A Full Guide of Calling in Sick Amazon in 2024

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Sometimes you go home after your routine day’s work at the office and then the next morning you wake up very sick. What happens in such a situation? Well, for some, they would rather just go to work and get their sick leave from there. However, for a majority, the best option is to give your employer a call to let them know that you are ill and unable to report to work.

Does Amazon allow employees to call in sick? If that the case, how do you call in sick at Amazon? For answers to these and a couple of other related questions, keep reading….

Amazon is one of the most popular companies globally. And it’s not just the product that makes Amazon renowned. If you think it’s its American roots, again, you may be wrong. Amazon’s real strength and reputation lie in its employees. The company is known to treat its employees so well; they have some of the best salaries, allowances, benefits, and much more. How about sick leaves? Well, Amazon employees get paid sick leaves.

And that’s not all. As an Amazon employee, if you’re sick and unable to report to work, the retail giant has made it super easy for you to notify the HR department with just a call. That’s how simple it is to call in sick at Amazon.

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Can Employees Call in Sick to Amazon in 2023?

Employees at Amazon are free to call in sick. In fact, all employees are allotted 20 hours of unpaid sick leave every three months or 80 hours per year. Amazon's employee point system tracks the time off, and if employees exceed time off, they may be fired. Previously, Amazon had an unlimited call-in and sick days policy. However, this has no longer in place.

How do Amazon Employees Call in Sick?

Amazon employees have a mobile app on their phones via which they can schedule a sick day. Here are the exact steps of how to do it if you are an employee at Amazon:

Step 1: Launch the app and then tap to select the "Schedule Unpaid Time Off" option.

Step 2: Enter the required details regarding the required sick leave.

Step 3: Once you have filled in all the details, next you are required to email your Team Leader or Supervisor and inform them that you won’t be able to make your shift.

That’s how simple it is to call in sick at Amazon. That being said, it’s important to note that this policy applies for both on-site as well as remote Amazon. Also worth mentioning is that exceeding the allotted sick time comes with consequences for the employee at Amazon.

How Amazon's Point System Tracks Employee Sick Days

Amazon's point system monitors the number of times employees are on sick leave. Amazon employees earn 20 hours of sick leave every three months and can take all 80 hours simultaneously as long as that time has been earned, usually at the end of every year.

Each employee is assigned a maximum of 80 hours of sick leave every year. That is equivalent to ten sick days per year for full-time workers. If employees extend their sick leave, they will be given a mark as an infraction upon company policy. If staff members make continuous infractions and are marked up to 6 points or more, they may face termination from their job.

This applies to both remote and on-location Amazon workers. It is also worth mentioning that focus on the 6 – point rule varies among different Amazon divisions. Meaning, that some divisions put less emphasis on the rule compared to others. If you’re considering getting a job at Amazon, it’s important to check employee reviews for the particular division to see how much they focus on the 6-point rule.

What Happens If an Employee Doesn't Call in Sick?

If an employee fails to show up for their shift without informing their team leader, they can receive up to 3 infraction points even due to illness. If employees miss work, they can fill out the sick leave request form on their employee app and send an email to their team leader or supervisor.

If an employee misses more than two shifts in a row, they must contact their team leader immediately or risk being terminated from the company.

Does Amazon Provide Pay Sick Leave to Employees?

Amazon does not provide paid sick leave to employees. However, it may depend on the reason for their leave, such as an injury or severe illness that prevents them from working. Staff should also be aware that all Amazon employees are eligible for medical coverage. Staff members with poorer health may be allotted more sick leave depending on their situation.

Potential Amazon staff that are worried about their health impeding their work are advised to bring up their concerns with the Amazon team leader supervisor while applying for a vacancy. Potential employees who are prone to ill-health are advised to consider Amazon’s strict sick leave policy before applying for a vacancy.

Does Amazon Provide Sick Leave to Remote Employees?

Amazon employees receive the same benefits and restrictions whether they work on location or from home. As a result, remote Amazon employees do not receive paid sick leave, but they do have access to 80 hours of sick time. Remote Amazon employees are also recommended to take their allotted sick leave, which is 20 hours every three months if they are able. If they have used up their sick time, they are also advised to monitor their health throughout the workday.

However, employees need to note that working with an illness from home may be more manageable than in a physically demanding position.

Can Amazon Fire an Employee for Taking Sick Leave?

Employees at Amazon cannot be fired or even face any other consequences for taking sick leave within the allotted time interval. However, if they exceed their 80-hour allowance, they may be written up and given a point for an infraction.

Employees who are prone to ill health and have also exhausted their 80-hour sick leave but still fall ill again within the same year are advised to discuss their concerns with their team leader or supervisor. Such an employee may be allowed to stay home without pay during the extra period they miss work. Some Amazon divisions may be less strict about this policy than others; it's best to check with your team leader or supervisor before taking extra time off.

Bottom line

Amazon employees can call in sick by filling out the Unpaid Time Off request form on the employee app. Usually, employees are allowed a maximum of 80 hours of unpaid sick days per year. That equates to about ten days of sick leave for full-time staff. An employee who exceed the allotted 80 hours of annual sick leave risk extermination from Amazon. That being said, we wrap up this post. Hope you found it very helpful.

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