandise return card redeemable at the Target in-store purchase.

With Target RedCard, you have a maximum return window of 120 days for third-party brands, and Target-owned brands can be returned within a maximum of one year. Read the above article for more explanation.

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