How to Check Amazon Check Stub in 2024

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When it comes to the Amazon check stub, it’s important to not get confused. You need to fully understand the numbers and what they mean on your Amazon pay stub. This guide will help you stay up-to-date with regard to Amazon pay stub in 2023. If you’re a new employee who’s just getting started, this post is for you.

If you've ever wondered how or where to get your Amazon to pay stub, then this guide is for you. Here’s the thing…the Employee Human Resource (EHR) site is where Amazon employees can find and view their pay stubs and related benefits. Before you can access the HER site, you must have an account, Amazon username, password, or Amazon ID number. If you are a new employee on Amazon, consider setting up your account on the EHR website.

How do employees who’ve been terminated from Amazon get their check stubs? Well, for the case of employees whose contracts have been terminated and as such are not active employees currently, they can also find their pay stubs from Amazon Human Resources.

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What is Amazon Check Stub?

Amazon Check Stub is an employee payment program that allows you to access your pay stubs and W-2s online. Pay stubs are basically paper attachments that are often included on paychecks. They provided details regarding employer info, employee info, pay period, earnings, hours worked, and deductions. Amazon check stubs can be used as proof of income and tax references.

How Do I Access My Pay Stub From Amazon?

If you're a current Amazon employee, you can access your pay stub from the Employee Human Resources (EHR) website by logging in with your Amazon ID and password. Once you're on the EHR site, you can access your check stubs. A new employee has to set up an account to access the check stub.

If you used to work for Amazon and have been terminated for any reason, you need to contact HR to get access to your check stubs, as it’s usually restricted.

What Are The Requirements To Access Amazon Pay Stub Online?

To access your Amazon Pay Stub online, you will need to have the following: Amazon employee credentials, a laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone with a secure internet connection.

Usually, the above-mentioned are the minimum requirements. Note that Amazon reserves the right to include and request additional info before one can access their check stub online.

How Can Employees View Their Amazon Check Stub Online?

If you are an Amazon employee, you may be wondering how to view your Amazon check stub online. Viewing pay stubs can be done through the Amazon benefits website.

Step 1: First, log in to the Amazon employee human resources (EHR) website.

Step 2: Once logged in, go to the Amazon Benefits home screen.

Step 3: You will be prompted to enter your Amazon employee username, which is usually provided to you by the company and can be recovered if forgotten. Once the user name is entered, click on the “Next” button.

Step 4: The system will ask you to enter your password to complete the sign-in process.

How can an Amazon Employee Recover a Forgotten Username?

Amazon employees who have forgotten their usernames may have difficulty accessing the benefits website. Luckily, there’s a workaround. If you forgot your Amazon username, you could recover it by clicking on the Forgot Username Link. You will be prompted to answer a series of questions generated from your account data. In particular, you will be required to provide accurate answers to the following questions:

Employees will have access to their benefits information if it matches the employee file after the preceding steps are finished.

How Do New Amazon Employees Register for Online Access to Their Check Stub?

New Amazon employees are required to register for the online benefits website to be able to access their check stubs. You can register by visiting the Amazon Employee Human Resources website and following the steps below:

Step 1: Upon accessing the Amazon Employee Human Resources site or simply the benefits website, you will be asked if you are a first-time user.

Step 2: Once they confirm that they are in fact first time users, they will then be prompted to click on Create an Account link located under Next

Step 3: You’ll then be taken to the “Forgot Username” webpage from where they will need to proceed as prompted.

Step 4: On the Forgot Username page, you will be prompted to first enter your Amazon Login ID, followed by the last four digits of your Social Security Number, and then

Step 5: Click “Next” to continue.

These steps should lead you to have an Amazon benefits account. However, if you encounter difficulties creating an account, you can contact the Amazon employee helpdesk at 1-866-644-2696.

Now that you have access to check stubs, you need to understand what each number means to know how your benefits are calculated.

The first number on the check stub is the total number of hours you’ve worked.

The second number refers to the hours paid. This is usually calculated by dividing the number of hours worked by 40.

The third number stands for the hours you’ve worked overtime.

And then the fourth set of numbers represents sick pay. That’s the amount paid when you take a sick leave. Take note that the sick pay amount is usually not added to your paycheck. This value will appear on your check stub only if you have ever used sick time.

The fifth and last number is the net pay after all the deductions are made, including tax deductions. It’s the amount sent to your bank account as payment. It’s essential to understand every number as sometimes there can be errors in your net pay calculations.

How Can Employees View Their Amazon Check Stub Online After Being Fired?

If you are no longer an Amazon employee, you may have difficulty accessing your check stubs online. The reason is that Amazon is known to restrict access to the HER website to current active employees only. To access their final check stub, fired Amazon employees are required to contact Amazon Human Resources directly. As it is currently, that’s the only way out.

How Can Employees View Their Amazon W2 Form Online?

The W2 form is a document that shows the previous year’s earnings of an employee inclusive of income and withholding taxes during the financial year.

To view your Amazon W2 Form online, you will need to go to the EHR website and log in using your employee ID number and password. Once you are logged in, you will see all of your earnings from previous years. The total income is listed as well as the withholding. You can print this form by clicking on the print icon at the top of the page.


Amazon Pay Stubs are a great way to keep track of your earnings, and they make tax season a lot easier to comprehend. We have come to the end of this article. We hope you are now very conversant with what Amazon pay stub means and what all the numbers that constitute it stand for.

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