Can You Order Costco Pizza Online? (Here Are Other Ways)

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Does Costco deliver pizza to customers ordering online? Read our article and find out if it's worth your next move.

Costco is a popular store well known for its affordable pricing and extensive product collection. Among the products you can get from the Costco Food Court is pizza. The Costco Food Court has a vast collection of delicious food you will never resist grabbing for your trip. When the pricing is so friendly, it is hard to avoid the opportunity. However, some customers have raised concerns about whether Costco does home delivery by asking a big question; Can you order Costco pizza online?

To get a well-verified answer to this question, learn various methods for ordering pizza at Costco and many more, read our expert article, and explore our research findings under one roof. Here is all you need to learn.

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Can You Order Costco Pizza Online?

No, you cannot order Costco pizza online. Currently, Costco only accepts pizza orders over the phone or in person at your local Costco warehouse. This limitation applies to both full pizzas and individual slices. 

Therefore, when you want to order a Costco pizza, you must place an order and go to their physical store for collection. Their website, Costco Food Court, confirms that it is currently impossible to place Costco pizza orders online for outside orders. You need to give them a call or order online and visit their store to pick. There are many Costco support staff who can help you. While it seems disappointing, Costco has a special way to order pizza and other food court products at the counter.

Keep reading the article if you are curious and need to learn more about the Costco pizza ordering process. Explore other special facts and hacks for seamless shopping.

How to Order Costco Pizza?

While you have been wondering whether you can order pizza online at Costco Food Court, there are three major alternative ways to order Costco pizza because of the restriction.

However, there are a few things we would also like you to note down. First, when visiting the physical Costco store, pay attention to their working hours. Ensure you visit them during the working hours. Check out more signs of the Costco store locator feature. At the actual visit, browse through the food court, make a selection, and get your pizza ready while you checkout.

For the phone call order, assuming you are using the local store website, locate the Warehouse services on the site and select the Food court from the menu to contact the team via phone. Thus, call the staff at least 30 minutes before heading to the store for collection. For busy days, call them ahead of one hour before pickup time, that is, over the weekend or on a holiday.

To enter the local Costco warehouse, you must have a Costco membership[ to collect the pizza from their food court. Costco also has a special outdoor food court, especially in the warmer areas, where you can purchase pizza even without a membership card.

In recent years, Costco has also enforced its membership policy to cover those outdoor food courts. Refer to their Membership tips for detailed information.

Alternative Method to Get Costco Pizza Delivered

Although Costco does not provide direct delivery services for its food court items such as pizza, you can still enjoy the convenience of having Costco pizza delivered to your doorstep by utilizing third-party delivery services. Platforms like TaskRabbit, Instacart, GoShare, Hyperflyer, and Uber Eats offer a solution by allowing users to hire someone through the app to pick up their pizza order from Costco and deliver it directly to them, ensuring comfort and convenience. But they may involve additional costs.

However, you must first call Costco to place an order. To be more efficient, the person who needs to pick up from the TaskRabbit app must at least have a Costco membership card to enter the warehouse. Without the Costco membership, they will not be allowed inside the warehouse.

Costco doesn't offer an option to order pizza online, but when it comes to frozen pizza, the situation is different, especially with grocery delivery, as long as you have a Costco membership. When using grocery delivery, customers can select the items and get them delivered at a special charge.

Still, keep in mind that same-day Costco delivery as a grocery is concerned doesn't feature the local food court products. However, you can add frozen pizza as long as it is available from the grocery store.

Hacking Instacart for Costco Pizza Delivery

We all know Instacart as the perfect app to connect customers with the shoppers in your location. Instacart shoppers can visit any grocery store and pick up your products with specifications. Traditionally, instacart is meant for grocery shopping, but you can use it to order home supplies and other products.

You can also use instacart to order Costco pizza and wait for the delivery.. but we do not guarantee delivery using this service. Thus, you can purchase products from Costco that meet the delivery threshold and add the Costco food court pizza. You can order this via phone and specify a similar location through instacart. When making a payment, you must communicate with the Instacart shopper and provide all the information for the Costco pizza and other product collections; the Instacart shopper must include the pizza as an add-on alongside the grocery.

Though the above procedure is somewhat difficult and convoluted, some shoppers decline your request. Therefore, others recommend ordering take-and-bake pizza from Costco instead of food court pizza.

Kind of Pizza at Costco Food Court

This company focuses on a limited selection to maintain low prices and efficiency. It's important to note that while there used to be more variety, such as the combo pizza with multiple toppings, the options have been reduced to streamline the process and maintain consistency. At now Costco Food Court, customers can choose from the following types of pizza:

And others:

Costco Pizza is large enough to feed up to four family members, each getting three slices. But when someone doesn't necessarily need to eat more than a slice, you can feed more people, for instance, kids. Also, to access the Costco food court, you need a Costco membership. However, you can purchase even without membership in warmer locations with an outdoor food court.

Costco Pizza Pricing

Ideally, at the moment, a slice of Costco pizza goes for $1.99. This is calculated based on how they are serving at their food court. For the entire pizza - 18-inch, the customer must incur around $9.95.

Still, people are asking what happened to Costco Take and Bake Pizza. Previously, Costco offered customers the take-and-bake pizza option. These are the same pizzas, but Costco Food Court sold them frozen. However, because of the impression the Costco pizza created, many people opted for food court pizza rather than take-and-bake pizzas. Maybe it was because of the oven Costco used to cook their pizzas.

Costco Take and Bake was worth taking home, cooking, and eating quickly. It was not a bad frozen pizza, though. However, today, Costco has not featured this option since 2020. The reason was that Costco and the manufacturer could not come to an agreement as far as the wrapped-in-plastic frozen pizza was concerned.

Take-and-bake pizza is currently a seasonal option. Some Costco stores sell these types of pizzas starting in October, and they literally disappear in December again.

Tips for Ordering Costco Food Court Pizza

While the above article shows that customers cannot order Costco food court pizza online and get it delivered, there are still a few hacks and tips to master and improve your Costco shopping experience. Some of these tips to have at your fingertips are highlighted below:

Generally, Costco food court is ranked among the largest pizza distributors in the US, according to the Business Insider. While you cannot order Costco pizza online, you can opt for the above-discussed approach to order Costco food court pizza.


In summary, Costco does not offer customers the option to order food court pizza online or through delivery services. However, you can order pizza by visiting a physical Costco store, lining up at the food court, or calling before pickup time. Costco Food Court pizza is delicious, affordable, and tasty. You can select based on your preferences from cheese to pepperoni and combo. However, some locations have discontinued Combo pizzas.

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